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after house

  • House - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) This house aches I whistle it's tune After so much noise Freedom is silence Half the house is missing Taken half of me with it I had imagined this Hurting in a"
  • After All - Kalan Porter
    "Every time Not what you wanted You can't rewind This house will stay haunted Rain will fall Drowning out the sun Everything's coming up roses In spite of all we've done Then I look in their eyes Even"
  • After All - Porter Kalan
    "Everytime Not what you wanted You can't rewind This house will stay haunted Rain will fall Drowning out the sun Everything's coming up roses In spite of all we've done Then I look in their eyes Even"
  • After All - Patty Loveless
    "(Hinson/Stinson) Now she knows all about me Got the house on the market Sent your boy off to school Still you choose to live without me Sayin' you needed time After all I've givin you After all the hours"
  • After Hours - Pam Tillis
    "(Verlon Thompson/Suzy Ragsdale) In the after hours Slowly shifting down Last call is over The sign is turned around The chairs are on the tables The drinks are on the house The talk is on the level The"
  • After You - Jimmy Wayne
    "This old four way stop I've been here a lot More times then I can count Right goes to mamaa's place Left to the interstae Sraight ahead goes straght through town It's good to be home I waited way too"
  • After Party - Marques Houston
    "Artist : Young Romeo f/ OmarionMarques Houston Title : Afterparty You ready What's up everybody, huh Yeah, I'm Omarion Who that Its a new Sheriff in town Young Rome Welcome to my after party Hope"
  • After School - LL Cool J
    "I know a honey named Millie, raised out in Philly Body so illy she make a grown man silly A brainiac really she pretend she dilly Like, "Why you always look at me like that, you feel me?" There's a"
  • Spiritual House - KMFDM
    "Really shake your body against the brain In a spiritual house tune in today Best after dark In a spiritual house That's my sweetheart In a spiritual house We only have a silent voice In a spiritual"
  • Tempo House - The Fall
    "A serious man In need of a definitive job He had drunk too much Mandrake anthrax Pro-rae, pro-rae Oloron Tormented tots With Burton weeping His idiot contacts Pro-rae, pro-rae Put your claim into Tempo"
  • Glass House - Bee Gees
    "Glass house, that once was mine , the sun will shine in on me You, change your mind, you weren't the kind to live on me I remember yesterday , turn my tears to laugher Then you left and like a stray, I"
  • Haunted House - Mckenna Grace
    "You walk out the door Then you want back in The second that it's cold outside And you see I've got something to give And I'd give it to you 100 times over Till you screwed me over Just like the last time Sayin'"
  • A house - Doves
    "It was a day like this and my house burnt down and the walls were thin and they crashed to the ground it was a day like this and my life unwound you could've struck me a line and that's okay now we could"
  • Jackie's House - Trisha Yearwood
    "(Chapin Hartford) I'd put a little love note in a bottle Throw it off the Bay Street bridge Watch it glide along among the willows And run along the bank with the other kids. If that bottle didn't Hang"
  • House Song - Scott Walker
    "This house goes on sale every Wednesday mornin' It's taken off the market in the afternoon You can buy a part of it if you want too It's been good for, it'll be good for you Take a brand look now, the"
  • Open house - Guru
    "Money, cars, clothes, give me all of that FLows, shows, hoes, I got all of that Sex, teks, checks, give me all of that Cribs, chicks, whips, I got all of that If you want to know just how I feel Then"
  • House Party - Tweak
    "Now let me tell you 'bout a story Way Back in the day When my parents decided they Would spend the weekend away And like fools they entrusted The house keys to me and said You better not have"
  • Tempo house - Fall
    "A serious manIn need of a definitive jobHe had drunk too muchMandrake anthrax Tormented totsWith Burton weepingHis idiot contactsHooray, hoorayHooray, hoorayPut your claim into Tempo HouseGo round there"
  • Our House - Solomon Childs
    "(Chorus: sample) Our House is a very very very fine house With two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard Now that everything is easy cuz of you (Solomon Childs) From the crack sales and the cocaine"
  • The House - Ice T
    "You know the houe down the street Where the kids are and every day They seem to have a new scar Something strange is going on And everybody knows Doors always shut Windows always closed The little girl"

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