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aand you maybe feel shiny and new

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aand you maybe feel shiny and new

  • Shiny - Berlin
    "Beneath the silver sun. It's dark and life's begun. Thousands strong, Feel as one. Lights in sensuround. Move me, throw me down. Ten feet tall. Beyond all walls. You're a dream and my world is spinning. Round"
  • Bold Aand reckless - Tina Turner
    "So yo think you've got a hold on me But did you ever, or is that your fantasy. I'll miss you when you go, But, no pain won't show I'm free to search and go my way. So bold, so bold and reckless. I suppose"
  • Shiny Diamonds - Violent J
    "(The Lion) I mean what do you got going on there that's so good? (Violent J) Man, it ain't always all good at home but the few days it is makes it all worth while. It's all about time and chance it's"
  • Shiny - The Decemberists
    "By the bumper cars In the pretty twining light I may have gone too far I may have gone too much, too long. I'm a dull and witless boy In the after-bars Think I was sullied by a dream In the killing jar you"
  • Shiny Stockings - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Lyrics to Shiny Stockings Ella Fitzgerald's Lyrics to Frank Foster's composition, "Shiny Stockings" As sung by Ella and played by the Count Basie Orchestra - Transcribed by Todd Loney, just for the love"
  • Shiny Toys - Joni Mitchell
    "Shiny toys-right on time Shiny toys-right on time Shiny toys I'm reading people rags in the checkout lane Look, here's a hunk-here's a honey Celebrated people and their claims to fame Here's a boy and"
  • Shiny Apple - The Waifs
    "Shiny apple rotten on the inside Skin is smooth but you soul is soft Oh you look so appetising but Taste the truth it'll make you spit And how long have I known you now But I knew after just one taste And"
  • Maybe - The Flying Tigers
    "Well I drop my head again I try not to sink in This world I made from you For you And I dream you're standing here And everything's so clear Yeah we're all the same Then I wake up screaming You wore"
  • Maybe - No Angels
    "Maybe its the way you used to love me Maybe its the way I feel you now Im feeling like the sky is fallin on me And my life is tumbeling down Maybe Im lost in the moment I dont wanna be found Feel like"
  • Maybe - Thea Gilmore
    "Sometimes it felt that I was swimming against the flow If I could swim at all And often I needed something to lean upon But it never seemed to be there And maybe itll be a great year Yeah, maybe itll be"
  • Maybe - Jay Sean
    "BEEP BEEP oh look now there goes my phone and once again am just hoping its a text from you (mmmm) It aint right read your messages twice thrice four times a night its true (Everyday i patiently wait)"
  • Maybe - Will Smith
    "(Tra-Knox) Alright fellas let's do it (Will) Yo ma we got this thing right It's like makin' me think like It's like fillin' my heart up Not makin' me hazy Just fillin' my mind up with all of these"
  • Maybe - Donna Summer
    "You were the first and you taught me how to love and you'll always stay close to my heart but it would not be fair it I wouldn't tell you now That it's over, baby it's over You took this lonely child and"
  • Maybe - Toni Braxton
    "Is tonight's the night that you take Control of me Tell me boy, what's it really gonna be Spending time for a while Oh daddy come close, I'm straight I'm feeling your style I love the way you make me feel When"
  • Maybe - Secondhand Serenade
    "Didn't you want to hear The sound of all the places we could go Do you fear The expressions on the faces we don't know It's a cold hard road when you wake up And I don't think that I Have the strength"
  • Maybe - N*E*R*D*
    "Love was the egg See and it was born in a cloud with silver lining But it broke, I mean it hatched on the ground So time flew right by me and while I... I know you thought your life was goin be easy When"
  • Maybe - Pharrell Williams
    "Love was the egg See, it was born in a cloud with silver lightning But it broke, I mean it hatched on the ground So time flew right by me and while I... Chorus: I know you thought your life was goin be"
  • Maybe - Alexander
    "Everytime I see you Everytime I touch youYou kiss the past goodbyeOh, everytime you'll tell meThat you really love meI feel like I can flyI miss you like the sunshineMiss you like the heavenSee what love"
  • Shiny Red Balloon - Barbies Cradle
    "im keepin my affair in a book so this is how a villain feels theyre running seasons in my chest and im only to keep them Chorus: maybe its not true love on the tv just like we imagine it and its"
  • Bright Shiny Day - Caravan
    "After all, your day is done and the nighttime's calmed you Till the dawn comes again and the sunlight warms you There is a light in the fire, reflected in your eyes So with the warmth of desire that comes"

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