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afrojack the spark ft spree wilson

  • The Spark (ft. Spree Wilson) - Afrojack
    "A little bit of misfit dancing A little bit of jojo dancing A little bit of thoughts of mine coming out the mind of this midnight rambler I can’t wait til these tunes of mine get me out of this local"
  • Hey (ft. Afrojack) - Fais
    "I’ve seen the look in your face Telling me a story You don’t have to be alone I love to see you smiling Why you try to hide it? Don’t you know you’re got it all? I know when you’ve gone You do your thing And"
  • Spree - Cryhavoc
    "You start whispering when I wake Quit speaking when the seal breaks I taste a sweet & bitter taste The more I drink the more I see How clearly world opens to me I can continue this everlasting spree But"
  • Have Some Fun (ft. Afrojack & The Wanted) - Pitbull
    "All I wanna do is have some fun (Mr. WorldWide) I got a feeling, that I’m not the only one (I want it) All I wanna do is take you ho-o-o-me I got a feeling, this party has just begun (Afro’s back) It’s"
  • Spark - The Church
    "I'm saturated. I'm wet with your tears, you spill so easily. In reflection I'll see you again. Approach me, soak me. Faith, faith, breathe. 'Cause it's here, it's where the air is clear, Where far off"
  • Wilson - Phish
    "WilsonWilsonWilsonWilsonOh out near Stonehenge, I lived aloneOh out near Gamehendge, I chafed a boneWilson, King of Prussia, I lay this hate on youWilson, Duke of Lizards, I beg it all trune for youTalk"
  • Spark - the bird and the bee
    "I heard a spark Something that glowed Hundred feet higher I open my eyes When there is light To see if I'm closer What if I stopped Just for a while To make it go slower Still up the night Just for a"
  • Spark - The Brat Attack
    "Consume abide what the mass media dictates This shallow culture of fear seems to eradicate Our community's strength determines our own fate We fall to the allure of mass consumption Reject this fear, embrace"
  • Spark - Over The Rhine
    "It's not the spark that caused the fireIt was the air you breathed that fanned the flameWhat you think you'll solve with violenceWill only spread like a diseaseUntil it all comes 'round againWas John the"
  • Spark - TAEYEON 태연 '불티
    "REF: spread out more Hoo hooo hoo hoo right now the hottest inside me a small and tiny spark, spark don’t blow out and rise spark, spark fly at the dawn new spark, spark throw yourself into the fire as"
  • Spark - Thirteen Senses
    "Another spark has set you off And I don't know the way The person of the satellite that tracks us night and day But it takes us longer But it makes us stronger Another spark has set you off Against recovery The"
  • Spark - Church
    "I'm saturatedWet with your tearsYou spill so easilyIn reflection I'll see you againApproach me, soak meFaith, faith, breathe!'Cause it's here, it's where the air is clearWhere far off things could be quite"
  • Spark - Amy Macdonald
    "Don't wanna see the stars Don't wanna see the moon Don't wanna see the sun That rises up too soon Don't wanna see the day Don't wanna see the night Oh the afternoon it feels I am a spaceman flying high I"
  • Spark - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori From The Choirgirl Hotel Spark She's addicted to nicotine patches She's addicted to nicotine patches She's afraid of the light in the dark 6:58 are you sure where my spark is Here Here Here She's"
  • Spark - Warmen
    "I feel the pressure building up I've been waiting for the sign Will it come? Will it be something divine? Another day has just begun Still my mind's empty nothing's done Should I run away from the city? Or"
  • Spark - Tori Amos
    "She's addicted to nicotine patches She's addicted to nicotine patches She's afraid of the light in the dark 6:58 are you sure where my spark is Here Here Here She's convinced she could hold back a glacier But"
  • Spark - Catch 22
    "Before the dawn is when it seems most cold. But as sure as the sun rises in the east, we know that the stream of evolution is a constant flow, and the current evolution says that I should really go. Don't"
  • Spark - Belvedere
    "It happened oh so fast it takes me by surprise, it took me where I haven't been, way back it happened when I looked into your eyes I know it hurts to make a sin. Don't tell me how you don't expect and"
  • Give Me Everything (ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer) - Pitbull
    "Me not working hard? Yeah, right, picture that with a Kodak Or better yet, go to Times Square Take a picture of me with a Kodak Took my life from negative to positive I just want y'all to know that And"
  • Killing Spree - Deranged
    ""I am still here, like a spirit roaming the night Thirsty, hungry, seldom stopping the rest I am the monster I am Beelzebub" A fictional reality inside my mind Where savagery grows to the utter experience Killing"

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