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ain' your mamma

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ain' your mamma

  • Ain - Color Me Badd
    "Shhh..... Welcome to the prime time baby. (pushin' up, now baby) Shhh...listen, Open up, ease it in, you need to feel my body goin' deep with in my baby (deep with in) Well, well, well... Have mercy,"
  • Ain - Bon Jovi
    "Aint no cure for love Aint no cure for love There aint no cure for love Aint no cure Cupid was a blind man He must have missed his mark Shot an arrow in the air and hit me in the heart I went to"
  • Mamma - Terji Rasmussen
    "Mamma, hvat bagir tr hv ert t ikki gla mamma, er ta arbeii sum plgar teg dag mamma, er ta naka eg kann hjlpa tr vi ella vilt t heldur hava fri er ta mr ta er gali vi Mamma, ta kvldar n og frialigt er"
  • Mamma - Nana Mouskouri
    "This is the tale of a little boy Wandering far from his home Most of his family were with him then And nothing but life did they own Tortured by war in their native land Their only recourse was to flight Tracing"
  • Mamma - Cappadonna
    ""What ya said to me.. about me" "What ya said to me.. said to me.. said so much you just.." Mamma what you said to me it really touched my heart I wanna thank you For helping me write this dart And if"
  • Mamma - Freddie Mercury
    "Is this the real life - Is this just fantasy - Caught in a landslide - No escape from reality - Open your eyes Look up to the skies and see - I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy - Because I'm easy"
  • I ain - Budgie
    "Now it wasn't easy when you didn't see muchAnd you buried your feetAnd you lost your loveYou cheated someoneThen you strayed too farNow you're on your ownAnd you drive your carI ain't no mountain for you"
  • Love Ain - Marvelous 3
    "(B. Walker, J. Harte, J. Fincher, D. Child, S. Plunkett) You know I love you and I've done the best I can, And I tried to be everything you wanted, And I built these castle walls around our precious"
  • Just Ain - Mayer Hawthorne
    "Don't wanna see your tears Baby it will be ok Don't wanna see you cry darling No way! But it just don't feel the same (just don't feel the same) I know what you're about (I know what you're about) And"
  • Love Ain - Wynn Stewart
    "LOVE AIN'T WORTH A DIME (UNLESS IT'S FREE) Writer Wynn Stewart When I met you I didn't have a thing I didn't have the money for a ring But you just smiled and said That all you wanted was me And love"
  • This Ain - Eddy Arnold
    "THIS AIN'T TENNESSEE AND SHE AIN'T YOU WRITERS JIM SHAW, LARRY BASTIAN It's a big estate With wrought iron gates And palm trees standin' tall Fancy mirrors and chandeliers Comfort wall to wall And"
  • This ain - Vern Gosdin
    "You say you're mama called and you must go She's down in the bed and needs you so And you don't know if you'll be coming home tonight or not But, honey ain't you're mama sick a lot Lately, you're head"
  • This Ain - Claude Kelly
    "Everybody knows about it, Everybody heard before me, This might be by far the coldest thing youve ever done to me. You came disguised as a true love, Said I was your one and only. I guess I wasnt good"
  • Hey Mamma - Sunsctroke Project
    "Hey, hey you You will never hide what you think of me I see your clue Know you worry but it don't meant to be Hey, hey you It's your girl and maybe should sleep at home But I'll steal her alone And"
  • Hey Mamma - Sunstroke Project
    "Hey, hey you You will never hide what you think of me I see your clue Know you worry but it don't meant to be Hey, hey you It's your girl and maybe should sleep at home But I'll steal her alone And"
  • Uh Mamma - Banaroo
  • Eh Mamma - Tim Booth
    "I've been working out all day But I'm skin and bone, man I'm been trying to pump it up with testosterone I don't think she likes my body And I don't care much for her mind But love is a test for the"
  • Yo Mamma - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Miscellaneous Yo Mamma I met a little girl who was so high class (totally) I was as lonely as can be she had a beautiful She was lonely She showed me her tattoo it was right there On her breast Somewhere"
  • Lil Mamma - Big Tymers
    "Lil mamma you in third, you should be in first Do your daddy and your mamma know the way that you curse? Your lying bout' your age and giving up fast They need to put you back in first you're moving too"
  • Your Mamma Won't Like Me - Suziquatro
    "(Chapman/Chinn) I wear my jeans too short, and my neckline's too low I'm getting stared at wherever I go I wear my jeans too tight, and I stay out all night And when you turn me on you'll see how I can"

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