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absence wise children

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absence wise children

  • Absence - Focused
    "Darkness is not the opposite of light it is the absence of it, truth is not ones opinion but the knowing through understanding. Preconceived ideas based on ignorance will always change. But the knowledge"
  • Absence - Roger Miller
    "Silence is simply the absence of sound, darkness the absence of light. My life is made up of silence and darkness, since the absence of you from my side We became birds of a different feather Encountering"
  • Absence - Funeral For A Friend
    "Scared to open up these eyesSee just what's insideTwisted and coldThis house is not a homeHelp me nowI'm dying here all alone.This is not a new gameSo don't think that you know.Casually I confideAwake"
  • Absence Of Light - Common Children
    "For maybe just a second The sun was in your eyes It flickered like a spark From the fire that burns inside You were broken by the darkness By the silence of the night Searching for a shelter From the cold"
  • Tales Of The Wise - Wishbone Ash
    "Any fool must surely know You plant a seed and it will grow, But only if you tend it well. It's as the wise men so do tell. The end will justify the means And all the riches of your dreams, But don't be"
  • Wise - Shannon Noll
    "Never thought that I'd hold another Like I'm holding you right now But through you I've rediscovered How to love again somehow You brought me back from the place, That I thought no time could erase, till"
  • Wise - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. The Dramatics) I think it happened on a Saturday I heard the phone ring, ding, ding Who this? 'Vine yo.. Wise guy killed last night by the Tracks, It was the same who our niggas teeth up Sent"
  • Wise - Fiction Plane
    "Wise is the one laughing from his grave Poor is the one who refuses to save Gone is the hope of a better day I don't really know you But I want you to stay We thought we were the government Until the"
  • Wise - Alpha
    "Alpha The Impossible Thrill Wise Say it as i dance Say will you dance Falling wonderful love She says that's enough The plane is a bird The final wish absurd To fly on the wings i feel Can make her so"
  • A Word To The Wise - Skyclad
    "From far outside Earth's fragile atmosphere It's clearly apparent that the end is near The sleeper wakens and removes His golden casque Vital signs return to his quiescent craft. He is truth - a word"
  • Rainbow Children - Prince
    "With the accurate understanding of God and His law they went about the work of building a new nation: The Rainbow Children Just like the sun, the Rainbow Children rise, Flying upon the wings of the New"
  • God's Children - The Kinks
    "Man made the buildings that reach for the sky And man made the motorcar and learned how to fly But he didn't make the flowers and he didn't make the trees And he didn't make you and he didn't make me"
  • Lost Children - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Down the hall their voices ring, their feet are on the run Phantoms on the winter sky, together they do come Faded lips and eyes of blue they're carried in the wind Their laughter filled the countryside"
  • In Absence - Icon Of Coil
    "Absence, of my life. Absence, of myself. Dry away, my tears of glass. You'll hear my screams, when they stop. Death is, the final silence. Absence, of final sound. Tension, weakens my nerves. Absence of"
  • Par Absence - Pascal Obispo
    "Des vies seules qui pleurent Le long des rues de hasard Des envies qui se perdent Et d'autres qui s'garent On court tous aprs quoi Pendant que sous nos toits Il reste encore je crois De la place pour de"
  • Ton Absence - Yves Duteil
    "Comme une bouff de chagrin Ton visage ne me dit plus rien Je t'apelle et tu ne viens pas Ton absence est entr chez moi Cest un grand vide au fond de moi Tout ce bonheur qui n'est plus la Si tu s'avais"
  • Your Absence - Assassin
    "(Chor) When the dark overpowers the light Stars Become Bright When there's no one left to trust but you Hold on to you soul Set yourself a goal Don't stop until you've got where you wanted to The land"
  • L`absence - Garou
    "C'est un volet qui batC'est une dchirure lgereSur le drap ou naguereTu as pos ton brasCependant qu'en basLa rue parle toute seuleQuelqu'un vend des mandarinesUne dame bleu-marinePromene sa filleuleL'absence,"
  • Ton Absence - Doyle
    "Labsence de ta prsence la mmoire de notre enfance Le rve dune amnistie Je rve dune autre vie Ton visage sefface de mes penses Et tu tloignes comme une image Raconte-moi ce que je ne vois plus Ayant vcu"
  • The Little Children - Ras Kass
    "*Choir singing* Capable of good and evil, so who'll lead you Feed you to the beast cause politicians don't need you Being a child is illegal, no bids, exam you pantin his ball eagle Then two voices"

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