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  • Sin Usar Palabras (ft. Abraham Mateo) - Lodovica Comello
    "Te sientes confundida te ahogas en tu mar de dudas te preguentas como sera esta nueva vida Tu, y en tus ojos el viaje que deseabas hacer te preguentas como sera esta nueva vida Me haces entender sin"
  • Jungle (ft. E-40, Abraham Mateo) - Pitbull, Stereotypes
    "I want all the ladies out there go ahead and uh shake what your mama gave ya! talk to ‘em like oho girl I want you to shake /4x what your mama gave ya! oho sexy thang don’t be scared to act like an"
  • Abraham - Abraham
    "He Leute kauft beim Trdler Abraham seht euch mal um beim alten Abraham. Zog einst bis an der Erde Ende ob ich sonderbares fnde Gabenlichter Gtter oder Tand. Fand in Stein gehau'ne Fragen Zauberkunst"
  • Mateo - Tove Lo
    "(Lyric Video)"
  • Abraham - Phil Keaggy
    "Look at the stars, Abraham And believe I Am. Can you count stars, Abraham Or the grains of sand? I see why the tide keeps rolling I see why the tide keeps rolling in And building up the Sand Tree. You've"
  • Abraham - Keelaghan James
    "I had a dream the other night when all the world was still That I walked out with Abraham below a fortess on a hill We looked across the Saint Charles River to the heights that bear his Name And talked"
  • Mixtape z Mateo - donGuralesko
    "[2x] My robimy mixtape z Mateo w studiu Jakoś tak popołudniu W 2006 roku, dokładnie w grudniu W połowie, dokładnie 15-ego A skończymy go 7-ego lutego Mam ten kozacki chłód Nie ma trzech takich jak"
  • Abraham Lincoln - Cake Like
    "I know I know I know Abraham, Abraham I know I know I know Abraham, Abraham I know I know I know Abraham, Abraham I know I know I know Abraham, Abraham Nobody knows who you are Nobody knows who you are Nobody"
  • Isaac Abraham - Joan Baez
    "Hard times, hard times in Canaan land Trouble in the mind of a man A voice came whispering softly to him Go offer, offer up the lamb Abraham took his only son High up on a hill His test of faith had finally"
  • Stary Abraham - Arka Noego
    "Abraham nie miał synaI płakał każdej nocyŻe kiedy będzie staryNie będzie miał pomocy.A żona AbrahamaNa imię miała SaraNie mogła mu urodzićBo była już za stara.I Pan Bóg mu obiecałŻe dostanie ziemięBędzie"
  • Thin Line Feat. Mya - Jurassic 5
    "Yo, this is a lesson in friendship The depths of a kinship Will women and men begin with, and then slip My pen drips as I scribble my thoughts On thin strips of emotion A fraction, seduction, attraction Eruption"
  • Nocne manewry (ft. Mateo) - donGuralesko
    "To D.G.E., słyszysz mocne bębny P.D.G. ekipa robi nocne manewry Dla tych, co mają mocne nerwy, to polskie derby Po ciemku widzisz złote zęby, błysk A ja zakręcam kran Niweczę ten wasz kretyński plan, tak Tajemniczy"
  • Bosom Of Abraham - Elvis Presley
    "(Johnson - McFadden - Brooks - Presley) Well you rock my soul Down in the bosom of Abraham Rock, rock, rock down in the bosom of Abraham He rocks my soul down in the bosom of Abraham Well a rich man"
  • God Of Abraham - Dean Friedman
    "by Dean Friedman God of Abraham I thought we had a deal We'd live as you'd intend And you'd hold up your end But something has gone wrong You still have not come through What are we supposed to do? God"
  • Children Of Abraham - Arlo Guthrie
    "Children of Abraham, what's your story? Killing each other for a piece of land Children of Abraham, this ain't glory You've got to walk together hand in hand Take down the flags that just seperate the"
  • Isaac And Abraham - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Play Me Backwards Isaac And Abraham Hard times, hard times in Canaan land Trouble in the mind of a man A voice came whispering softly to him: "Go offer, offer up the land" Abraham took his only"
  • Abraham Lincoln's Head - Lemon Demon
    "Two Three Four I've been having nightmares Every single night, Of vintage theatergoers Screaming out in fright, And tall iconic head gear Descending to the floor. I tell you Mister Therapist, I can't"
  • Seeds Of Abraham - Playdough
    "all the seeds of Abraham stepping into the jam pump your fist and enlist with the Great I Am we came to rock these hands up high and defy some gravity we casually infiltrating your high fi seeds of Abraham"
  • Abraham, Martin, John - Marvin Gaye
    "Has any body here, Seen my old friend Abraham, Can you tell me, where he's gone. He freed a lot of people, but it seems the Good die young I just looked around, And he was gone. Has anybody here, Seen"
  • Apenas son las 12 (con MYA) - Ruggero Pasquarelli
    "Quiero un viaje sin regreso por tu cuerpo No puedes decir que no Prohibido decir que no Comencemos con un beso y luego de eso Dudo que digas no Difícil decir que no Y tal vez después de hablar Nos"

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