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akon feat. cardinal offishal feat. colby- beautiful

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akon feat. cardinal offishal feat. colby- beautiful

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akon feat. cardinal offishal feat. colby- beautiful
  • Che'Nelle Stranger ( Feat. Colby O'Donis)
    "Said I got your, (got your), picture, (picture), on a frame across the wall, (wall) And I stuck it out, (stuck it out), with you, (with you), cause you said that we wouldnt fall, f-fall, f-fall Youve"
  • DJ Antoine Holiday (feat. Akon)
    "Akon, Antoine When you move I'm in another place Want to get into your outer space You're like the treble, I'm the bass, You never leave my mind without a trace When I take you to paradise When I'm"
  • Robin Schulz HEATWAVE (FEAT. AKON)
    "Try so hard to get away Think about you every day Try so hard to live without But no, no (…) Sun is shines is shining far away Birds eyes just looking out And they can see that you’re, you, re mine Coz"
  • Babybash No Way Jose(feat. Akon)
    "Say I ain't got time Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Said ain't got time) Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by (Man ain't got time) Got no time to stop and speak to"
  • Raekwon Call Of Duty (feat. Akon)
    "This is a renegade salute, yeah we on that And keep what we kill, yeah we on that We never fightin’ we just cock and go click clack Turn that ass ‘round, bring it all back Know you see me I know you see"
  • Tymek Beautiful feat. Coals
    "Wspominania ja miałem na dvd Przewijałem kasety w piwnicy Czasów tych nie pamięta nikt Ale z nimi do końca będą żyć Wszystko inne poza Wszystko inne poza Stopy odrywają się od śliskiego podłoże Osaczony"
  • Alex Gaudino Beautiful (feat. Mario)
    "Do you remember how we used to kiss in the rain I thought that would never be the same When we found ourselves rulling around So tonight you and I running through the lines We ignite like the fight never"
  • Tiesto & Mark Knight Beautiful World (feat. Dino)
    "Cause if you close your eyes it’s a beautiful world! Cause if you close your eyes it’s a beautiful world! Cause if you close your eyes it’s a beautiful world! (cause if you close your eyes) Cause if you"
  • Bazzi Beautiful (feat. Camila Cabello)
    "hey beautiful /4x angel love your imperfections every angel tomorrow comes and goes before you know so I just had to let you know the way that Gucci look on you, Amazing But nothing can compare to when"
  • Young Lungs YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL (FEAT. PlanBe)
    "Premiera wspólnego singla Young Lungs i PlanBe o tytule "YOUNG & BEAUTIFUL" planowana jest na 23 października 2017 roku. Okładka singla wyszła spod ręki Kamila Garbowskiego."
  • Passenger Beautiful Birds (feat. Birdy)
    "You remember when we were two beautiful birds, We’d light up the sky, when we’d fly, You were orange and red, like the sun when it sets up I was green as an apple’s eye. You said you loved all the songs"
  • Ed Sheeran Beautiful People (feat. Khalid)
    "l. a. on a Saturday night in the summer sundown and they all come out lamborginis and theur rented hummers the party’s on so they’re heading downtown everybody’s looking foor a come-up and they wanna"
  • Wiz Khalifa Beautiful People (Feat. Sia)
    "No we won't say no Beautiful people say: "go, go, go" Beautiful people don't stress, stress, stress We never rest Beautiful people say: "yes" /2x Black dress on, she kills 'em Took her home and the sex"
  • Slash Beautiful Dangerous (feat. Fergie)
    "I don't know who you are now Mystery drenches my brain I wanna jump deep into your cloud 'Cause something tells me it's gonna rain I hear the thunder thumping And my heart starts jumping And that's when"
  • Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley feat. Bobby Brown Beautiful
    "(feat. Bobby Brown) And me and she we trampoose a lot Several mornings she shampoos my locks Always have my back she stand true to dat Real type of loving, thank you for that Yow...run barefoot without"
  • Lost Frequencies Beautiful Life (feat. Sandro Cavazza)
    "Anywhere you are and you'll go, I follow Mountains, islands, rivers, [?], I follow Take me to the bottom, Drive me in low Wherever you go Mountains, islands, rivers [?], I follow It's a beautiful,"
  • Papa D Beautiful Life (feat. DJ Remo)
    "When I get to lookin in your eyes Then Its only you I fantasize You You know you took me by surprise And Its only then I realize Its a Beautiful life Its a Beautiful life ref. We could be together (Welcome"
  • Armin Van Buuren Beautiful Life (feat. Cindy Alma)
    "Some people keep wondering, Some people long without knowing, Some people never found the answer, The answer… Come and step into the light, Let the beatings in your heart out… We finally know how to be"
  • Mesajah Beautiful Morning (feat. Blackout JA)
    "Satisfy my soul with the music i feel Here this mine what a beautiful and prosperous day Let it reveal Now this musical sound is dedicated to each and everyone Of my brothers and sisters form all over"
  • Mathieu Bouthier Beautiful (feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
    "Trust the night is my friend Repair machine is set in my hand Escape and show me wonders undefined Because I need to feel the heat Here come the better version of me It's all bout here and now not what's"

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