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  • Ail - Afonso Zeca
    "Limpa a bota Cava na trincheira Puxa-lhe Pela crina Corta as pinas centopeia Pe-lhe uma pedra Em cima Mata a bicha Que est bem cheia Morde-lhe a perna Fina Corta a lngua Fura a traqueia Que ela estrebucha Ainda Se"
  • Ail In The Coffin - Eminem
    "This motherfucker here, just won't shut up will you? Talkin about I owe you, bitch you owe me I'm promoting you right now Man lets put the nail in this coffin I don't want to be like this I don't really"
  • An Poc Ar Bulle - Gaelic Storm
    "Ar mo ghabhil dom siar chum Droichead Ui Mhórdha Pice im dhóid is m dui i meitheal C chasfai orm i gcumar ceoidh Ach pocn crón is ar buile! Chorus: Ail-li-li, puil-li-li Ail-li-li, t an poc ar buile. Ail-li-li,"
  • Seduction Nocturne - Sacrilege
    "(Music: Bergholtz, Dinsdale, Svensson) (Music: Dinsdale, Svensson) Rise, angel of night, in glamorous pride and spread thy polluted wings Destroy the fundamental conditions for our existence beneath contempt Feed"
  • Nada Como Vivir - Nek
    "Un corazón a mil por la autopista el riesgo Juega a dar la libertad la soledad no es fcil de engaar la noche nos dejo horas desiertas y hay quien compra amor en el mercado de ocasión y busca un as"
  • Swinger - Hot Water Music
    "The finest hour has stayed unknown, that's not to say it hasn't shown all its torments. But that's okay. It we ever get clear then that's enough, my dear, to let it strip away. And there are cold symbols"
  • Old Rules - Hot Water Music
    "5:30 rings. Pots over gas flames. Still in a haze. Not walking dead, but alive and I'm fed. Still hungry for more. 'Cause before I wake again, I toss and I turn again and again. With something calling"
  • Qui Aurait Dit - Sylvie Vartan
    "Oui, que toi et moiOn tombe amoureuxQui aurait dit aQui aurait dit aQue toi et moiOn en arrive lQui aurait dit aIl y a six moisOn tait tous deuxVraiment cent lieuxDe cette ide lQui aurait dit aQui aurait"
  • Diferent Eso Si - Rosendo
    "Sobre las trincheras y entre cal siguen las cuentas sin saldar que s, que no, que te poner mucho al sol una vinagrera y mucha sal una ensalada en el portal a lo mejor es la virgen del pilar deja que se"
  • My Own Country - Pennywise
    "Fools run the government sick foreign policy Their words sound valiant but their hands are green Unending quest for power Taxes that make us slaves Don't believe a word of it ignore the fucked up things"
  • Tu Es Foutu - Lamur
    "Tu m'as promis et je t'ai cru Tu m'as promis le soleil en hiver et Un arc en ciel Tu m'as promis le sable dor, j'ai recu Une carte postale Tu m'as promis le ciel et la terre et une Vie d'amour Tu m'as"
  • Negative Growth - Benediction
    "Benign, the human form Malignancy disease Metastasis major cause Migration of the beast Tumour Invasion Into the strem Disturbed balance of life Trigger wound response And await to die Outright attack Prognosis"
  • Tu Est Foutu - In-grid
    "Tu m'as promis le soleil en hiver et un arc en ciel tu m'as promis le sable dor j'ai reu une carte postale tu m'as promis le ciel et la terre et une vie d'amour tu m'as promis ton coeur ton sourire mais"
  • Nada Que Perder - Pignoise
    "1B de un bloque 3, rojizo, hay sirenas que no saben nadar. En San Antonio siempre ests, vencido. La gente suea con escapar de aqu. Pero no se est tan mal, este gris no es el final (si) nada que perder, mrame"
  • Excessive Reaction - Nonpoint
    "Gotta get from the point of pressure, to the point of no return, to turn me inside out. Brother please, tell the others, please. There are others that don't know about these... Standing, responses. Failing"
  • Valpara - Shaila
    "Un viejo abril remontó la brisa en el puerto del atardecer del pie cerril desde un ascensor de gaviotas que sobre olas fue directo a l conmigo en l Y un cielo ail dibujó la via que vio nacer el verano"
  • New York Hate Of Mind - Franks Enemy
    "We go about our business Statistics on our side We wear our flags Filled with national pride Babies in their cribs Envy of the world Jet plane circling above It's passed I am sure Magazines in the mail And"
  • Tu m'as promis_Tu es foutu - In-grid
    "Tu m'as promiset je t'ai cru...Tu m'as promis le soleil en hiver et un arc en cieltu m'as promis le sable dor j'ai reu une carte postaletu m'as promis le ciel et la terre et une vie d'amourtu m'as promis"
  • Let Me Lay Down In Your Cool Iron Bed - Mississippi Fred McDowell
    "Let Me Lay Down In Your Cool Iron Bed (F. McDowell) Mississippi Fred McDowell Recorded: March 1968 Los Angeles, CA. Producer: Pete Welding Album: Levee Camp Blues, Testament TCD6007 Please let me lay"
  • Pearls In Her Hair - Omega
    "1. One day the sun, too tired to shine Slept in the deep, green sombre lake And in the darkness, the world did ail Until she came, for all our sake. R.:Oh that girl with pearls in her hair Is she real"

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