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aj ju wer be siting,draw mi crejze,sleep on phone


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aj ju wer be siting,draw mi crejze,sleep on phone

  • AJ Scratch - Kurtis Blow
    "one,two,three,four...here Up in the Bronx,where the people are fresh There was one Dj who had to pass the test And now he's down by law and he's ready to play That's right,y'all,his name is AJ Never"
  • Aj, Aj, Aj! - Daniel Landa
    "To je nadlen, krysae v barku mt. Mm anebo nemm hned ztra ho vyhodit? Pivede zem jenom do netst a osud m za to sraz pst. Za to, e nejvt pnu vech pn v dom mm. Aja jaj, aja jaj krysa dneska u m sp. Aja jaj,"
  • Ju Ju Man - Edmunds Dave
    "I was just 16 years old, And Maggie's hair was black as coal. And I felt this heart of mine go slipping away. Now, her eyes were bright as the stars up above. Every word Maggie spoke was love. And I felt"
  • Camera Phone - The Game feat. Ne-yo
    "Mmmmm, ohh-whoa-ohhhhh Hey! Picture me and my gangsta girl, ridin with the top back Bangin Ne-Yo, my neck frio, my Sox hat Tilted to the side, like you know I get my grind on Get my shine on, jewelry"
  • Aj Melendez- Alive - American Juniors
    "Come on now, hey , come on lets go I still remember it was day number one We hit the ground and then we started to run Now we're connected and our hope turned around 'Cuz ya set me free, put my soul at"
  • Picture-Phone - Hine Rupert
    "It's a reckless world That lets itself be guided by its tools But what our eyes can see we believe The truth is not for fools Is there nothing between us but plastic and wire Will some modern invention"
  • Good Phone - Neil Young
    "Back in the days of covered wagons A man had his own way Whether talkin' to a woman Or crossing the U.S.A. No telephones were ringing No angry words exchanged. I wish I was back in the saddle now Riding"
  • Talking On The Phone - Timbaland
    "(Missy) Yo yo yo yo Wah wah wah Yea yo yo Wah wah wah wah Wah wah wah wah (uh huh) Yo yo Wah wah wah (Kelly - Verse One) I trusted her, my home girl from school (yea yea) Introduced her to my man,"
  • Time is aj ailer - Anouk
    "ANOUK Miscellaneous Time is aj ailer No one can hear me, 'cause no one is around But I still hear your whisper in the dark I know I can go, I know I can leave when ever I please But time is a jailer for"
  • Teenage love on the phone - Adam Sandler
    ""So ya doin' good?" "Ya, I'm fine, how 'bout you?" "How good could I be? I haven't seen you in three hours." "Ohhh, Richie. Hey Richie, my dad's down the hall, and he doesn't want me on the phone."
  • Aj, luli - Nieznani
    "Hen, na dalekich morzach, tam, gdzie się kończy świat, Gdzie tęczę rodzi zorza, gdzie się zaczyna wiatr, Aj luli, aj luli, Gdzie się zaczyna wiatr. Maleńka wyspa była pośród lazuru mórz, Sztorm każdy ją"
  • Draw Fi Mi Finger - Tanya Stephens
    "Some bwoy a di opposite a roll-on inno. Every chance dem get dem roll off. Dem throw mi! (laughs) When some bwoy dun wuk mi haffi draw fi mi finger Caan tell yu how much the heat still a linger bwoy"
  • Come On Phone - Jean Shepard
    "Got me a phone in my home but hand don't fit the handle And I can't think of what number that I know Since I had in store there ain't nobody call me and I can't think nobody I could call So come on phone"
  • Answer The Phone - Sugar Ray
    "We're on this rollercoaster ride Hold on, I'll stay here by your side We head up to the sky then we slide back down Upside down try to figure out Not sure if we could work it out I wanna be alone but you"
  • Phone In Sick - Adhesive
    "Goodbye, I resign I failed to fit into your adult world I know I gave up and I let you down I tried to grab the carrot but I stumbled and fell Goodbye, I resign I failed to be a part of your norm I'll"
  • Some phone numbers - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "For some kicks I went drinking, with some old hounds I ran with While you were away for the day Now the guys hadn't changed much, the scene seemed the same In the way that the night games are played Chorus:"
  • What'z ya phone - 2Pac
    "What'z ya phone number Now I could make miracles with pimp hoes. It's instrumental. Waitin for the nimphoes. That's the intro. Shoot when ya rush me. Walked up and touched me. Why? Do you want to fuck"
  • No Phone - Cake
    "No phone No phone, I just want to be alone today No phone no phone Ringing stinging, Jerking like a nervous bird Rattling up against his cage Calls to me throughout the day See the feathers fly No"
  • Video Phone - Beyonce
    "Shawty what your name is Them hustlas keep on talkin They like the way Im walkin You sayin that you want me So press record, Ill let you film me Video phone, like a cameo Take me on your video phone, I"
  • Phone Sex - Syleena Johnson
    "Now Twista and Syleena on tour, we can barely see each other and you told me you aint like that. But what if I find a way where we can still be together and get freaky, would you like that? I know I'm"

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