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about the many morinig mornig');

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about the many morinig mornig');

  • How Many - Zion I
    "How many times have you watched the sun rise How many times have you looked deep into your lovers eyes how many times have we spit phat rhymes how many times how many times yo how many rhymes would it"
  • Many men - 50 Cent
    "(Lloyd Banks)Man we gotta go get something to eat manI'm hungry as a motherfucker(50 Cent)Ay yo man, damn what's taking homie so long son?(Lloyd Banks)50, calm down, here he come(9 Shots)(Banks and 50)Ahh,"
  • Too Many - Saint
    "I've read the book of mysteries And pondered by the sea About a world broke in two And how it came to be When guidelines set before us From The Ancient of Days In time we took the easy road And went out"
  • How Many? - Killah Priest
    "My mind is designed like a Mayan pyramid When you climb up the steps You can get where the emerald is I left witnesses for those who didn't believe Show the depths of sentences, y'all forbidden to leave Alphabets"
  • Many Rivers - B.o.B
    "Many rivers to cross You ain't got to ask me what I do this for But I can't seem to find my way over I do this for my city Constantly on the come up, Constantly on the come up But I always get this feeling"
  • Too Many - Jaguar Wright
    "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil You ain't seen evil Tell me what you saw, was it like anything that I've seen Let us not forget sista that your past ain't squeaky clean And I know you wanna run"
  • Too Many People - The Hollies
    "There's a story that I read about in books About the bad times that people had That's how he planned it You can't do naught about it Too many people The black plague came along and wiped out quite a few The"
  • So Many Ways - The Braxtons
    "You don't know just what I'd do for you Love you tender, love you oh so good I can't wait to get to it babe I wanna do it baby... Show you what I'm all about, yeah Verse 1: I turn on some music And dim"
  • How Many Friends - The Who
    "I'm feelin' so good right now There's a handsome boy tells me how I changed his past He buys me a brandy But could it be he's really just after my ass? He likes the clothes I wear He says he likes a man"
  • How Many Times - The Proclaimers
    "Well it takes a long time To find the right woman The best one there is Not the best you can do It takes a long time To find the right woman Some men never do I spent half my life Lying to girls Who were"
  • How many times - The Rolling Stones
    "My friends all told me And as a boy was I told About all you babys I love her so Tell me baby Tell me darling How many times? Jump up and tell me Woah tell the truth I didnt sleep last night baby I was"
  • So Many Things - The Kelly Family
    "You say it's hard on you And sometimes too much to bear Baby I understand and believe me I'm afraid of losing it too I wish I was the girl That sits across the room in your class Then I would watch you"
  • Too many friends - Mike & The Mechanics
    "Don't stop now, it's a work of art Watching you work the route takes away my breath Show him how, show him what to do It's a master-class, baby I'm impressed She said, "Who do you think you're talkin'"
  • So Many Ways - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "From The Impression That I Get UK Import Single There's so many ways to do this Anyone could tell me that I could, what if, There's more than one way to skin a cat My options are unlimited My choices"
  • So Many Ways - morphine
    "Is this the way that you like it? Is this what you had in mind when you called above to the angels for the six hundred and sixty sixth time? Hey, what about this? What about this. Shake it. What do you"
  • So Many Times - Gadjo
    "So many times I've been watching you and now I fell In love with you so many times so many times... you go out every night tryin' to find the perfect love youve lost the faith in yourself youre falling"
  • So Many Ways - James
    "There are so many traps been laidHow can you avoid onePut your foot down in a moonlit gladeSnap, your ankle's broken(refrain)I don't know how decisions get madeWhich are the turns to takeIt doesn't seem"
  • Too Many Enemies - Chilliwack
    "Enemy lies cut you down to size You're hypnotized, who's the bad guy now? Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up I got too many enemies and not enough friends I may call on your help before we reach the end I"
  • Too Many Nights - DJ Bobo
    "D.J.BOBO: This is a party song about love and lies S letter and to many nights Its new its hot don't turn around Shake your body when you hear the sound That's great so what you waiting for Thousands of"
  • How Many Nights - Little River Band
    "HOW MANY NIGHTS WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE How many nights will go by searchin' for truth between the lines ? How many dreams will come true before we believe what is coming through ? How many days will it"

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