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alive empire of the sun

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alive empire of the sun

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alive empire of the sun
  • Empire Of The Sun ALIVE
    "Days go by my window World slows down as it goes Goodbye to last night Lost love out of sight Can’t you help me see? (They won’t get right) Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive Alive Loving"
  • Shakira Empire
    "Take off all of your skin I’m brave when you are free Shake off all of your sins Then give them to me Closer, let back in I wanna’ be yours, wanna be your hero And my heart beats… Like the empire of the"
  • Anders Manga Empire On The Sun
    "uilding An Empire On the Sun Personal Palace from Everyone No Doors to Keep You From Returning Your Footsteps Are the Path I Take I Stood Here Once Before I Found You The Center of Another Day Watching"
  • Graveland Hordes Of Empire
    "Thousand of fallen angels Rows of condamned souls Black riders of abyss Beast of haired and cruelty We arrive on the chariots of fire We sign our way by the fire and death Sun of Darkness leads us Everlasting"
  • Edwin Alive
    "It feels so good to breathe the air Another spin around the sun On this speck of light in the universe The gift of love is there for everyone Angels working overtime Day or night to hold the hands that"
  • Michal Alive
    "This world will end today But the dead, and I don't care I'll be laughing loud Simply to be there To live in your hands Isn't to live at all You made me, you made me small Hey, hey, hey I'm alive"
  • SR-71 Alive
    "all she's asking is for a little more time to walk away from his anger and leave the bruises far behind but she won't talk about it she's made up her mind when the front door shuts behind her she whispers... "give"
  • Melissa O'Neil Alive
    "Stuck in a world No longer turning Always the girl Waiting for something Too many days Walking around sleeping Open my eyes I'm tired of dreaming I wanna run with the reckless emotion Find out if love"
  • VHS Or Beta Alive
    "Days we drive around With Siamese rainin' down And there's angels shooting stars And there's angels shooting stars Cool summers pourin' down Washin' green across the town And we follow long its trail We"
  • Becki Ryan Alive
    "Stuck in a world, No longer turning. Always a girl, Waiting for something. Too many days, Walking around sleeping. Open my eyes, I'm tired of dreaming. I wanna run with reckless emotion, Find out if love"
  • Beastie Boys Alive
    "I've never been more ready in my entire life To do this right now Never It's all been leading up to this moment All right now right here My whole life.. Right here We got rhyme selections in a wide array J'ai"
  • Velcra Alive
    "Tell me who you are, have you thought about it? Yeah, of course you have now its time to deal with it Spoilt sheltered overfed kid You believe you're free standing on your own two feet But you're chained"
  • Bon Jovi Alive
    "This romeo is bleeding, but you can't see his blood It's nothing but some feelings That this old dog kicked up It's been raining since you left me Now I'm drowning in the flood You see I've always been"
  • Fear Factory Empire
    "Faceless, worshipping eyes full of doubtCrushing rock standards in the state of the churchShow us how to suffer and lead us to deathContrition of condition in the empireTolerance isn't a critical faceMoral"
  • Chimaira Empire
    "Do you believe in me Enough to sacrifice Do you believe in me Enough to end your life Do you believe in me Enough to kill for me Do you believe in me Enough to die for me Come on and join me Grab my hand Together"
  • Queensryche Empire
    "Last night the word came down, ten dead in Chinatown. Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at the wrong time Too bad, people say what's wrong with the kids today Tell you right now"
  • Queen Adreena Empire
    "Last night the word came down, ten dead in chinatown.Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at theWrong timeToo bad, people say what's wrong with the kids todayTell you right now they've"
  • Boysetsfire Empire
    "Here I am with my empire I'll bring you to your knees Ebb and flow with my desire Cause it's all that you've been taught to be Yeah, I'm the bastard son Of what's been overcome And again we plant the"
  • Isis Gee Empire
    "I'm yours In our love cocoon No one to witness But the moon My conception Of your smile Diamonds never go out style The force leading to this page Surrounds the light of dawn And dusk lives in our name Our"
  • Steve Kilbey Empire
    "Aren't you tired, aren't you sleepy (never going nowhere) Can't you see what's wrong with you (comes with someone) I am summer, gonna crush us (never going nowhere) Change our skin, leave us ashes I just"

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