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adem ramadani

  • Adem In En Adem Uit - Bram Vermeulen
    "Adem in, adem uit Alles om je heen Adem je in met haar en huid Je bent nooit alleen Iedereen die houdt van jou Jij houdt van iedereen Adem in, adem uit Alles om je heen Adem in, adem uit Niemand lacht"
  • Y Adem - Los Planetas
    "D la verdad Lo que necesito que me des no me lo vas a dar Dimelo ya Para qu voy a esperar a lo que nunca va a llegar Mi alma solo para t Es lo que tu sueles decir Porque entonces me siento solo cuando"
  • Ik Adem Door Mijn Ogen - Spinvis
    "ik wandel op de bodem ik zwaai naar alle vissen ik praat in grote bellen ik adem door mijn ogen ik ben mijn naam vergeten het was iets met twee puntjes ik wandel op de bodem ik adem door mijn ogen"
  • Crashlander - Adem
    "Crashland You took your own life in your hands You had to escape him somehow Oh you knew You knew it would hurt Pull yourself free With the wreckage at your feet Feel the relief All your doubts and wounds"
  • Sea Of Tranquility - Adem
    "So here we are And we're looking for A treasure Take deep breath And follow me To the sea We're nearly there Take a deep breath And follow me Find what you seek Let's dive Cause I'm seasick from this"
  • You And Moon - Adem
    "Searching I wore out my telescope And I nearly gave up hope of finding anything Discovery Was an accidental thing A reflection slipping in To the corner of my eye I saw you And moon And hope flooded"
  • These Lights Are Meaningful - Adem
    "I know that I've Not been the same Since the day we walked around and marvelled at the firmament Both wrapped up In a blanket that was handed down And it struck me like a meteor It's hard to explain,"
  • Spirals - Adem
    "You marked The back of my hand You drew a heart And some tiny dots And a spiral Which reminded me Of the Milky Way And it made me think If our galaxy And Andromeda Felt like you and me Were like the"
  • Waves - Adem
    "Tiny spheres of life flow From your mouth to where you need to be Try to hold on, hold on To the waves which flow right through you Dream your dream Of hope Dream your dream Of hope Hydrogen and hydrogen And"
  • Statued - Adem
    "Watch the dark clouds bruising Bellies flushed with water They swell above your heads Pull your coats around you Feel the wind cut through them Scraping at your bones Hold her in the falling rain Hold"
  • Ringing In My Ear - Adem
    "Though I owe you, I owe you no allegiance But I still feel guilty for the things that I have done These past fifteen days It was easy To just let it happen I've been with people who sing gorgeous songs While"
  • Gone Away - Adem
    "Wherever you've gone it's the same to me Be it ocean or London - wherever you call home. All dressed up in your finery You'll take what you can again And every love I've ever had With envy and vanity Has"
  • Cut - Adem
    "Walk on this side for a while if you can Turn on the smile as we talk if you want Speak your insides and my head for some time I hope you're alright, but I know I sit by your side as you sleep for a"
  • These Are Your Friends - Adem
    "I wish that I'd arrived a little sooner - You really should have called we'd have come here right away You tried to help yourself but you got it wrong You've thrown yourself Into the flames 'cause you're"
  • Everything You Need - Adem
    "Home is where your heart comes from But what do you do when your heart's gone With everything you need? You got your stuff you packed your bags You checked your things made sure you had Everything you"
  • Long Drive Home - Adem
    "I came 'cause you asked me to, so you didn't have to drive all alone Now I did the favour here, not you Remember, I did the favour here I've been smiling my best smile I've been laughing with your friends"
  • Pillow - Adem
    "It's night time I'm sleepy Will you take me home? It's snowing Out here Will you keep me warm? Could this be my home for tonight? Rest my head upon the pillow Need to stop my head from spinning I can't"
  • One In A Million - Adem
    "I'd do just about anything If I could just catch your eye But I'm a blade in a field Way below in the floor I'm one in a million - Got to try to be more I glowed in gold Like a tiny mote of dust in"
  • There Will Always Be - Adem
    "Fool, you've lost your way Look to the stars to guide you I hope you find All you need in this life to get by And if all the lights that lead you Lead you to my door It will always be open There will"
  • Warning Call - Adem
    "If we received a warning call, Would we change at all? Close your eyes and make believe And tell me what you see. Will we rise From our sleep Like a bolt from the blue? Will we realise? If they found"

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