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ain t nobody felix

  • Ain - Color Me Badd
    "Shhh..... Welcome to the prime time baby. (pushin' up, now baby) Shhh...listen, Open up, ease it in, you need to feel my body goin' deep with in my baby (deep with in) Well, well, well... Have mercy,"
  • I got it bad and that ain`t good - Carly Simon
    "Though folks with good intentions Tell me to save my tears Well Im so mad about him I cant live without him Never treats me sweet and gentle The way he should Ive got it bad And that aint good And"
  • Ain t no way - Kelly Price
    "Mmm, ain't no way For me to love you If you don't let me (Oh no, no, no) And ain't no way For me to give you all you need If I can't give all of me I know the way ain't easy But I'm giving you my hand"
  • Ain/t no click - Lloyd Banks
    "Yeah Nigga! We fuckin back! Hunger for More! Tony's Home! Yo Banks I told these nigga's man (Ya'll done fucked up now) Aint No click like the one I'm wit' If the drama gets thick, It's the guns I get"
  • World Ain`t Right - Hurt & Shaun Morgan
    "The world it just ain't right. It keeps me up at night. A good man's paralyzed. He's everything to me, what else could he be? He paid for all we do. He paid for all we get. Just try not to forget, if it"
  • I Ain t Hiding - Black Crowes
    "rust on my pickups and blood on the stage seeds in the ashtray and coke on the blade NYC delivers thats a guarantee the only thing that keep the day from me line at the bathroom line at the bar take it"
  • I ain - Budgie
    "Now it wasn't easy when you didn't see muchAnd you buried your feetAnd you lost your loveYou cheated someoneThen you strayed too farNow you're on your ownAnd you drive your carI ain't no mountain for you"
  • Seventeen ain`t so sweet - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Well she never was the best Yeah at following the trends Stayed one step above the rest And even though it seemed Like the world was crashing on her Didn't let it hold her down Didn't hold her back"
  • Felix - No Use For A Name
    "Felix was a little cat He had a little magic sack He used it in his time of need, to run from pain But Felix was a little cat And we are people, that's a fact We can't bail out like a toon Let's face the"
  • Felix - Tod Und Mordschlag
    "Felix war eine kleine Fliege, die bekam ihren Namen von'nem Mann, der war eingesperrt in einer miesen Zelle irgendwo, das war im Yuni, da fing es an. Und Felix hat viele ArtgenossInnen, die kamen alle"
  • Y'all Ain T Fuckin With Us - G-Unit
    "[50 Cent: talking] 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Game GGGGGGGG Unit! See I'm a city boy man I ain't from the South 50 Cent man ya'll niggas ya'll know what I'm about I'm bout my money man I'm on"
  • It ain`t safe no more - Busta Rhymes
    "The Surgeon General.. of the Flipmode Squad.. has determined.. that the sounds you about to hear.. can be devestatin.. to your ear.. to your mind.. to your body.. to your souuuuuuuuuuuuuullll! You"
  • Ain`t It Just Like You - Toby Keith
    "Me and Scotty had this idea about two very stubborn people who cant live with, and cant live without, each other. Im very proud of this I think its well crafted. Girl your bags are packed And you aint"
  • Whippin (feat. Felix Snow) - Kiiara
    "Whippin', Whippin', Whippin' Don’t hit me past one ‘cause I might come Popping on your voicemail Going dumb If it’s past 2 I can’t look at you But I will Cause you’re too true Too real for waters How"
  • Nobody - Lilith
    "Nobody said life was the bed of roses Nobody said life was worth the risk, it poses But if somebody did, would it change The life`s meaning? Would you choose not to be born? Nobody claimed you would always"
  • Nobody - Shakin' Stevens
    "Who taught the birds to sing in the trees? Nobody, Who taught the flowers to dance in the breeze? Nobody, Just like a sea washino on the sand, I just naturally take your hand, I wanna be your loving man,"
  • Nobody - Next
    "(Intro) This is a story Though the names have been changed The facts remain the same On this arista track next there gonna let u know whats going on listen You see you always hear about a no good"
  • IT AIN`T OVER`TIL IT`S OVER - Lenny Kravitz
    "Playing games with love So many tears i've cried So much pain inside But baby it ain't over 'til it's over So many years we've tried To keep our love alive But baby it ain't over 'till it's over How many"
  • Ain - Toby Keith
    "7 in the morning She has to make a choice Precious baby girl, Or bouncing baby boy She could either keep it, Or give that child away So she quit school that morning, And became a mom that day (chorus) Ain't"
  • Ain - Canibus
    "Pop, the King of New York calls me the King of New Thoughts Serious talk, I'm the imperial spit boss It's going down from the troposphere to the ground Everybody's mouth moving but you can't hear a sound Five"

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