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aden anyway

  • Anyway - Journey
    "A place in time Can make the grind Fall out when you want to Anyplace, anytime All the world loves another You know you can't find no other Still I'm gonna love you, yeah Anyway Anyway Anyway Anyway Dark"
  • Anyway - Over The Rhine
    "Anyway words and music: Bergquist recording: Amateur Shortwave Radio it's enough for now besides I feel so awkward anyway and there is no doubt I could sleep for hours anyway (i'll never leave you now) any"
  • Anyway - Paul McCartney
    "If you love me, won't you call me I've been waiting, waiting to long In my soul is, constant yearning Always singing, singing this song Only love is strong enough, to take it on the chin When did I begin,"
  • Anyway - O.A.R.
    "Never say that nothing ever came from a mouse anyway crawled into my house, took my cat away don't let your brain tell your mind that it must say that nothing ever came from a mouse anyway anyway never"
  • Anyway - Tory Lanez
    "I can fuc* you anyway You gona bust it down I fuc* you anyway __ and __ Bitc*, my pieces hit everything Are you gonna let me demonstrate __, I bet that I can fuc* you anywat __ Bitc*, my pieces hit everything"
  • Anyway - Dynamite Hack
    "you gotta be kidding me i'm through with you girl anyway i'll wait for you i always do it's dumb but i want to anyway ** so here we are stuck in hell same old game we know it well i don't mind...anyway"
  • Anyway - Gavin DeGraw
    "I don't want to get too close I don't want to get too close You see this isn't where my head is If you knew me I'm not like this But I just found someone special And that's really something special If"
  • Anyway - White Town
    "You see it all started out With the very best of my sincere intentions So I thought anyway But that day that we got lost I could tell she had Penetrated my defences But I carried on anyway And then the"
  • Anyway - Martina McBride
    "You can spend your whole life buildin' Somethin' from nothin' One storm can come and blow it all away Build it anyway You can chase a dream That seems so out of reach And you know it might not ever come"
  • Anyway - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Miner) Still I remember I'd like to say I'm sorry I'd like to make amends I'd close my eyes and tell the truth But where would I begin My story's far from simple I'm so afraid to show I never"
  • Anyway - Private Line
    "I wouldn't mind if I were to die this morning I wouldn't care if the sky fell down on me The tide has turned, what did I learn? I burned out but somehow did survive Felt weak, yet I stayed alive Now I"
  • Anyway - Dubstar
    "I'm moving out today I've nowhere else to stay so how many friends can I count on now? And it's easier to stay But we know it happened anyway so what's the point? The television's mine But you'll be"
  • Anyway - Amber
    "You love black and I like red You like dogs and I like cats I like to talk, you rather watch TV You like to control, I accept what I see You're so cool, I am emotional You want a wife, I need a match for"
  • Anyway - Wheatus
    "Pornography! I pretend i cant hang up the phone Cos if i do then he gets you And ill be in this room alone Staring at the carpet Wondering how they made it And you would i should not be afraid Im better"
  • Anyway - Youth Alive WA
    "You're perfect So perfect In every single way There's nothing I could change You're lovely So beautiful Your eyes are like the sun And I know that they're on me Don't You know that I want You so Now"
  • Anyway - Nichole Nordeman
    "Bless the day This restoration is complete Dirty dusty something must be underneath So I scrape and I scuff Though it's never quite enough I'm starting to see me finally A gallery of paintings new and"
  • Anyway - Maria Sadowska
    "Nothing is ok. But everything is fine. Don’t ask me where And this is love the one. She must be somewhere round. I’m so far away But you so close to me You know there’s no forever for love But maybe we"
  • Anyway - Elisa
    "Time goes by anyway It's flying so far from you and me, So far away How many moments we have lost Sharing the life that we once had If I had the time Maybe I could imagine why Cause I still love you anyway"
  • Anyway - Wolfsheim
    "i awake... and i look... down at my sleeping face from the cold... persuading melodies want me to join this... unreal dance an unholy humming that echoes and dies can i resist... be torn into laughter and"
  • Anyway - Babyface
    "Written by gregory curtis, steve kipner (1999) Performed by kevon edmonds You know that I'm crazy 'bout you babe Why do you play with me anyway anyway Is that anyway for you to treat somebody who loves"

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