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agreement kitaro

  • Agreement - Kitaro
    "Watching the world >From our window of life Can we see all there is That is real That is right To the distance so far >From our true understanding Making us want more Making us see less The fire Making"
  • Agreement - Jon Anderson
    "Watching the world From our window of life Can we see all there is That is real That is right To the distance so far From our true understanding Making us want more Making us see less The fire Making"
  • Gentlemen's Agreement - The Fall
    "We plough the fields together In all types of intemperance Our bones cracked in unison Gentlemen's, gentlemen's agreement You know what he is And probably still is Sticking his colours To whatever new"
  • Gentlemen's agreement - Fall
    "We plough the fields togetherIn all types of intemperanceOur bones cracked in unisonGentlemen's, gentlemen's agreementYou know what he isAnd probably still isSticking his coloursTo whatever new mast there"
  • An agreement called forever - 36 Crazyfists
    "Cave in and try to take awayAll that I have, all I betray...So much damage I've doneWell this I know, that I just fail Turn me on meTurn me on me'Cause this is everything I've stripped awayI've stripped"
  • Kitara, Taivas Ja T - Eppu Normaali
    "Suru soittaa mielen mustin koskettimin Vahingossa vaikka valkoista koskettikin Markalla ostan maailman, levyautomaatista kitaran Kuulen nen, kuulen nen sen sen sen En sure en Kun kitara soi, ei itke saa Kun"
  • Lady Of Dreams - Kitaro
    "Save me a place In the heart of your hearts When you think of love Never forsake me Wanting and dreaming you Each time I think of you Lying naked beside me Only a Lady of Dreams She will bring magic To"
  • Caravan - Kitaro
    "Once a long, long time ago Setting out to find our dreams Lost in memories of olden days...... Sometimes rising in the spring Glowing, shimming comes the sun Golden day beams come through to me now. Those"
  • Sexy Rdec'e Oc'i - Zmelkoow
    "Ostanem hladen c'e mi ukradejo kitaro c'e me vlec'ejo na kaks'no zafixano zabavo c'e mi vrtajo v koleno z najbolj grozno napravo ampak ko vidim tebe postanem mrzel Ostanem miren c'e mi grozijo s pis'tolo c'e"
  • Brazenhead - Clutch
    "A kaleidoscope program Is functioning so beautifully Fire up all the primary engines Calculate projected nexus OH! Take a good plane and shave off all the edges Not straight enough to make a perfect"
  • Pre-Nump (Interlude) - Outkast
    "Hey baby. Yeah? I know we've been together for a long time, right? Yeah. Well, I got one question to ask you. Yes? Will you marry me? Yes! Good, but I got one mo' question. Yeah? Will"
  • On Your Knees - Paganizer
    "On your knees Confess your sins to me And you will be forgiven Open wide And swallow my affection You will receive redemption There's no blasphemy Within our stained agreement Receive my blessing any"
  • Friendly Fire - His Hero Is Gone
    "Shake hands with the bastards that we hate in agreement to fight back in their violent cut throat game of "...But my finger was on the Trigger first..." Fighting fire with Fire Scorched Engulfed in Flames"
  • I kardia mu - Sakis Rouvas
    "To soma mou apopse xespai kathe mou kitaro se zitai parakalai,papakalai, konta mou na rthis parakalai poso mou lipis den to pistevo makria sou kathe lepto kindinevo ke se girevo ke se girevo esena pou"
  • Ikarus - Unheilig
    "The legend tells a story Of a man who challenged nature He built his dream But he didn't respect the rules I will escape out of this world I will escape out of my time With every breath I feel the conclusion With"
  • Hot Skin Cold Cash - Puffball
    "You've got something that I want. I'm a sucker for all the things you do and Don't deny my wishes then you're put on the bus. Back to Oklahoma, I know that you're gonna cuss. I give you money, to treat"
  • The Black Mass - Ragnarok
    "Lord, take me as your weapon to do all evil I will bring hatred where love was meant to be Let injustice be spoken over forgiveness Bring dissension where agreement used to be So doubt in those who believe And"
  • New Old World - Sainc
    "Refuse Pollution Modifications of genes Agreement Money Mouths closed New Old World We live here They lie to us You have what you want New Old World World crisis Extinction of population"
  • Mi Smo Pa ?pilali - Adi Smolar
    "Adi Smolar Miscellaneous Mi Smo Pa pilali To bil je as, ko smo kitare igrali: Zvone, Joe in jaz. Imel sem eno plunko, trdo dvanajst-strunko, Joe, pa je moj cimer bil. Tud on je mel kitaro, e se je le"
  • Rokenrol V D Duru - Adi Smolar
    "Adi Smolar Miscellaneous Rokenrol V D Duru V ritmu rokenrola mi srce nabija, ob ritmu rokenrola ne morem bit pr mir. V ritmu rokenrola se ivljenje mi odvija, zato pa dajmo rokenrolat en, dva, tri, tir! Na"

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