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ages i want it

  • Ages - Simon Townshend
    "I'm gonna get myself together Gonna get myself on track Gonna find a way back Take a bit of time to write 'Cause usually I don't try But I'm running out of life I've been wandering for ages All good things"
  • Ages - Kosheen
    "15 years of precious time behind us 7 years before our child is gone Everything precariously balanced The slightest press can turn it upside down And it took us ages To create And we fill up the pages Take"
  • Dark Ages - Paul Kantner
    "What time is it, boys and girls? It's time for the Dark Ages! Your nightmares and traumas can make you rich and famous Commericals can teach you all that you need to know Kiss my flag Don't look back The"
  • Rock Of Ages - Gene Clark
    "We stood there unable trying to keep warm To make the next town Oklahoma I will roam any direction from someone Too old to remember why he's seen us that way Singing rock of ages when will you fall Turn"
  • Rock Of Ages - Def Leppard
    "Gunter glieben glauchen globen All right I got something to say Yeah, it's better to burn out Yeah, than fade away All right Ow Gonna start a fire C'mon! Rise up! gather round Rock this place"
  • Ages And Ages Ago - Hank Thompson
    "AGES AND AGES AGO (Gene Autry - Fred Rose - Ray Whitley) '57 Western Music I remember when I made you cry ages and ages ago I'll never blame you for our last goodbye ages and ages ago Someone came"
  • Rock Of All Ages - Badfinger
    "Well, you're taking all my money And I guess you think it's funny but I don't, my my You always want it right now And you know it brings me down but I don't, why? Why? Guess you think it's funny That you're"
  • Rock Of Ages - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "Rock of Ages I am tumbling down Where the roots of trees Embrace you I do fall upon my knees And ask you how You can just sit there and be Rock of Ages I am crumbling now In an avalanche I'm reaching"
  • End Of Ages - Grendel
    "Time has come for mankind - There is no turning back From this path of destruction - From this fatal strife Nuclear waters flowing - Whilst the animals die Like a poison ivy - It will never retract See"
  • New Dark Ages - Bad Religion
    "Now can you hear the call in our rambling land? Susurrations that can expand Beyond all hope of light And plunge us into unrelenting night A pall, a truth and reason It feels like hunting season So avoid"
  • Rock Of Ages - Gillian Welch
    "Round, round, I wanna go round wanna see the rock of ages when my body gives out gonna read the final pages Oh, my mother who's gone she told me I should meet her Someday streets of gold Gonna guide"
  • Slang Of Ages - Steely Dan
    "Let me put it this way doll And I know it's getting late I can tell from the planes of your face That you're from out of state But here in the Willows now here's the deal Tomorrow's for squares - tonight's"
  • Dust of ages - eels
    "This is the dayThat i give myself up coldThe dust of ages Settles on your daysAnd so you shake your coat offAnd get on your wayBloodshot and tremblingA new day has begunThe dust of agesSettles on your"
  • The Ages Game - Asha
    "How The Land By All Manner Of Means I´m Bound Up In You My Way Of Thinking Is Worn Out Since You´ve Made Me Move I Have A Dreary Overdose Cos I Don´t Know What I´m Looking For Under The Wing Of The Lady"
  • All Ages Show - Dag Nasty
    "I understand you you've got a problem now understand me it's your problem not mine to find a reason, don't ask me don't ask (anyone) for a reason to live your life shake your head, left and right like"
  • Ages and Stages - Meligrove Band
    "You came and lit up my heart And then you disappear I was then afraid of the dark And the footsteps that I'd hear I need, I need to know You're still around And I'm not alone I need, I need to know You"
  • Lord Of Ages - Blood Axis
    "Fertile earth Pallas who procreates everything Rock-bound spring that fed the twin brothers with nectar This young bull that he carried on his shoulders According to his ways - and I have received it I"
  • Reaper of Dark Ages - Astriaal
    "Dawn of a new era upon us The Dark Age has arrived In dreams, Scarred olden visions Revealed through eyes that have once seen :battle! As blood stains the crimson soil Spirits are unleashed Arise from"
  • Dark Ages - Jack Frost
    "we saw this world shining bright oh, days in paradise back to the dark ages where I still belong back to the dark ages where I always was back to the dark ages and the sun was shining bright oh,"
  • Dark Ages - NoMeansNo
    "We are living in the, in the dark ages Haven't seen some daylight in what seems ages All the information is locked far beyond Locked in circuits and bathed in silicon And we're fast asleep with"

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