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against me

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against me
  • Project 86 Me against me
    "I will not forget the day when the sides were chosenMe aginst me against meClothing so drenched with the sweatAnd the teeth they were cleanchedWho can I trust when IGrabbed hold my enemies neckAnd choked"
  • Sloppy Meateaters Up Against Me
    "I hope I live to see the day That the world forgives me You can't pretend that you're OK With an open bottle of pills and fame The people that can't stand you Only win if you hate them too I'm the king"
  • Syndrome Everybody's Against Me
    "Mom and Dad don't like the clothes I wear Don't like my friends, don't like my music or my colored hair Will Smith was right when he was still the Prince still Fresh I'd give up both of my dumb parents"
  • Velcra Not Against Me
    "Migraine in chaos of deep paranoia It's too hard to get over The reptiles inside of my head keep me sober My veins are on fire my breath getting colder Stench and stagnation dehydrated tension It's too"
  • Lloyd Banks Me Against You
    "G-Unit (we 2nd time) makes the croud get live So put on your A game Crush the competition Let the best man win Coz its me against you Toe to toe Blow for blow I can guarantee you gon' lose "
  • Something For Kate Working Against Me
    "I took my time, And whatever else I could find. I didn't care at the time. I've got it all planned, I'm gonna mark out my land. I've drawn some lines in the sand. I thought time would change things. I"
  • Epicure Armies Against Me
    "Mary-Jo, don't you know you've got to learn to be alone and though the pavement's beckoning now come away from that window and as the water touches chin I let a little sunlight in yeah as the waves are"
  • Ill Nino March Against Me
    "Everything's fine I'm not gonna lie Though you try to fight against me I'm bored and I'm high With porcelain eyes You can make me feel so weak And what is the cost Me amas no mas Siempre todos tan concientes I'm"
  • Seven Mary Three Dreaming Against Me
    "I can tell that your angry with me By the way that you fall asleep Its like your dreaming against me And your body moves to the edge of the lake I can tell when you've had enough By the way we move"
  • Jay Sean Me against myself
    "N there ain't no chorus. so just listen...mental Oh girl, you look so beautiful with that moonlight shining on you, I wanna hold you, I wanna touch you and squeeze you and love you all night long, baby"
  • Ektomorf I'm Against
    "Humiliation Exploitation In the world all the nations Allt the nations gonna be slaves Slaves of hypocrisy Empire of money No personality Anymore No I'm not gonna be a slave No I'm not gonna be the same I"
  • Jerry Jeff Walker Up against
    "He was born in West Virginia, His wife's name's Betty Lou Thelma Liz And he's not responsible for what he's doing Cause his mother made him what he is. And it's up against the wall Redneck Mother, Mother,"
  • Staring Back Odds Against
    "Nothing left for me to say, nowhere left for me to hide I check myself before I stumble into one more pathetic situation Find myself behind a locked door Losing time to figure out just what I left behind Lost"
  • Beatsteaks Me Against The World
    "Woke up this morning, it's the same old thing: brother against brother, it's a normal thing, goverment's corrupt, I see the homeless on the streets, the rich get richer, the poor going hungry, no respect"
  • Halo Friendlies Me Against The World
    "Hey boys hey girls Hey anybody who will listen In case you haven't noticed It's just me against the world today I fell out the wrong side of the bed and landed in the woods be- Cause i think there's pop"
  • Tupac Me Against The World
    "(feat. Dramacydal) It's just me against the world Oooohhh, oooohhh Nuttin to lose.. It's just me against the world baby Oahhhh, oahhhahh I got nuttin to lose It's just me against the world "
  • 2Pac Me Against The World
    "(feat. Dramacydal) [2Pac] It's just me against the world Oooohhh, oooohhh [2Pac] Nuttin to lose.. It's just me against the world baby Oahhhh, oahhhahh [2Pac] I got nuttin to lose It's just me"
  • Britney Spears Hold It Against Me
    "Hey, over there, please forgive me If I’m coming on too strong Hate to stare, but you’re winning And they're play my favorite song So come near, a little closer Wanna whisper in your ear Make it clear,"
  • Crystal Gayle Me Against The Night
    "Moon please don't shine on me Help me hide his memory Stars don't light the midnight sky cause you don't want to see me cry Heart don't let me think of him Lock your door don't let his memory in I feel"
  • Simple Plan Me Against The World
    "Were not gonna be just a part of their game Were not gonna be just the victims Theyre taking our dreams and they tear them apart Til everyones the same Ive got no place to go Ive got nowhere to run Theyd"

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