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agnostic front gotta go


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agnostic front gotta go

  • Gotta Go - Agnostic Front
    "From the east coast to the west coast Gotta gotta gotta go Two sounds of a revolution Gotta gotta gotta go In our hearts in our souls Gotta gotta gotta go (oi) United we stand, divided we fall Gotta gotta"
  • Something's Gotta Give - Agnostic Front
    "It's me or you, and something's gotta give You take from me all that is pure A lesson I have learned Now's your chance to turn and walk on bridges that you've burned Too much shit can't get ahead Something's"
  • Gotta Go - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Miscellaneous Gotta Go "Hello?" "Hi baby what's up? I'm sorry, listen, I'm gonna be late tonight, don't stay up and wait for me." "Where are you?" "Wait, say that again." "Hello?" "You"
  • Front Porch - Twista
    "(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) On the porch, on the porch Smokin reefa Hmmm yeah I woke up early Saturday morning sick off Rhemy and brews Wit a hang over from blues Hurl on my clothes and shoes stomach"
  • Front Page News - Wishbone Ash
    "You made me feel good After all this time, Welcomed me home With my name in lights, Took me by the hand, Shook away my fear, Brought back the memory Of those earlier years. Everybody's talkin', front"
  • Front To Back - Chamillionaire
    "(Woman: "Mixtape Messiah"....Yeah nigga it's the Mixtape Messiah nigga, ol' pussy ass nigga) (U.G.K. Inserts: Bun-B (Pimp-C)) {Chamillionaire} From the back (back), to this front (front) Now to the side"
  • Don't gotta go home - Monica
    "Ain't no sense whining about it now I mean we knew what it was when we became apart of it, feel me Yeah It's Like There's something on your mind, I can see right through you I know your girl been"
  • Don't Gotta Go Home - DMX
    "(feat. Monica) GRRRRRRRRRRR.. yeah I mean we all men, we all men We know how the shit go.. love one, fuck another I mean, it is what it is, it is what it is I mean, we knew what it was, when we became"
  • You Gotta Let It Go - Andy McCoy
    "Get your rocks off now baby don't you dare to stop Yeah you've yearning to start searching learning to let go from what holds you back Just learn to let it go Love can make it grow You gotta let it go You"
  • Gottago - Agnostic Front
    "From the east coast to the west coast Gotta gotta gotta go Two sounds of a revolution Gotta gotta gotta go In our hearts in our souls Gotta gotta gotta go (oi) United we stand devided we fall Gotta gotta"
  • Dead Yuppies - Agnostic Front
    "When it all goes wrong man you know that feeling Gotta work and still can't pay rent See them walk by in the latest fashion The streets are filled with just me and them When money is your god with your"
  • Gotta Go - Alexandra Burke
    "You said you'd never break my heart And we'll never be apart So seeing you after so long Got me spinning round, round, round, round You said we'd always be together And to me you were so precious"
  • Gotta Go - Trey Songz
    "Good evening I'd like to thank everybody for coming out Hope your flights were safe Feeling real breezey Swift like the wind It's calling my body It's calling my soul It's calling my mind So girl I"
  • Gotta Go - Jamie Meyer
    "Gotta' creepy feeling it's been bugging me for days ain't no way to shake it but to tell you like it is straight to your face I don't want to hurt you but tell me is there any other way don't wanna se"
  • Gotta Go - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "(Ronnie VanZant -- Allen Collins -- Gary Rossington) I don't care who you are baby Don't care about all the friends that you know And why you chose me Lord, sweet mama don't want to know Can't tie"
  • Gotta Go - Wild Strawberries
    "History is everything Said the professor to the petitioner's girl She, playing with her shoe, Says I just want someone, I just want something new I don't know what hit you Don't care where ya been I just"
  • Gotta Go - Kingdom Come
    "L. wolf, j. kottak Now is the time I hear the war, it calls my Name Lands' far away Hoping I'll return the same How will I face tomorrow How can I face the pain How can I face the sorrow Fighting in vain I've"
  • Gotta Go - Kristen Barry
    "Hmm, I gotta go I'm juist gonna pack up and go I'm finally gonna leave this town it's killing me 'Cause ten years is a long time for Someone with a short life and I gave it all I could, I did now Would"
  • Gotta Go - Tobymac
    "Yeah, hello Yo Tob, what's up? A whole lot What you doing? Hangin' with Truett, tryin' to make music, hustlin' Gotee, I'm getting no sleep - Yo, uh, you mind if I call you back next week I"
  • The Blame - Agnostic Front
    "What are you gonna do? When they all turn on you Is it worth it for us to live Their way? It's their mistake and we're to blame. Are we to live by the rules And be told what to do We're not part of their"

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