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afterglow luca debonaire

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afterglow luca debonaire

  • Debonaire - Dope
    "I don't need diamond rings or high priced suits that shine Limosines and flashing things or ancient bottled wine Designer names and lavish things and million dollar hair Modern dames without a brain I"
  • Luca - Noi Timpuri
    "Ma cheama Luca si am paispe' ani Ma cheama Luca si-mi place-ntre golani Ma cheama Luca, beau si fumez tututn Ce fac la baie stiti fara sa va spun. Spune ca il cheama, spune ca il cheama Luca Spune ca il"
  • Luca  - Brand New
    "When I disappear, do you fear for the sister I took? When I disappear, it is clear I am up to no good I am drearily bloodletting this bedwetting cosmonaut "Son, the last thing you'll realize you need is"
  • Luca - Brand New
    "When I disappear do you fear for the sister I took When I disappear it is clear I am up to no good I am drearily bloodletting this bedwetting cosmonaut "Son, the last thing you'll realize you need is what"
  • Afterglow - Wilkinson
    "Even than the dance is done Don’t worry coz the night is young Who cares where we go? We're ready for afterglow So, went in Put the sunlight back Coz we want this night to least Afterglow We're ready"
  • Afterglow - Quench
    "She's been drifting for too long now But now her ship's come in He'd been running from the shadows Now sunlight floods within There's something new inside First time to realise Afterglow Afterglow He"
  • Afterglow - Fates Warning
    "twilight and i lie awake afterglow is all around me i lie awake, in this light and i wonder where you are tonight voices turn to silence echoes never fade away twilight and i lie awake afterglow is all"
  • Afterglow - Celestial Season
    "Celestial Season Forever Scarlet Passion Afterglow In the field of my soul I lay down and awake? With the knowledge Of the once forgotten Seeking harmony within myself An afterglow of a vague memory Softly"
  • Afterglow - INXS
    "Here I am, lost in the light of the moon that comes through my window Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divide the thorns from the roses It's you and the roses Touch me and I will follow in your"
  • Afterglow - Admiral Freebee
    "Sometimes when I'm awful low I don't think about the blue sky Just wanna see the magic in her eyes And it shows me the same afterglow Why don't you think of something new And make a day with old (?) Boy,"
  • Afterglow - Quiet Riot
    "Love Love is all around me everywhere Love has come to touch my soul With someone who really cares No one can denounce People who once passed me by Just turn their heads 'round I'm happy just to be with"
  • Afterglow - Garbage
    "Center on the wide horizon. Focus on the galaxy. Sweep away your expectations. And recognise your enemies. But here you're talking to yourself, You're stripping off for someone else. You've got to learn"
  • Afterglow - Travis
    "Feeling myself all of the time All of the time feeling alright Taking a while raising a smile Raising a smile makes it all worthwhile But if you wanted to find peace of mind Then you could find it any"
  • Afterglow - Tina Turner
  • Afterglow - Tommy Lee
    "we're back again, let's begin we never left you... yeah the time is now... we'll show ya how, can you feel me you know it's on, to the break of dawn let's get crazy so everybody come together now"
  • Afterglow - Motley Crue
    "We're back again, let's begin We never left you, yeah The time is now, we'll show ya how Can you feel me, yeah You know it's on, to the break of dawn Let's get crazy So everybody come together now and"
  • Afterglow - Taxiride
    "So long, you gotta go i've pushed the door against your shoes for too long and now you say you can't decide which way to run or where to hide, you're so wrong I can't believe this is going on Too late"
  • Afterglow - Damhnait Doyle
    "nobody really wants this life, no matter what they tell you, baby it's a lie maybe i should just pack it in grab my shit and not come back again well heaven knows i've tried it comes as no suprise word"
  • Afterglow - The Mission
    "Lay down your arms and surrender to mineLet me release you from your tangled skeinBurn down your temples and your holy shrinesSift through the ashes for the truth that shinesNo more weeping or wringing"
  • Afterglow - Vanessa Carlton
    "Just when the days start getting colder I walk the streets I never knew And theres some words I never told you The sound rings out like the truth And if you could see What's come over me Then you"

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