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  • Atom Tha Immortal Acropolis
    "With all of the knowledge of the Egyptians/ The Jews, Muslims and Christians/ Mayan civil engineers and Aztec inscriptions/ Algorithmic encryption in heart of Japan/ The number of bits my brain transmits"
  • Ellegarden Acropolis
    "Is it something I can see?Is it something I can touch?Is it something I can feel?Is it something I can hear?Is it something I can smell?Is it something I can trust?Before the surface dries out,before the"
  • Mireille Mathieu Acropolis adieu
    "Ce soir le vent vient de la mer Septembre est l, l't s'en va Et le bonheur est phmre Comme les fleurs qui meurent dj Acropolis adieu, adieu l'amour Les roses blanches d'Athne se sont fanes On s'est aims"
  • Diesel Boy Dog On The Tuckerbox
    "you can try to break my spirit but my core is way too strong your words ring harsh your sentiment unkind unbridled rage can't topple this acropolis bored kids kill dreams but not realities talk your smack"
  • Laibach Nova Akropola
    "compagna dei maccella: eja, eja, alala! Ne razpihumjo ognja iz ust zivali, bojmo se zanamcev, skrivajmo svoje namene: eja, eja, alala! Izostrimo cute, eja, eja, veter zge med zitom, eja, eja, nase meso"
  • Obliveon It Should Have Stayed Unreal
    "His mind is the mold Of fearful events A matter of time 'till it's reality The power to see What someday will be Visions of the future Through creativity What's in his mind? The birth of another tragedy Just"
  • In Flames Jotun
    "I often dream of huge numb buildings jet-black sinister architecture being installed when nobody sees Their appearance so sudden that few would take notice And when I wake up I imagine being crushed by"
  • Thalia Accion y reaccion
    "Que tu prefieras los Beatlesy yo Juan Gabrielno importa que sea otro el ritmopero aqu es cuestión de pielYo vengo de los bolerosy la serenataT vienes de rock and rolly de Frank SinatraT la ópera, el teatro,"
  • Laibach Wat
    "We are no ordinary type of group We are no humble pop musicians We don't seduce with melodies And we are not here to please you We have no answers to your questions Yet we can question your demands We"
  • Jump Little Children The Afterlife
    "I'll see you in the afterlife Floating above, above the satellites Lighter than air, beyond a care Tonight, my love, your time has finally come I'll see you in the afterlife. Your time has come on a blazing"
  • Ray Charles Dear Old Syracuse
    "This is a terrible city. The people are cattle and swine. There isn't a girl I'd call pretty Or a friend that I'd call mine. And the only decent place on earth Is the town that gave me birth. You can"
  • Tech N9ne My World
    "Intro: In a world of missori where in this three planets collide, Brotha Lynch, Dilame, Tech N9ne bring you along for the ride... (3rd Verse Tech N9ne) Fight this phantom you freakin family will fall"
  • Obliveon Imminent Regenerator
    "Once a bad but tractable intent Now a mischieving illusion Once a malignant experiment Now turned to obsession Insensitiviness of your action Makes you want to quit But stopping now would make it unappealing It"
  • Astral Winter Beyond These Frozen Castle Walls
    "Night is finally closing in realms of darkness call my name Eternal winds lay out my path, they slowly fade to deaths embrace A world of silence besieging me, i leave the acropolis gates behind Through"
  • Ray Charles Soliciting Subscriptions
    "We bring drama to your great metropolis, We are the little theatre group. Each of us has built a small acropolis To hold our little theatre troupe. We'd be very glad to meet you, and greet you, and seat"
  • Don Johnson Big Band 24h
    "(24 hours a day - worldwide) the mind is in control of the city from its divinity to the vanity, the unholy sub-urban trinity how pretty, the city, but pity the ones in its web hoping they fled from June"
  • Dir En Grey ?????
    "==Romanji== ano basho de deatta ne ima de wa mou nani mo dekinai keredo kono machi de deatta ne ima de wa mou dare mo aisenai keredo kimi wa ima ano oka de futari de mita kono sora wo mitsumeteru boku"
  • Army Of The Pharoahs War Ensemble
    "I exit out of my sarcophagus Fourth Horseman of the apocaplyse For my esophagus breathes evil that just demolishes Abolishes, to the darkness of Mephastophales Mental enteral that went through an ancient"
  • Jedi Mind Tricks Army Of The Pharaohs: War Ensemble
    "''' ''' I exit out of my sarcophagus Fourth Horseman of the apocaplyse For my esophagus breathes evil that just demolishes Abolishes, to the darkness of Mephastophales Mental enteral that went through"
  • Aesop Rock Dryspell
    "On a sunny afternoon in lower east side New York... You about ready? (Yeah) Good morning my sweet vision of morbid disorder And good evening wonderful riddance and such Maybe today I'll touch the burgundy"

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