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  • Alisha - Lexington Bridge
    "The moment that I saw her faceCome in this placeI knew what I had to doI couldnt use the same old lineThe same approach on herIt just wouldnt doShe was hotter than>Than JulySuch a lady butBut a freak insideMy"
  • Keys - Heavy Trevy
    "His eyes are open but he just wont see It's all around him but it's not where he wants to be He drives me crazy when he bitches and yells Sometimes I wish that he would fuck off and go to hell He"
  • Keys - Golden Smog
    "she had a Nova that was tinted green he took a Greyhound that was a bus from the city of New Orleans the only light that shined in their eyes was that of a simple screen In a one Bal Harbour bedroom"
  • Keys - Mr. Polska
    "Data premiery: 6 gru 2019"
  • Alisha Rules The World - Alisha's Attic
    "She's an angel, but she sins sometimes Dressed in white, gets drunk on red wine Everyone loves her But a child plays for pleasure and she'll play with your heart until she Breaks down your defences"
  • Black Keys - Jonas Brothers
    "She walks away The colors to fade to gray Every precious moment's now erased She hits the gas Hopeing it would pass But the red light starts to flash It's time to wait And the black keys Never looked"
  • Lost Keys - Tool
    "Lost Keys Excuse me? Doctor? Do you have a moment? A moment? What's the question? More of a situation, a gentleman in exam 3. What's the problem? That is the problem, we're not sure."
  • Skeleton Keys - A Northern Chorus
    "Here we stand outside glory's gates again. Rusted shut for centuries on end. And they're trying to sell us the keys, (to every door) But we'd rather prove our worth. (and just keep chipping away) We've"
  • Losing Keys - Jack Johnson
    "Dont worry Everybody in the room notices you Sit back and relax the night is early You're 'bout to overdo it So come and tell me something that youve already told me 'Cause everybodys already heard all"
  • Car Keys - Digger
    "I'm such a wreck. I can't sit still. I count the leaves on the windowsill. Any time now you'll appear. It's nice to know that you're still here, but not the way I want you to be. When you smile it just"
  • Peeyano Keys - Madvillain
    "(MF Doom) never really matterd to much to me that I was just too damn old to mc all that really matters is if your rhymes was ill girl,that's what really mattered to me Looks like it's gonna be a great"
  • My Boo Feat. Alicia Keys - Alicia Keys
    "''(Usher intro:)'' There's always that one person That will always have your heart You'll never see it coming Cause you're blinded from the start Know that you're that one for me It's clear for everyone"
  • Mister White Keys - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "He's a friend to all the stars Made a fortune selling cars Not beyond a little sleaze He's Mister White Keys Wifey loves the tannin' booth Just a little altered truth Made America's Who's Who If he can"
  • Seven Silver Keys - Candlemass
    "You're hiding in your hall, alone with your hunger Can't break through the wall, of the prison within No reason to be proud, don't go so near it You bow your head in shame, afraid you will fear it Open"
  • Set Of Keys - Reamonn
    "Words going out they're bringin you down They've searched for a reason that's never been found It hits like a burnout they're reaching inside There's no where to run now there's nowhere to hide Oh"
  • Mr. White Keys - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "Cherry Poppin' Daddies Rapid City Muscle Car Mr. White Keys He's a friend to all the stars Made a fortune selling cars Not beyond a little sleaze He's mr. white keys Wifey loves the tanning booth Just"
  • Minor Piano Keys - Iron And Wine
    "Say, say something nice to her Fragrant and sturdier Delicate hands for shoulders sliding down Days, days like a summer rain Blink and theyre gone again Soaking she sits alone, outside and down Prays,"
  • Keys Out Lights - Jenny Owen Youngs
    "I kick you like a dog that never gets fed, kick you like a dog that never gets fed. I trust you with my words like you're my friend. I've got so much stowed away down there. I've got so much stowed away"
  • Sets Of Keys - Denison Witmer
    "I believe when we were younger We thought that we deserved the sun I met you when you were 18 I was pushing 21 The sentiment, the twists and turns begun Living close to Philadelphia We would go there"
  • Leave Those Keys - Jagged Edge
    "Baby you can leave, You can leave, You can leave, 'cause I've been tired of you And you tired of me Don't forget one thing drop Drop those keys 'cause I'm not tryin to hold you back So go ahead wit all"

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