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aginst the current

  • The Current - Gavin Rossdale
    "Goin downGoin downDown where my breath is the only soundGoin downGoin downGoin downDont look for me now, Im not aroundAll day long Im undergroundIve been thinking about the futureIve been waiting for the"
  • The current - Republika
    "Your electricyour electric hot wavesrunning through allrunning through all my nervesburn my fingersburn my fingers and lipsSend on fireSend on fire each kissevery touch ofevery touch of your handparalyzesparalyzes"
  • Miami Current - Paulson
    "Home again and you're remembering when you were young Thoughts that come to you surrounded by your flesh and blood. You were blown away cause they made the trade, made it anyway. You're in a rush to grow,"
  • Current status - Atmosphere
    "I peep rap city high like to my eyesight Witnesses bitches and kids frontin' to bring a shit You get nothing from this write redundant to bring the dumb shit I neva half ass my blast leaves you overcome-ed"
  • Electric Current - Zyklon
    "Worlds onto planets, existence built on faith We are the generation of the earth, mastered at any rate We are the people of the stars, mansions of the moon Come take us home where we belong Take us home"
  • Current of love - David Hasselhoff
    "Like a ship that?s tossed outOn the oceanWe get caught up swimmin?In the motionHearts were sailing, love was onThe right trackGot out so far thatWe can?t get backBut darlin we can?tLet our hopes go downIt?s"
  • A Current Obsession - Lacuna Coil
    "Come to me To feel my protection A countdown to my revelation No more respect For your regrets And your time has come The naked truth is in disguise It's your secret complication Exhausted of this sacrifice Just"
  • Boats Against The Current - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Eric Carmen) I know it's over You know it's over We're just goin' through the motions But we're sailing separate oceans, worlds apart And you know it's breakin' my heart I was a dreamer You were a dreamer But"
  • Boats against the current - Olivia Newton John
    "I know it's over, you know it's over, we're just goin' thru the motionsBut we're sailin' seperate oceans, worlds apartAnd you know it's breakin' my heartI was a dreamer, you were a dreamer, but perfection"
  • Boats Against The Current - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen) I know it's over You know it's over We're just goin' through the motions But we're sailin' separate oceans world's apart And you know it's breakin' my heart I was a dreamer You were a dreamer But"
  • The Current State Of Anarchy - Busta Rhymes
    "And so the third celestial sphere in proximity to the sun entered a new millenium 6 billion souls inhabiting 266 nations Their resentment and hopelessness proclaim in 7 thousand distinct dialects A"
  • Current - Schwarz Stein
    "awaku boyakete iku rinkaku wa nami ni nomare fukaku shizunde yuku mabuta no ura de oyogu zansou wa hitotsu hitotsu tsumugi awaseru no atashi no minikuku hikaru kono hifu wa anata to ikite wa yukenai yutakata"
  • Lean Back (Current Radio Edit) - Fat Joe
    "Yeah Throw ya hands in the air right now man... Feel this right here... I don't give a --- 'bout your fault or mishappenin's, We from the Bronx, New York... things happen, Kids clappin' love to spark"
  • No Problem (Current Radio Edit) - Lil Scrappy
    "(Trillville talking) (chorus) You can get crunk in the club roll wit your hood throw it up in the club or you could get buck in the club get messed up in the club shawty we don't give a what, what but"
  • Aginst Th' Law - Woody Guthrie
    "It's aginst th' law to walk, It's aginst th' law to talk It's against th' law to loaf, It's aginst th' law to work It's aginst th' law to read, It's aginst th' law to write It's aginst th' law to be a"
  • Legends Never Die (ft. Against the Current) - League of Legends
    "Legends never die When the world is calling you Can you hear them screaming out your name? Legends never die They become a part of you Every time you bleed for reaching greatness Relentless you survive They"
  • Current Charmed Theme (How Soon Is Now) - Buffy Musical Episode
    "I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar I am the son and the heir of nothing in particular You shut your mouth how can you say I go about things the wrong way I am human and "
  • Current Situation - Joe Bonamassa
    "Don't have no trial held against me baby, Before I have a chance to explain my side. Don't have no trial held against me baby, Before I have a chance to explain my side. Although there's just some rumors"
  • The Frolic - Current 93
    "I take your hand We walk towards where the roses once grew I lie back in the grass and dream of how it once was The rubbishstrewn streets Riperising smell of gutters and rain The children abandoned Mother"
  • The Death Of The Corn - Current 93
    "Through the marshes And through the filtering glades Through the corn And through the scything fields The summer sun Dances and rages The summer sun Flies burning into the light And who shall die At the"

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