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  • Activate - Stellar Kart
    "Here's the plan I think i got it made Life is easy When you're sitting in the shade Not too hot not too cold Now i'm nervous And i've come undone My head is spinning like the earth Around the sun I"
  • Activate - Cassie
    "Let me be ya teacher, I'm gonna school ya About some things I wanna do to ya ( if you wanna, wanna, wanna) Don't be afraid to take some direction How can I show you to posses them. (Come closer, closer,"
  • Activate - Icon Of Coil
    "Mutilated images It looks the same, feels the same Pointing at you again Can't help myself asking you how? Where is our path? It's not a phase It will come back again As soon as you forget What is your"
  • Activate (Shan51) - Rip The Jacker
    "Who Knows How to Manipulate My Message This Story Is A Part Of My Soul Do-Ray-Mi-Fah-Soh-La-Ci-Doh These Are The Tones That Will Activate Your Ohm Greetings & Salutations My Equations Give Me Energy Through"
  • Re-Activate Your Heart - Mr. T Experience
    "You've been spilling all over me ever since I broke your seal now you're seeping into my memory and storming my Bastille the world can see you fell for me when I unscrewed your lid 'cause I'm the one who"
  • I Say What I Want - Activate
    "Activate Miscellaneous I Say What I Want Is it just another dream ? Is it just another dream ? I say what I want I say what I feel I do anything I'm gonna make it real In our love, in another dream Dream,"
  • Do It - Sinisstar
    "DO IT Don't activate the hate side of mine Look at the pain in my eyes You wanna clue so fuck you You wanna blast gonna take a stand Jack Jump Jill or take a pill Kill everybody gonna make 'em think twice Just"
  • Free Radio Gainesville - Hot Water Music
    "let's electrocute send ourselves in constant airwaves ringing out from voice to ear to free ourselves from... there's an army charged, ready, armed to educate and demonstrate to the masses to the people"
  • Life has no meaning, unyielding obsession - Deicide
    "Inhumation - intermenting heaven's lightAltercated - activate the animusInstigation - terrify the holy heartsMutilation - helpless christians ripped appartRevocationAll christians are destroyedUnguarded"
  • Revocate The Agitator - Deicide
    "Inhumation - intermenting heaven's light Altercated - activate the animus Instigation - terrify the holy hearts Mutilation - helpless christians ripped appart Revocation All christians are destroyed Unguarded"
  • Energy Dome - Snapcase
    "can you... feel your heartbeat, are you living? your mind is unsung because youre not driven you need to rise up and personalize your existence you need to wake up and activate the dreams of your soul"
  • Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) - Silversun Pickups
    "Drown you out And left you with the sounds We'll spoil good nights Replacing lullabies How could they never notice? What they planted in your space See you laughing in a picture But I know what's out"
  • In Your Eyes - KATE BOY
    "Watching the patterns born and dead And catching the beams that we resurrect It's in your eyes, in your eyes, in your eyes! It's in your eyes, in your eyes, in your eyes! Where you begin and where I start? In"
  • Out Of Control - Real McCoy
    "Out of control Shutdown Imagination I am out of control When you feel groove Imagination I am out of control When you move and move Touch my heart again Hold me tight Sing my song Love"
  • Pedalpusher - Stereophonics
    "Gotta get in on the scene hun Voice activate machine Got ya hair in a haircut You gotta fill up the dream Got ya finger on the pulse babe Got your rock n roll on? You wanna screw driver too now I hear"
  • Movin' On - Magnum
    "Lay by my side and I'll make you a good time Using your body to activate my mind But I'm moving on, moving on - moving away Yes, I'm moving on, moving on - moving away Say what you want and then I'll"
  • Bleeding Warm & Newly Dead - Grade
    "if bound by complication the ratio of my exaggeration is all mixed up between meters and miles the measurement of the situation is a diagram of a useless escape plan the defeat is bleeding warm and newly"
  • Burning Inside - Nasum
    "Seize the day - is what to do Grab the moment - make what's best Don't be still - activate your mind Discharge the flame - turn dark to light Swallow the fire, embody the heat Seize the fire - the burning"
  • Genetic Distortion Sequnce - Nocturnal Rites
    "Initiate gentice distortion sequence Commence involuntary human breakdown Watch the reconstruction Beginning of the end THe world is black and burning - Man has failed Watch the second coming A season"
  • Control - Amebix
    "And in our ignorance we let them take control And in their wisdom they decreed that we should bow Their grips extending to encompass all the world The cages open to accomodate the crowd When we put"

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