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  • Alfons - Off Kidow
    "Marsz... Alfons Alfons we love you in dark Alfons Alfons we love you in dark Alfons Alfons we love you in dark Alfons Alfons we love you in dark We love you in dark Marsz... In the brothel is Alfons I"
  • Ablaze - Fermata
    "And it rained And the sirens came And it got So very late And off my black dress came But in my arms you wouldn't stay And no, we couldn't wait 'Cuz we thought, we were the same I tried, but the colors"
  • Ablaze - Bloodflowerz
    "Not just one death to die always a reason why the wheel is turning i write the five on the wall i dance the hills till i fall the fire is burning i will pick the sin again seduce a saint in eden there"
  • Heaven Ablaze - Heaven Ablaze
    "Infernal is thy wisdom Heaven only one question And hell is such a disposition Uncertainty is consuming me... And all I feel is solitude Against all odds I am destitue For one reason I have traveled far It"
  • Cornfield Ablaze - Prefab Sprout
    "I saw you from the tractor The harvest had begun You were the love child of two gods I was the farmers awkward son You left Mount Olympus To find your soul mate I left a scribbled note, quote "Dear Pa,"
  • Stand ablaze - In Flames
    "The time is now Please tell me how Set ablaze... Crying, Remembering how it used to be Scarred for eternity Was it meant to be? A life in harmony... Bleeding, regretting... Solitary life Committing suicide"
  • Heaven Ablaze - ArthemesiA
    "See the Smoke from the Burnin' Halls of god, Feel the Sulphurous Heat Upon the Ground. Fulfill the Autumn Night with Laughter and Joy, Mask Thineselves with the Ash of the Sky, heaven Ablaze!!! Gather"
  • All Ablaze - Ian Brown
    "Caught you in a ring of fire All surround me, such a blaze Got you in a ring of fire Lift me as you , say my name Who you gonna get to bring you water, When your well runs dry What you gonna gonna tell"
  • World Ablaze - Killswitch Engage
    "Can you feel it? The expectancy of our deepest desires In one moment, in one second Watch it all burn You and I will stand as one You and I will be transformed This is the promise, this is the gift We"
  • My Ablaze - Karkadan
    "A thing that should be secret Saved by the hands of death Calling souls and demons By using your last breath Ablaze the light with darkness Powers will turn upon But they may revenge And if your"
  • Lady Ablaze - Euphony Dismal
    "We are the lanterns of grief come forth and visit us we have stories to tell and knowledge to share A calm of distant decay deep in absorbing shades the heavens darken, the oceans fall The oceans of"
  • Autumn's Ablaze - Primordial
    "And so it seems I am unbound in my misery Drunk in my sobriety ...and twisted animosiety The private moments of man Are rarely ever seen Yet, autumn gathers me up And sheds me in her leaves Falling takes"
  • Set Your Body Ablaze - Shai Hulud
    "From flesh to steel... I fortify this easily splintered bone into a stronghold of will as the balance of man lay beaten in the wake of its own frailty. A horde eager to accept deceit and more so to speak"
  • Moonsymmetry XXI: Empires Ablaze - Aura
    "And off we flew dissolved in the sky And we flew invisible, armed with giant wings and scales like serpents. Elementals were we... Seven hours, until the crescent dawn. Oh how sweet this nocturnal"
  • When Funeral Pyres Ablaze The Black Moon Sky - The Lords
    "(music: Catherine Lempiere, David Coeuret, lyrics: Damien Lempiere) I've crossed a pact with Satan When funeral pyres ablaze the black moon sky Seven newborn children I've to kill Seven chalices with"
  • Ganjaman - Alfons
    "This is the story about the man called Ganjaman The long story about biggest man form Askaban He take you witcha He penetrate yah I bang this mothafucka London to Jamaica This is the story about the"
  • Sworn Unholy - Heaven Ablaze
    "Lord of the plague and lunacy Evil calls upon thee Mother of abomination Guide thee with your will Elder gods of creation Lead thee into desolation Shrub Niggurath, goat of kings In your heart the fury"
  • Thou Shalt Forever Suffer - Ablaze My Sorrow
    "(Music: Ablaze My Sorrow) (Lyrics: K.Lonnsjo / A.Brorsson) (Arrangement: S.Luckander / F.Larnemo) The world seems to matter no more I'm standing by the threshold to the door Where death is waiting on"
  • Shrouded Are The Pleasures Of Flesh - Ablaze My Sorrow
    "(Music: D.Linden / Ablaze My Sorrow) (Lyrics: K.Lonnsjo) There is things about me you don't know There is feelings in me I'll never show It's an eerie sound in my head Why cann't I ever sleep? Insomnia Dementia Paranoia Phobia Sleepless"
  • Suicidal - Ablaze My Sorrow
    "(Music: M.Carlsson / Ablaze My Sorrow) (Lyrics: D.Linden) I can't close my eyes Staring straight into the empty sky Feeling trapped an overfilled with lies I can't deny These lovely thoughts of death"

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