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after me

  • After Me - Saliva
    "Caught out alone, and I'm tryin to be free. Caught up in things that are inside of me. Lookin for something that I cannot see. Losing my faith but I'm tryin to believe. Losing my faith, losing my faith,"
  • After Me - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) There's a line on her jeans that a ball-point made From a careless mistake that she can't wash away And there's a heart on her sleeve from a spill of red wine There's"
  • Run After Me - Justyna Janik Jj
    "Smile clear as a sky Free & Uncluttered mind Smooth, Tender Skin The Glaring sun is shining You are the sunshine Who’s bringing me this kind of smile You are this one guy I was looking for I know that"
  • Look After Me - Hot Chip
    "Look after me and I'll look after you That's something we both forgot to do I find it hard to see your face, day to day today Cannot remember it well enough, or in detail such that I see it in my head When"
  • Say After Me - Bic Runga
    "Moon glow White light will bathe your pillow Loneliness leaves no shadow Where did you go? Be cool now Quietly up and leave you Must I be your fool and lead you How gracious we go Love ends in a fire Fire"
  • God After Me - Construcdead
    "Sometimes when I walk the streets I'm overcome by this fantasy That I'm the only one whose mind is not yet gone, And that the rest live in a dream. Silence speaks loud, well words speak louder still and"
  • Time After Time - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
    "Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick, And think of you caught up in circles confusion Is nothing new Flashback warm nights Almost left behind Suitcase of memories, Time after Sometimes you picture me I'm"
  • After Tonight - Amazulu
    "I'm the key to set you free You can run to me any time for cover Don't play shy, just let me try 'Cause it's you I really want, and not another Baby don't you fight Oh no Don't get your little self uptight 'Cause"
  • After today - David Bowie
    "Always in trouble Never to blame Must be your double Feel the same Here it comes again Doing the wrong thing Forgetting your lines Waiting for something Better to shine Hate that same old game After today"
  • Morning After - The Buzzcocks
    "Sun streams through the window, it's another day I lie in bed nursing my hangover Couldn't stomach breakfast I feel like throwing up Wake up and face the morning after Wake up and face the morning after The"
  • After All - Roy Orbison
    "You betrayed me after all Built me up to let me fall I still love you after all Mmm, after all After all is said and done All the teardrops, all the fun Guess you're still the only one After all"
  • Forever After - Paradise Lost
    "It's orchestrated by another hand Believe inferior dreams that I am Orchestrated I don't understand Belief increasing in me that I am If only we could see and live the dream If only we could still believe"
  • After All - Patty Loveless
    "(Hinson/Stinson) Now she knows all about me Got the house on the market Sent your boy off to school Still you choose to live without me Sayin' you needed time After all I've givin you After all the hours"
  • After Tonight - Mariah Carey
    "I look at you looking at me Feels like a feeling meant to be And as your body moves with mine It's iike I'm lifted out of time And time again Patientiy I've waited For this moment to arrive CHORUS"
  • After You - Hank Williams Jr.
    "So September follows August I don't mind so three and four and five come after two Will anything mean anything do I care what tomorrow brings I only wonder what comes after you After you when someone smiles"
  • After All - Johnny Cash
    "We have drifted apart Broken hearts, me and you After all of this time I'm satisfied inside to know This memory that I had It's more good than bad You taught me how to sing And bring you love After all"
  • After All - Peter Cetera
    "Well, here we are again I guess it must be fate We've tried it on our own But deep inside we've known We'd be back to set things straight I still remember when Your kiss was so brand new Every memory"
  • After All - Tweaker
    "Dark night is dawning after all Strength less but standing after all I do not fear this after all Not quite so fearless after all After all the waning moon is full After all the rain it feels so cool Hope"
  • After All - Roxette
    "Now it's about time I wrote you a letter Hey baby, it's me for worse or for better Got nothing to waste in pace for another lane Now loss, only gain I know all we had has dried like a desert Stands from"
  • After LIKE - IVE
    "tto moreuji nae maeumi jeo nalssicheoreom bakkwilji nal najocha da al su eopseuni geuge mwoga jungyohani jigeum nege wanjeonhi puk ppajyeossdan ge jungyohan geoji ama kkumman gatgessjiman bunmyeong"

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