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abhi the nomad

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abhi the nomad

  • Nomad - Sepultura
    "Travelling through the time Moving slowly in the sand Knowledge is the weapon Against the hunger in the land Solitude met herself Lessons from the primal step Memories from an ending life Liars can't"
  • Nomad - Lil Eddie
    "Look at my position, I put time into listen Im stuck between a rock and hard place Whats causin' this division, is this some competition Threatin' cause nobody holds way Shaken like a leaf and fallin"
  • Nomad - Jeremy Renner
    "miles and miles and miles I’ve traveled the world and back so many times with nothing on my back but a guitar and a smile chasin’ a dream only fools like me would follow I was born a soldier wagin’ a"
  • Nomad - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * To the hilt Gone - With the northern sun Cross that far horizon World of a thousand faces I can't find my oases There's a black ice in the sky And wells are runnin' dry Doomed to voyage"
  • Nomad - Vader
    "Another land, another see The road that never ceases To lie ahead and beckon still Though legs and feet are weary Another woman, another man The lust that never ceases To fill the greed for pain and revel Though"
  • Nomad - Crisis
    "Long ago, a crumbling whole of me was split in two. Spat forth into darkness and light, like the Birth from the womb. I live like this in stillborn life. I shed my skin and blood and vein, still i couldn't"
  • Nomad - Cage
    "Come Inside and sit my friend I know you wonder why I've asked you to come here again It seems were under siege Come now and hear my wicked tale All that I say is true you know we surely must prevail Here's"
  • Nomad - Dr. Sin
    "Who's that old man?Walking on the lonely roadGoing from town to townAnd he wondersStanding at the crossroadDestination nowhereNo one knows what he thinksNo one cares how he feelsNo one shows him no respectNo"
  • The Nomad - Iron Maiden
    "(Murray, Harris) Like a mirage riding on the desert sand Like a vision floating with the desert winds Know the secret of the ancient desert lands Your are the keeper of the mystery in your hands Nomad,"
  • The Nomad - Rootwater
    "When I go my way I'm realizing that I go to nowhere I see the past All my ways I've walked All my ends I've met Sacrifices I've made Turned out to be Illussion not the real thing Like a view of desert"
  • The Nomad - Vader
    "Another land, another see The road that never ceases To lie ahead and beckon still Though legs and feet are weary Another woman, another man The lust that never ceases To fill the greed for pain and revel Though"
  • The Nomad - Michigan
    "Oh give me a sign The love of a kind That brings Me to your crown Then take me home To this Sinful town I travel by train Even by plane So far Then straight to your arms And in the calm You're my shining"
  • Proud Nomad - Kamelot
    "Now I tell you an ancient tale Of an ancient man From not such a distant land Chivalry rode forth on his mighty horse The crest of the church Engraved upon his chest Winding down this dizzy path Towards"
  • 90's Nomad - Bratmobile
    "1-2-3 it's been going great guns this fiscal year but I still haven't made it anywhere i go I see your face and I hear your name all over the place, how "Capitalism sucks" Oh really? Oh yeah? Well how"
  • Savage Nomad - DANNY BROWN
    "No ice on my neck but she love me for my charm* * premiera 19 listopada 2020 roku."
  • Wizja Emerytalna (ft. Igorilla, Kfiat, Nomad, Parker, Proceente, Pudel, Skajs & DJ Flip) - Duże Pe x Zbylu
    "To nie młode wilki Raczej stare koty Ale w rymach które daje czujesz dalej trotyl Ziemia dalej się trzęsie gdy daje zwroty Zarabiam na tym dalej parę złotych Ale o tym nie ma co tu gadać bo Kolejnym 7"
  • The Yeti - High On Fire
    "Beyond the mountains of ice Exists a creature of frost His secret lies in the skies Eternal legend survives His powers unknown by man To catch a glimpse if he can Wandering deep polar caps Communication"
  • Midnight at the oasis - The Brand New Heavies
    "Midnight at the oasis Sing your camel to bed Shadows painting our faces Traces romance in our heads Heaven holding a half moon Shining just for us Let's slip off to a sand dune real soon Kick up a little"
  • Ants Of The Sky - Between The Buried And Me
    "My teeth taste funny today... they seem more jagged than normal I've been told that I have been grinding them like gears during my dream hours... I wonder if it's just my thoughts fusing into one frequent"
  • The Wanderers Guild - Armor For Sleep
    "i can speak when i want to and pour my voice til it burns through the core of my own throat i'll speak until the demands gone you should be downstairs with them youre wasting your time again listen im"

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