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aaa i feel like in flaiyng

  • Aaa... - Gaba Kulka
    "Aaa Gdy pokocham, powiem W tej zgrzytającej mowie Zbyt wiele spółgłosek Co druga S co trzecia Z Lecz jednak jest Wtedy kiedy braknie obcych łez On pozwala w swoim ciele siedzieć Oddechy jedne z drugich"
  • Feel Like - Al Stewart
    "I feel as volatile as the weather Over fields of Scottish heather The night before Hallowe'en You know I feel like A catamaran in summer The beat of a reggae drummer The flag of a brigantine This is the"
  • I feel like - Lil Wayne
    "Do itDo it, now, now, uh do it nowNow, now uh do it now gul Hot Boy Baby, stop for a woman with her clothes offGet hed, then doze offThis bed is so soft, this dick is so hardEnd all the bullshit as soon"
  • Aaa bzdura - SB MAFFIJA (Białas, King Tomb, Solar)
    "Bandurka, dla ciebie to chałturka Kur*, jacy wy jesteście głupi i słabi Padajcie szmaty Aspiranci już na dachu zakładają kogut Z rana chcą na kwadrat wjechać nam i szukać dowodów Na to że SB to fejk mafia,"
  • I Feel Like Dying - Lil Wayne
    "Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying... I feel like dying Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying... I feel like dying Only once the drugs are done, that I feel like dying..."
  • I feel like dying - Lil Wayne
    "Only once the drugs are done That I feel like dying, I feel like dying I am sittin' on the clouds, I got smoke comin' from my seat I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet Playin'"
  • I Feel Like Cryin' - Carl Smith
    "I feel like cryin' my heart is breakin' thought you were makin' a true love to me I feel like cryin' now I'm forsaken and you have taken the heart out of me [ guitar ] I saw you darling in town last night"
  • I Feel Like Dancin - All Time Low
    "Shawty said she wants to run away, Says I look like a boy she used to date (Ha!). Took me by the hand and pulled me to the stairs, (I’m NOT interested, girl). Put her tongue all up in my ear, (Gross!) Almost"
  • Ringo (I Feel Like...) - Custard
    "I feel like Ringo And it's rippin' my eyes out And I feel like Ringo Shimmy to the left Shimmy to the right I've made up a list, That lives in my mind, Of everyone helpful and everyone kind These Fender"
  • Sometimes I Feel Like - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion No Control Sometimes I Feel Like There's a spectre in the corner of an illustrated page And a lonesome muted stripling with a rapt remedial gaze The poverty of his language and the wealth"
  • Feel - Mari
    "Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before Are your really there? Are you made of stone? Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone Are you"
  • Feel - Hollow Bones
    "Whatever happened to the word I knew as family? Whatever happened to our sky? Now I'm imagining, you've all been thrown away you bring out the worth in me Don't fall asleep too soon, you'll wake up with"
  • Feel - Justincase
    "You're gone, and I don't wanna know, what went wrong, no Cause somewhere the words have really helped me sleep And honest, the tongue that tells me how you mean Is anyone out there? It feels like I'm holding"
  • Feel - Reveille
    "Everyday people are preyed upon Some fight, some fold, others play along But now it's not another story off the evening news Not just a stastic the warnings use Seventeen years and a dose of reality"
  • Feel - Stereophonics
    "Here it comes again Like the first time again I can't sleep I watch the rain But I'm happy again How can this be Why did this feeling Creep on up on me? I can't be sure You never can But the signs I know Where"
  • Feel - Church
    "For all time Looking for something to remind me Something out the corner of my eye Why can't I feel it Why should I try Bump into a stranger But that stranger is strangely familiar How could I let"
  • Feel - Darren Hayes
    "You teach me how to feel It feels all right There's nothing left to fear Finding myself The further I go Towards you You teach me how to love Parts of myself I hated for so long Loving myself Through"
  • Feel - Rustic Overtones
    "(D.Gutter) it might be as easy as pie but i ain't gonna try it I'll sleep on it tonight, but i might not be tired these things that you sell, how can i buy it it's me that you confide in. you have got"
  • Feel - Bombay Bicycle Club
    "I can feel it now that you've gone I have made you all that I want I know you're keeping to your own sound you're running out of sight when the light goes down Said you'll be waiting 'till the night's"
  • Feel - Cauterize
    "Beautiful LIKE the dress I laid out for you Let your hair down the way you always used to The tiles cold, The tap is dripping As I go to rinse my hands of you, And watch the pieces one by one wash away"

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