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age of agrresion

  • Age - Jim Croce
    "I've been up and down and around and 'round and back again, I've been so many places I can't remember where or when. And my only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend Never really was a friend"
  • Queens Of The Stone Age - Queens Of The Stone Age
    "Medication for us all, it is a new way And we're gonna take it cause we love it Don't you know? Is this the dose you've been dreamin' of? A revelation from a gun Doesn't matter Overtaken, mine was"
  • Age Of Anger - Riverside
    "Utwór 'Age Of Anger' z albumu 'ID.Entity' Riverside (premiera 20.01.2023r.)"
  • Age of Steam - Saxon
    "Utwór 'Age of Steam' z albumu 'Carpe Diem' Saxon (premiera 4 lutego 2022r.)."
  • Age Of Rock - Sinner
    "Chains that we're draggin' Hidden things that no one sees With wild dreams We're stalkin' the streets Our revolution's just begun Look to the left and to the right You live in danger tonight The age of"
  • Age Of Suffering - Terminal Choice
    "''Eine geheimnisvolle tragische Prophezeihung hatte die Ankunft der Dmonen auf der Erde angekndigt. Sie werden aus euern Friedhofen Kathedralen machen, und sie schnden Eure Grber. So stand es in der"
  • Age of love - Scooter
    "Yes!Rough bad on the caseI wanna hit your faceMusic that's the lawwe're gonna rock the placeCome on we start it rightso posse hold on tightNow that's the scoreso can you see the lightTurn it up, yeahCome"
  • Age Of Suffering - Bloodthorn
    "Death syndrome injected The taint of chaos spreading throughout the world Poisoned saliva, sulphuric acids burn Evil breeding in the mind of man Corrosive madness, all-consuming hate Violence shredding"
  • Age Of Madness - 3 Colours Red
    "Tension... like wire... on schizophren street A man like fire... keeping it discreet Age of madness... closing into view Corruption of the dearest... ache the bones inside you Feel like you're being used The"
  • Coming Of Age - Breaking Point
    "All my life I've been waiting For someone like you That I could believe in All that I'm wanting, all that I'll say Just take what confines us, we'll throw it away and Say it No need to hold, hold your"
  • Age Of Reason - John Farnham
    "From the day that we were born we've been heading down a track Sometimes it's made for good sometimes for bad But if we look behind us there's a wave coming down Carrying us forward to a new age What"
  • Coming of Age - Milow
    "Coming of age aint about what you do Its giving in to whats predefined When you trade all your dreams for compromise It is never what you have in mind One shot of happy, two shots of sad Thats how our"
  • Age Of Shadows - Ayreon
    "We never saw this coming Pride comes before a fall We never heeded the warnings Buried deep within us all The Age of Shadows has begun Giant machines blot out our sun Frozen minds becoming numb "
  • Age of Mothers - Moonspell
    "Ours the rotten heart Passing our mask of death On to our sons We have become so deeply sad Consigned to pain Serpent among sisters In the wake of the invaded I summon your rains To extinguish the fire Burning"
  • Age Of Innocence - Savage Grace
    "Convictions fixed in one's mind, fanatics Trained for self sacrifice The doctrine of those without hope, deceived In their vision to sanctify the world The voice of the just shall be heard, Distorted,"
  • Age Of Salvation - Avalon
    "For a while I walk To the dark out there Try to go back To look where it came from When I see today Desert world around Needs a cover From oceans of water Wanna be back there In the outer range In the"
  • AGE OF ILLUSION - Die Antwoord
    "It's the Age of Illusion The Age of Illusion Everyone is beautiful Everything is fine In The Land of Illusion The water babies speak Japanese And the faeries drink wine Everyone is beautiful Everyone is"
  • Age Of Agony - Mekong Delta
    "Your tired eyes connot light your path The weariness! It's hard to stay awake Time goes by. You cannot afford to waste away Your mission needs your strengths In the dark it began An irrational ban Irreversable"
  • Age of Runes - Falconer
    "Fates now faded from a twilight time when heathen hearts whitened and waned. Told in tongues in riddles and in rhymes treading in times when runes did reign. Winds do whisper of fame and fortune. The"
  • Age of spitting - Discount
    "I've reached the age of dischargeof spitting up what they put inyou look at me all sigh and sighask me have i cut ityeah i cut it all the timebreak it right down to the skinscrape it down to the skintalking"

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