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  • No Puedo Olvidarme De Ti - Aldo Ranks
    "Ya no quiero verte pero no puedo olvidarme de ti Me enseaste a quererte y a la vez quererte lejos de mi por qu dices que me amas si en tus palabras ya no creo mas son ya tantas mentiras aunque te ame"
  • Fantasy - Aldo Nova
    "Summer breeze makes you feel alright Neon lights shining brightly make your brain ignite See the girls with the dresses so tight Give you love if the price is right Black or white In the streets there's"
  • Under The Gun - Nova Aldo
    "See the man ridin' high in the desert near the Rio Grande Runs for his life, doesn't sleep, doesn't take time to understand 'Cause the girl that he loved went away and ran off with another man But he followed"
  • See The Light - Aldo Nova
    "You took to the light And they call you a fool, yea You think it's alright It's all part of the rules, yea But don't look away till you've seen the light Or they'll get to you, yea If you wanna stay Then"
  • Tonight (Lift Me Up) - Aldo Nova
    "I hear them over and over again Same empty words we spoke in the dark As I watched you leave I tried to pretend That I was strong and we could never burn But now I sit here alone, a fool with a bleeding"
  • Under The Gun - Aldo Nova
    "See the man ridin' high in the desert near the Rio Grande He runs for his life, doesn't sleep, doesn't take time to understand 'Cause the girl that he loved went away and ran off with another man But he"
  • You're My Love - Aldo Nova
    "Hey, where you goin' to? I can see by your eyes You've had enough of my lies What you gonna do? But wait! Please, don't go that way I'm down on my knees Can I beg you please? One more time to stay, stay No!"
  • Ball And Chain - Aldo Nova
    "How many nights, how many days, do I wait here for you? Have you long forgotten all the things we'd said And how many times must I let the phone ring, just to get to you Could it be that now this love"
  • Can't Stop Lovin' You - Aldo Nova
    "I didn't have to love you But I did yes I did At times your love was all I had But now that love is just a faded memory Of all the good times that we've had I never tried to put any chains on you I tried"
  • Foolin' Yourself - Aldo Nova
    "So long, it's sad to say but you're only foolin' yourself So long, I'm glad you're happy that way But you're only foolin' yourself I saw you walk down the street with somebody new It's funny, people I"
  • Heart To Heart - Aldo Nova
    "There's a girl in the street, you should see the tears in her eyes 'Cause she weeps for a man who told her lies And the man that she loved left here for somebody new And the girl, she dreams that if only"
  • Hot Love - Aldo Nova
    "Lord, have mercy, I'm on the line My body's shaking and my head is on fire I've got a fever and it's making me run And getting hot really is no fun So let me make this clear I've got love coming out of"
  • It's Too Late - Aldo Nova
    "You call me on the telephone And you say you'll never do it again But you've hurt me once too often dear And it's just a little late to repent All your beggin' and pleadin' won't help you And your lying'"
  • Lay Your Love On Me - Aldo Nova
    "I'm burning up, I'm burning down I'm just burning with love Every time I see you, yeah my heart spins round Don't know what to do 'Cause you take me higher than I'll ever be Pick me up, darlin' let me"
  • Medicine Man - Aldo Nova
    "When the sun goes down and the full moon shines And all the stars paint pictures 'cross the summer sky As the clock sweats midnight hits the carnival ground Like a black cat she walks in without a sound"
  • Bo Derek - Arthur H
    "Elle est sortie de leau Et le soleil Tatoue sa peau Cest beau Comme Bo Derek Le sable est trop chaud Aldo la porte Jusqu la moto Cest beau Comme Bo Derek la villa Les vins sont prts Et les Anglais Sont"
  • Rosa Morena - Dorival Caymmi
    "Rosa morena Onde vais morena rosa Com essa rosa no cabelo E esse andar de moa prosa Morena, morena rosa Rosa morena o samba est esperando Esperando p?r te ver Deixa de lado essa coisa de dengosa Anda"
  • Bar Skit - Aventura
    "He He He(laughing) Wow Bueno Don Brindemos esta noche de nuevo Porque brindamos Por el exito Por el exito Yo brindo por el amor Por el amor Por el amor Ok eso vale Tengo que decirte aldo de verdad Tu"
  • For Years ("Remix") - South Park
    "I am sorry mommy I bought a ferrari now i dont got any money Its kind of funny 'cause im running a company of selling weed and im also running from the police but they cant catch me so f**k em if u wanna"
  • Ganster moderne - Mc Solaar
    "Il est l, large, prs de la berge nage A quitt la cage pour le marivaudage Le marcage est derrirre lui, loin Son acte le plus sage est d'avoir tir sur le Parrain dans son quartier, le gnral Noriega, est"

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