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akon feat. cardinal offishal

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akon feat. cardinal offishal

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akon feat. cardinal offishal
  • DJ Antoine Holiday (feat. Akon)
    "Akon, Antoine When you move I'm in another place Want to get into your outer space You're like the treble, I'm the bass, You never leave my mind without a trace When I take you to paradise When I'm"
  • Robin Schulz HEATWAVE (FEAT. AKON)
    "Try so hard to get away Think about you every day Try so hard to live without But no, no (…) Sun is shines is shining far away Birds eyes just looking out And they can see that you’re, you, re mine Coz"
  • Babybash No Way Jose(feat. Akon)
    "Say I ain't got time Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Said ain't got time) Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Man ain't got time) Got no time to stop and speak to"
  • Raekwon Call Of Duty (feat. Akon)
    "This is a renegade salute, yeah we on that And keep what we kill, yeah we on that We never fightin’ we just cock and go click clack Turn that ass ‘round, bring it all back Know you see me I know you see"
  • Akon Akon- Lonely
    "Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody for my own I'm so lonely, so lonely I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody for my own I'm so lonely Y'all, this one here Goes out to all my players out there, man, ya know They"
  • Powerwolf Cardinal Sin
    "Cardinal In deum Et sanctus Cardinal Descend to hell The cardinal opens the church in the night All dressed in his black velvet cape The sinners will act as religion demands All sins are confessed in"
  • Dalbello Cardinal Sin
    "We fell into their trap They stood naked before our eyes Sacred beads in their hands Before we knew it we were in their command All day, all night They prayed for our souls And we prayed for our lives All"
  • Black Sabbath Cardinal Sin
    "Where Do You Go When Your Conscience Takes Over Do You Crawl To Your Corner And Cry. Did You Imagine, That No One Would Notice Just A Secret To Take When You Die. All The World Is Watching You, Every"
  • The National Cardinal song
    "Never look her in the eyesNever tell the truthIf she knows your paperYou know she'll have to burn youNever tell the one you want that you doSave it for the deathbedWhen you know you kept her wanting youAnd"
  • Akon Akon - Mr Lonely
    "Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody for my own I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody for my own, I'm so lonely Y'all, this one here, goes out to all my players out there, man Ya know they got that"
  • Conception Cardinal Sin
    "no-one knows what lies behind my stare my eyes do not reflect and no-one knows the dreams I bear the world I must protect within my soul within my soul a thousand kings have died I wanna know I wanna go"
  • Popek x Denis x EW Cardinal Club
    "Dennis, prawie rozbiłeś nasza kosmiczną gablotę Mniejsza o nasz statek kosmiczny Lepiej mi powiedz jak mamy ogarnąć język ziemian Urodziłem się w chacie z drzewa Którą sam zbudowałem Mam plan!"
  • Akon Miss Melody - Featuring Akon
    "I'm ridin' full speed, leavin' from the ghetto doin' A hundred miles an hour, you can barely see me movin' Gotta shorty waitin' for me that I been pursuin' And I ain't got far to go She a bad chick, somethin'"
  • A Global Threat No Cardinal Sin
    "Ten of two on L.S.D Eyes are peeled till no tick short of three My lips whisprer to the cross in hand Are there no ears listening cold drafts slip past the pane cracks But what will day break the clean"
  • Paula Cole Love Light (Cardinal)
    "Crimson cardinal sees his life, Into the glass he fl ies. The perfect partner he does spy, A moment's glance of eyes. Refl ections of a future love, Feel the pull of fate. The perfect love turned out to"
  • Machine Men The Cardinal Point
    "The future was full of choices but all chances fell to the waves - beneath a boat we built with our hands keeping us safe on the surface Broken plans were rusted by the tears of broken men We chose another"
  • Dead Can Dance The Cardinal Sin
    "Sail to the stars on your shining desires. "Reasons? There are none" cried the whisky laden brain. "When all is said and done it amounts to just the same". There in your starry eyes lie hopes that have"
  • Akon Never Gonna Get It - Featuring Topic & Akon
    "I'm from the hard knock academy, automatically had to be Carryin' automatics, sprayin' , inaccurate Clips to the back of it, barrel, cockin' it, immaculate Learn to move packages in and out of Los Angeles We"
  • Kardinal Offishal feat. Akon Dangerous
    "Girl I can't notice but to, notice you, noticing me, from across the room I can see it and can't stop myself from looking and noticing you, noticing me, Watch out I've seen her type before That girl"
  • Ace Hood Overtime (ft. Akon,T-pain)
    "Ace hood. its do or die. gotta go for that overtime. ye, cause its now or never. Ima put it on the line, gotta win so im ganna grind put it overtime(x5) cause i got money on my mind, give me every penny,"

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