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ah odessa

  • Odessa - Bee Gees
    "Fourteenth of February , eighteen ninety nine. The British ship Veronica was lost without a sign. Baa baa black sheep, you haven't any wool. Captain Richardson left himself a lonely wife in Hull. Cherub,"
  • Odessa - Ulf Lundell
    "Jag gr dom hr gatorna p dagarna Jag gr dom p ntterna ibland Min lgenhet r som en cell i ett fngelse i ett frmmande land Alla jag knde allt jag kunde ta p glider undan Jag r rdd att dras in i mrkret"
  • Odessa - Aesop Rock
    "shhh Dose: Well or, And this is, new york city Aesop: Where the shiftiest sources leak out the back door, For more and this is new york city Dose: oh I see these hear walk, I, Simply a shade"
  • Ah - Duman
    "yarmad yenilmedi ak seik sizle oynamad gerilmedi sanlmasn yine basm onu bulantlar yanlmasn yle dalga geen yabanclar ah eleniyor kendi bana ah neesi yeter ah umurunda m sandn bu dnya ah neesi"
  • Ah-Ah - Bertine Zetlitz
    "Who'd you gonna talk to, who'd you gonna see about it Some of us cannot imagine having fun without it Some of us decided we just wouldn't make a mess Baby, baby, baby, why'd you put on mama's dress now Ah-ah"
  • Ah - After School
    "Ireoke duri neowa dan duri Eonjena urin dalkomhan iyagil hagopa Duri duri oneulbam duri saranghae uri duri duri baby Jalppajin dariwa oemo neoneun naege banhaji Geudaereul hyanghan wingkeu hanbeon naege"
  • Ah Ah - Anna Tsuchiya
    "All the girls, wish to be sexy Pretty red dresses & high heels Put lip stick on and me high How gorgeous I am I really love myself Let's just be super cute girls I don't need expensive things You want"
  • Ah ah - Nana
    "All the girls, wish to be sexyPretty red dresses & high heelsPut lip stick on and me highHow gorgeous I amI really love myselfLet's just be super cute girlsI don't need expensive thingsYou want me but"
  • Ah Leah! - Donnie Iris
    "Yeah it's been a long long time. You're such a sight you're lookin' better than a body has a right to. Don't you know we're playin' with fire? But we can't stop this burnin' desire Leah! Ah! Leah!"
  • Ah Ha - Under The Influence of Giants
    "Nice to meet you, i'm losing my head Not my future, not even my bed You're the human I came here to see Not to mention, It got back to to me Got me thinking, thats all I can say Little moment the"
  • Ah Ha - Esham
    "felatio felatio felatio felatio felatio baby it feels so good yo twelve gauge road rage watch me dive right off the stage into the sea of life where you will never age body hemorage street labodomy sodomy cut"
  • Ah Me - Griffin House
    "I was just a-thinkin we could work it out, maybe get around to take the trip Down South But she had had enough. So I stormed out of the bedroom to the mornin light. I was missing Cincinnati, so I booked"
  • Ah Ha - B.G.
    "B.G. Checkmate Ah Ha Ah ha, look You'll never see me hangin' from no tree You would see me hoppin' out a new bentley You'll never catch me broke on my ass You would catch me gettin' head in a jag Won't"
  • Ah, Mary - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
    "She's skilled at the art of deception and she knows it She's got dirty money that she plays with all the time She waters the garden but maybe she just likes the hoses She puts herself just a notch above"
  • Ah l - In Grid
    "Mais pourquoi Mais Pourquoi Tu ne parles pas Chaque fois Chaque fois On fait tou jours sem blant Et celui dau jourdhui Tu le sais il mennuie Cest pour toi Cest pour toi Que mon c?ur est loin Aime"
  • Ah Hamamc? - Zara
    "Ah hamamc bu hamama aman Gzellerden kim gelir Ah ne bileyim ay efendim aman Gnde yzbin can gelir Ardnda cariyesi ile aman nnde sultan gelir Yama yamur esme rzgar aman Yolda yolcum var benim aman Ah serimi"
  • Ah! Melody - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Ah Melody Tu m'en auras fait faire des conneries Hue hue et ho A dada sur mon dos Oh Melody L'amour tu ne sais pas ce que c'est Tu me l'as dit Mais tout ce que tu dis est-il vrai? Ah Melody Tu m'en auras"
  • Ah dis ah dis ah dis ah bonjour - Charles Trenet
    "Quel est, dans le bois, ce lumineux coquelicot ? C'est le soleil plus matinal que tes jolis yeux ma chrie. Quel est, dans le ciel, cet cho, ce cocorico ? C'est la chanson d'un jeune coq qui chante sur"
  • Ah Melody - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Ah Melody Tu m'en auras fait faire des conneries Hue hue et ho A dada sur mon dos Oh Melody L'amour tu ne sais pas ce que c'est Tu me l'as dit Mais tout ce que tu dis est-il vrai? Ah Melody Tu m'en auras"
  • Akhasmak Ah - Nancy Ajram
    "Na, NaNaNa. Na, NaNaNa. Na, NaNaNa. Akhasmak, aah. Aseebak, la. Wi gowah ilroah hatifdhal habeebi illi ana bah-waah. Bahibbak, aah. Wa afarkak, la. Malakni hawak wala akdar habeebi if yoam ansaak."

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