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alexandra stan baby its ok

  • Synchronize (feat. Alexandra Stan) - Alex Parker
    "This ain't no sex tape This is love in the making Nobody has to see Your body in my naked eyes I'm reaching for your lips It feels like slow motion It's been so long since you and I Synced in emotions. Let's"
  • Alexandra Leaving - Leonard Cohen
    "Suddenly the night has grown colder. The god of love preparing to depart. Alexandra hoisted on his shoulder, They slip between the sentries of the heart. Upheld by the simplicities of pleasure, They gain"
  • Alexandra Leaving - Michał Szyc
    "Suddenly the night has grown colder. The god of love preparing to depart. Alexandra hoisted on his shoulder, They slip between the sentries of the heart. Upheld by the simplicities of pleasure, They gain"
  • Be Ok - Chrisette Michele
    "(feat. Will.I.Am) Imma take my lexus to the mall Get a little black dress just because Me and my boo just broke it off Imma be fly although hes gone And i dont really care bout who he's with Imma get"
  • It's Ok - T-Bone
    "Chorus I show ya how to do it now homie, cuz its ok To make positive music now baby, put all of the guns away I keep it gully for the streets and gangstas, but I'm trying to make a change Cuz there's"
  • OK - Shitdisco
    "Executive excess yes, yes, yes Its a model of success and Nothing for your efforts yes and This impresses even less and then When you find yourself In the wrong company You must remind yourself Who youd"
  • Ok - 1TYM
    "Is you ok with this is you ok with that is you be the one with a gun or to beat it with a baseball bat (then sing it!) ok o-o-ok ok o-o-ok ok o-o-ok ok o-o-ok Ok get on up get on down whether you ride"
  • Ok - Pete Francis
    "ok i get it now i don't know how i pulled this one off ok you trade the cold wind you turned your bruise in for more than you bargained you bargained for baby when you turn the weight when you break"
  • Ok - Vandals
    "Hey buddy how you doin' today? Thanks a lot buddy I'm doin' OK. How bout you, you doin' all right? Well I got into a fight my girl left last night. That's rough guy what was it about? I lost my job and"
  • OK - Big Brovaz
    "OK is what you say whenyoure ready to ballWere too hot for clubthey aint ready at allAnd if you come to partythen get up off the wallQuick we dont slip,make hits on a regularClub spots get rockedwhen we"
  • Ok - Sheek Louch
    "Intro: Sheek Louch Ok (Cocoa Channelle: Ok) Ok ok ok Y.O. where you at? (Oh!) Bronx where you at? (Oh!) Harlem where you at? (Oh!) Brooklyn where you at? (Cocoa Channelle:Queens!) Verse 1: Sheek Louch Now"
  • Christmas Stan (Parody) - Eminem
    "(A lump of coal I'm Wondering why, I got out of bed at all. I can't believe it's Christmas morning, And there's no gift at all. I thought that this was supposed to be, A day to deck the halls. But he forgot"
  • Stan Writes Santa (Parody) - Eminem
    "Chorus It will soon be Christmas Day Santas loading up the sleigh Hell come slide right down my chimney To give some gum an treats I love silvers bells, and Santas elves Its my favorite holiday They remind"
  • Taki Stan - Mega Dance
    "Kogo to obchodzi że jest koniec nocy Nikt nam nie przeszkodzi dziś rzadzimy tu my No co tak stoisz czas instrument stroic W gotowosci ciągłej każdy musi wciąż byc Kilka miłych słówek szybko procentuje Chetnych"
  • Alexandra - Aventura
    "Hoy que me pongo yo a pensar En Alexandra y los momentos que han pasado Aqui he venido a cantar mis sentimientos y mi historia de a quien amo Yo se varias veces te falle Pero olvidar y el pasado es el"
  • It's ok - Pearl Jam
    "Its Ok. Its OkIts Ok. Its Ok (Eddie and crowd)Its Ok. Its Ok (crowd)You dont have to run and hide awayIts Ok. Its Ok (crowd)You know I love you anywayThis is my chance, this is my life.And my hope in an"
  • Baby Close Its Eyes - Ricky Nelson
    "Singing a lullaby while the baby cries Loving parents sigh, finally baby close its eye Every moment means so much When your baby's skin is there to touch Every moment bringing more That's what mother and"
  • Alright, OK - Ashley Parker Angel
    "head light flash and i see your face rearview mirroras you drive away alright, OK Street light shine as my heart goes numb i should be pist but thats what you want Alright, OK hey and i can see in the"
  • Baby Its Cold Outside - Bing Crosby
    "Baby it's cold outside I gotta go away Baby it's cold outside This evening has been Been hoping that youd drop by So very nice I'll hold your hands their just like ice I ought to say no no no Mind if"
  • It's OK - Atomic Kitten
    "Well, I remember all the nights I used to stay at home, on the phone, all night long Used to talk about all the things we really wanna do, I believed in you I remember how you used to say have no fear, you'll"

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