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  • Pixies Alec Eiffel
    "Pioneer of aerodynamics (little eiffel, little eiffel) they thought he was real smart alec (little eiffel, little eiffel) He thought big they called it a phallic (little eiffel, little eiffel) They"
  • The Pixies Alec eiffel
    "Pioneer of aerodynamics (little eiffel, little eiffel) they thought he was real smart alec (little eiffel, little eiffel) he thought big they called it a phallic (little eiffel, little eiffel) they didn't"
  • The Anniversary Alec Eiffel
    "The Get Up Kids' cover on the Pixies tribute album Where is my Mind? Adrianne sings back-up vocals Pioneer of aerodynamics (little Eiffel, little Eiffel) They thought he was a real smart Alec (little"
  • Lemon Demon Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness
    "Gonna dig up Alec Guinness. Gonna harvest Obi-Wan. Gonna put his body on display with his Jedi costume on. Gonna go down to the highway. Gonna build myself a sign. Gonna advertise to everyone, tell em"
  • Alec Empire Addicted To You
    "Verse: Doesn't matter what I believe Doesn't matter what I believe You mess me up and I want you to hear Got it right back and I want you to hear When you walk, when you talk you're so full of lies excuse"
  • Alec Benjamin The Saddest Song
    "I know this is coming to an end Aware of all the pain that will ensue And when it leaves a hole inside my chest I’m not sure how I'll cover up the wound my body is filling with my regrets and sorrow gloomy"
  • Alec Benjamin Jesus in LA
    "well I shook hands with the devil down on the south side and he bought us both a drink whit a pat and a pencil set by his side I said: Tell me what you think I've been looking for my savior looking for"
  • Alec Benjamin Must Have Been The Wind
    "i heard a glass shatter on the wall n the apartment above mine at first I thought that I was dreamin' but then I heard the voice of a girl and it sounded like she'd been cryin' now I am too worried to"
  • Alec Benjamin At the Bottom
    "tryna get to the bottom tryna get to your heart but I don’t but I don’t but I don’t where to start at the bottom and I’ve been kept in the dark I don’t but I don’t but I don’t where to start no"
  • Alec Benjamin Mind Is A Prison
    "I don’t live in California I’ll inform that’s not where I reside I am just a tenant payment rent inside this body and i got 2 windows and those windows well I’ll call them my eyes I am just going where"
  • Alec Benjamin Oh My God
    "looking at the pictures I keep on my shelf cause it’s been so long since I’ve looked like myself burned another candle down burned another candle down running low on patience running low on fumes I am"
  • Alec Benjamin The Book Of You & I
    "well, it all began in the back of her car I was just 16, but I fell so hard well, the years went by and she held my heart but her love ran dry and we fall apart I felt her growing distant I knew her love"
  • Alec Benjamin Older
    "I’m not prepared for the future so many things that I just don’t know I cut my hair, bought a new shirt new pair of shoes and it’s time to go I finally found an apartment sign a lease on the car this"
  • Alec Benjamin Six Feet Apart (Quarantine Song)
    "they say distance is relative and relative to relatively close I’d say I am relatively close to breaking down because right now I feel so alone I’ve been missing the elements and wishing the elephant in"
  • Alec Benjamin Match In The Rain
    "Seems you’ve been changing Lately i can feel the distance in your touch There’s two people in this hallway But there’s only one of us That’s tryna keep this fire going Should i just give up? I sense trouble"
  • Alec Benjamin & Alessia Cara Let Me Down Slowly
    "this night is cold in the kingdom I can feel you fade away from the kitchen to the bathroom sink and your srteps keep me awake don’t cut me down throw me out leave me here t waste I once was a man with"
  • Metro Johnny Love
    "(Alec/Yann/Joe) Dedicada Johnny Halliday T ligando pra voc H quatro dias Sempre aquela voz metlica repete: "Deixe seu recado ou ligue depois" T andando pelas ruas sem sentido Tipo um animal selvagem e"
  • Metro Stabilo
    "(Alec/Angelo Palumbo) Humanóide meio sinttico (Stabilo, stabilo) Degenerador da raa e acha graa (Stabilo, stabilo) Culpado por estes tempos frenticos (Stabilo, stabi...) Louco! Ingere veneno com polietileno Sente!"
  • Metro Que Loucura!
    "(Alec/Yann/Zavi) Que fato absurdo Ter que viver calado Sempre na tenso J no agento Silncios intensos, vcios Sempre a vencer Se calar to fcil Que eu no posso mais Devo... deixar... isso... tudo? Que loucura! Saia"
  • Metro Beat Acelerado - Verso Ii
    "(Alec/Vicente/Yann) Minha me me falou Que eu preciso casar Pois j sou um rapaz crescido Procurei um algum E lhe disse meu bem Voc quer se casar comigo? Acontece porm que eu no sei me entregar A um amor"

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