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aj dont tu many

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aj dont tu many

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aj dont tu many
  • Daniel Landa Aj, Aj, Aj!
    "To je nadlen, krysae v barku mt. Mm anebo nemm hned ztra ho vyhodit? Pivede zem jenom do netst a osud m za to sraz pst. Za to, e nejvt pnu vech pn v dom mm. Aja jaj, aja jaj krysa dneska u m sp. Aja jaj,"
  • Nieznani Aj, luli
    "Hen, na dalekich morzach, tam, gdzie się kończy świat, Gdzie tęczę rodzi zorza, gdzie się zaczyna wiatr, Aj luli, aj luli, Gdzie się zaczyna wiatr. Maleńka wyspa była pośród lazuru mórz, Sztorm każdy ją"
  • Keith Urban Dont Go
    "I've seen it happen too many times And just where it starts I don't know You're travelling steady but you don't see the signs That tell you there's a fork in the road And you don't think it's right but"
  • Butch Walker Dont Move
    "written by Butch Walker Good morning sunlight As I get used to you It's all gonna be all right I did all I can do And as I'm waiting for those eyes To say what's on your mind I finally think I've found"
  • American Juniors A.J-Still
    "Lady, Morning just a moment away and I'm without you Once again, you laughed at me You said you never needed me I wonder if you need me now So many dreams that flew away So many words, we didnt say To"
  • American Juniors Still-A.J Melendez
    "Lady, morning's just a moment away And I'm without you Once again, you laughed at me You said you never needed me I wonder if you need me now So many dreams that flew away So many words we didn't say Two"
  • Kurtis Blow AJ Scratch
    "one,two,three,four...here Up in the Bronx,where the people are fresh There was one Dj who had to pass the test And now he's down by law and he's ready to play That's right,y'all,his name is AJ Never"
  • Los Lobos Dont Worry Baby
    "Standin' there by the window Starin' out at the night You've got so many troubles On your nervous mind But don't worry baby It's gonna work out fine You hear the sound of footsteps Stealing 'cross the"
  • Faith Evans You Dont Understand
    "1 - Is it a game that we're playing It seems like the cloudy days Keep coming in my life, whoa Is it a game that we're playing You don't understand Your love is taking over me I know you wonder why"
  • Chris De Burgh Dont look back
    "Oh, there is a place where the wild men go,When it's late at night and on the radio,They're telling everybody, stay at home,It's no time for you to be alone,It is a place on the edge of town,Just shining"
  • Face To Face Dont Turn Away
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : .iup.edu) Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • White Lion Love Dont Come Easy
    "There comes a time when baby you and me We gotta work it out whatever it will be It feels so right but somewhere deep inside You dont know how you feel you dont know if its real Chorus: Do you want"
  • Craig David My Love Dont Stop
    "I've been knowin you you've been knowin me but i aint took the chance to tell you what i want girl its been too long and i can't go on can't be actin like i dont care cause i rolled with you i"
  • Wilson Phillips Dont Take Me Down
    "'I love you girl' that's what you used to say And that no one would ever take it away I gave you all I had inside, baby it's alright But then you took the love right from my heart It's funny how things"
  • Dream Street They Dont Understand (Pokemon)
    "They say, we're just playin' games That it isn't real... but its what we feel, oh yeah And they say, it doesn't make sense That we're just wastin' time...and they wonder why, yeah You know we got, our"
  • Hall & Oates Dont' close your heart
    "I know how it feels to be on your own In this cruel world where hearts are bound to turn to stone Where you are alone And tired of breathing It's all going wrong And you just can't stand the pain any more"
  • Chris De Burgh Dont pay the ferryman
    "It was late at night on the open road, speeding like a man on the runA lifetime spent preparing for the journey.He is closer now and the search is on, reading from a map in the mind:Yes there's that ragged"
  • Fisz Aj gary glu
    "Aj Gary Glu Masz do czynienia z chodzącym ideałem wiesz z psem prawdziwie doskonałym ma odznaczenie i nagrodę kolor złoto białe zębiska i ogonek przystrzyżony. Pan dumny ze swego psa siada na fotel nie"
  • American Juniors Aj Melendez- Alive
    "Come on now, hey , come on lets go I still remember it was day number one We hit the ground and then we started to run Now we're connected and our hope turned around 'Cuz ya set me free, put my soul at"
  • America Dont let me be lonely
    "Here we are again Two lovers lost in a maze So many roads we could go down So many ways we could go wrong You think we should part Both go our own separate ways Oh, girl why cant (oo) we work it out Cant"

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