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alejandro fuentes easily shot

  • Fuentes - Gals Panic
    "She had a banana tree Got Cds in the mail for free She'd bruise so easily My April fresh And I can remember what my biology professor said Said About the praying mantis who found his love But lost his"
  • Alejandro - Lady GaGa
    "I know that we are young. And i know you may love me. But i just can't be with you like this anymore. Alejandro. She's like revenge In a bucket. And she wont look at you, Won't look at you. She hides"
  • Alejandro - WarCry
    "Que duro fue todo lo alcanzado lo conquistado luche hasta el fin para darte otra gran victoria fui general como tantos otros dispuesto a todo confie en mi rey. Y ahora, tras tantas batallas me acusas"
  • Easily - Muse
    "Let your inhibitions go Make every touch electrical When you're feeling beautiful Will you remember me? I want to touch you deep inside And find the secrets that you hide When you fears are cast aside Will"
  • Easily - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Easily let's get carried away Easily let's get married today Shao Lin shouted a rose From his throat Everything must go A lickin' stick is thicker When you break it to show Everything must go The story"
  • Easily Persuaded - Kitty Wells
    "Lonely arms don't need temptation when they yearn constantly I don't need much sweet persuasion I'm persuaded easily I'm so easily persuaded when you insist what can I do I'm so easily persuaded I can't"
  • Easily Led - Smog
    "I am not easily led Despite the head I was just trying to cross the street with you I was just a step devoted But I am not easily led I'm suggestible at times, it's true But only by you I lay open jelly-limbed To"
  • Easily Undone - Magnet
    "I feel it in my blood, I've come a bit too far The beauty in her see-through skin has started to wear thin So I close my bloodshot eyes and dream myself away, I know I never found it hard, to love her"
  • So Easily - Gufs
    "(G. Kralj) You decorated my soul You took everything that I ever wanted to know You made me compromise I made you feel alive I don't understand I let you be the man You told me that I was worthless or"
  • Easily Lead - Robert Plant
    "Please don't you do it to me no more Don't you do it to me - I wouldn't do it to you And don't you do it to me The feeling's honest as I lie sleeping with burning desire Trying to be nice and all in keeping"
  • Eternal Love - Fernando Fuentes Vargas - Fame Factory
    "Mmm... Here, at the peaceful break of day, there's a feeling life is breathin' again The winds of mercy throw the heavy clouds away And in heaven, no more teardrops turn to rain Ooh (We can hear a"
  • I Bruise Easily - Natasha Bedingfield
    "My skin is like a map Of where my heart has been And I cant hide the marks Its not a negative thing So I let down my guard Drop my defences down by my clothes I'm learning to fall With no safety net to"
  • Break So Easily - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "You would break so easily So fragile that it frightens me A harsh sudden reality A painful possibility To see it's like the strangest dream To be it needs to still be seen As loud as any noise you've heard As"
  • Shot - The Rasmus
    "Tonight we escape Just you and me We'll find our peace Somewhere across the seas Enough of the fright Enough of the fuss I'll be awake if he finds us Needless to say I'll stand in your way I will protect"
  • Shot - Black Bomb A
    "So I live in this city, live with this shame Live with this hate which is growing insane So I live in this city, live with this pain Live with this hate which is growing insane Shot!! I can't believe"
  • Shot - Limp Bizkit
    "SHOT , SHOT. your the cure, your my anamosity, your the cure, your my date with jelousy, I could be wrong, I could be rite, I play along, avoid a fight. SHOT, SHOT. Your the sun, Your the light that burns"
  • Shot - Rasmus
    "Tonight we escape just you and me we'll find our peace somewhere across the seas? enough of the fright enough of the fuss I'll be awake if he finds us needless to say I'll stand in your way I will protect"
  • Shot Shot - Gomez
    "Well, hey, how's tricks man? Think I've seen you before Blank blank to that You looked a lot older You been working out What's wrong with that? Well he came back and he Came a-marching in Shot shot to"
  • Amor Gitano (ft. Alejandro Fernandez) - Beyonce
    "Ven y qudate conmigo. Dame el corazón vida ma estoy muriendo lento en mi prisión Anda dime lo que sientes quitate el pudor, y deja de sufrir ,escapa con mi amor Y despus te llevare hasta donde quieras"
  • Baila Conmigo (ft. Rauw Alejandro) - Selena Gomez
    "Bebe no se si Hablas mucho espanol Si entiendes cuando Digo mi amor -- Utwór Selena Gomez 'Baila Conmigo' pochodzi z hiszpańskojęzycznej EP-ki Selena Gomez 'REVELACIÓN'."

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