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  • Alesana Apology (Remix)
    "Sweat drips in my eyesscreams of lust we cryTonight you are everything youre everythingYoure everything to me no more as I wakefrom this perfect dreamI can not stay and live this lie For I Now must think"
  • Alesana As you wish
    "Life is meaningless without youLove can be such a beautiful tortureMy heart breaks as I long for youLove can be such lovely tortureI will climb the hills, draw my sword and take downAnyone who tries to"
  • Alesana Last three letters
    "Dearest love,I hope this message finds you wellas these endless thoughts drip from my soulevery single word secretly paints a fairytaleof when we will melt into one...Eyes forfeit sight to the paincold"
  • Alesana No a single word about this
    "I'd push you away but you are the only thing I knowI cant help believing in youthe idea of beauty leaves me enslavedsay youll stay for tonight and I promise you this will be the lastId push you away but"
  • Alesana Pathetic ordinary
    "She haunts me in dreams I see her silhouette dance across landscapes of golden light and autumn in my dreamsher soft eyes see through my tortured soul vanishing any hope for fantasy the thing I'd give,"
  • Alesana Toxic
    "Baby, can't you see?I'm calling.A guy like you,Should wear a warning.It's dangerous,I'm falling.There's no escape,I can't wait.I need a hit,Baby, give me it.You're dangerous,I'm loving it.Too high, can't"
  • Alesana Untitled
    "Last night I forgotHow the soundOf your voiceWhispered sweetGoodbyesYour eyesLeft to dieIm alone to understand whyWhy not one more nightOne last kiss goodbyeMy sweet Love tonightI hope the stars still"
  • Alesana A most profound quiet
    "We should go ahead and kill her right nowBut her eyes are so lovelyI can't wait! Just imagine how she will suffer!Would someone please tell me I'm not alrightHow could you fall for my charming charade?Days"
  • Alesana All night dance parties in the underground palace
    "Beautiful, you know you leave me breathless when you fall into my eyesMy heart belongs to you my angelThere is just no reason for you to let life bring you downPlease come with me and let me show youI"
  • Alesana Apology
    "Sweat drips in my eyes Screams of lust we cry Tonight you are everything You're everything... You're everything to me no more As I wake from this perfect dream I'll escape from Eden's walls Can I not stay"
  • Alesana Endings Without Stories
    "this time I die our love ruined by your malignance broken shards of feelings are now just tainted memories left beautiful dreams that I cherished now are so disgusting as I strangle the light from you I"
  • Alesana And They Call This Tragedy
    "you make me sick I'll tear out those diamond eyes I can't bear to see crimson spills on paper skin they call this tragedy remembering the nights when you'd whisper to me soft, "forever more my heart is"
  • Alesana Not a Single Word About This
    "I'd push you away but you are the only thing I know I can't help believing in you... the idea of beauty leaves me enslaved say you'll stay for tonight and I promise you this will be the last I'd push"
  • Alesana Red and Dying Evening
    "you've taken the last of me the god's of your innocence shall not protect you from the hate of my wrath you've taken the last of me... blame the end on yourself you deserve each tear that falls scratch"
  • Alesana Ambrosia
    "a touch of poison seals my fate the dawn echoes the night with my glory...the sun himself honors me once king of roses, now lord of gold the Gods themselves envy my hand blessed with the gift of gilded"
  • Alesana Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time
    "this the oldest story in the book... he desires the one thing he cannot have... my darling queen, I lay myself at your feet and I shall stay the hands of fate wind cries out, heavens boil above voicing"
  • Alesana Daggers Speak Louder Than Words
    "Eyes open to splattered blood Cold tile mocks me as I arise to find the knife is still in my back Shifting thoughts now slow with venom Take me as I stagger, is this all we were worth? I've lost you"
  • Alesana The Last Three Letters
    "dearest love, I hope this message finds you well as these endless thoughts drip from my soul every single word secretly paints a fairytale of when we will melt into one... eyes forfeit sight to the pain cold"
  • Alesana Tilting The Hourglass
    "you take my breathe away... but I'll never taste your lips as fate keeps me locked away I must close my eyes to see your face emptiness has darkened my eyes as I hopelessly beg for my life to end ...tell"
  • Alesana This Conversation Is Over
    "take everything away from me silent angel... apathy cries out from your lungs, indifference reeks of fiction time will tell how far you will go I can't see why you'd run and hide excluding such complacence as"

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