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all the mather

  • All - Barbershop 2 - Back In Business
    "It's all about the things you do It's so crazy how I'm hooked on you Deep inside me I'm burning up From your touch I can't get enough Everytime I feel like I don't need your love My mind just gets me going"
  • All - Hillsong
    "You're the one who gives me shelterand you're the ligth that leads me homeyou're the love that gave foreverLord you're all that I knowAnd all that I amUnto you I surrenderLord there is none like youAnd"
  • All - Collective Soul
    "Watch my world spin roundIt stops for youI'll give you heaven for a viewI set my sights on high my aim is trueI'd walk on water just for youAll is all I can give youAll is all I can doAll is all I wish"
  • All - Hillsong United
    "Verse 1: You're the one who gives me shelter... and you're the light that leads me home you're the love that gave forever... Lord you're all that I know Chorus: And all that I am... unto you I surrender... Lord"
  • All - K's Choice
    "Is there anything you want from me My arms, my life, my energy I don't know how far I can go Everything says no But you know how it goes when You're used to your side of the bed I know you don't belong"
  • All - Addiction Crew
    "All we need to feel it's Just like the others So, I'm over you, I don't feel you, I can't see you When I was down the way I'm callin' you, I don't feel you, I can't see you When I was looking for Something"
  • All - Avalon
    "I've had a world of possibilities Slip through my hands And prayers that went unanswered That I couldn't understand There's a faith that can move mountains But I never let it move me I only trust in"
  • All - Al Jarreau
    "All of my love No one's ever held me like you hold me No one's ever touched me in this way But I'm not runnin' anymore Never felt this way before All of my love, I will give to you All of my dreams will"
  • All - De La Soul
    "Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh! Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh Oooh noo-ohhh, noo-ohhh! (repeat 2X) It ain't all good, and that's the truth Thangs ain't goin like you think they should - it's"
  • All - Jordy
    "Regarde ! T'as vu le bel arbre de Nol ? Le joli feu et dehors, tout est blanc Des milliers d'toiles brillent rien que pour nous And I am feeling so happy Tonight the night for us the children Together"
  • All - James Darren
    "Angel Face James Darren Words and Music by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman -as sung on "The Best Of James Darren" -Rhino Records R2 71664 -45 single label showed artist as "Jimmy Darren" -peak Billboard position"
  • After All - Wired All Wrong
    "When you gonna calm me down with your sad face? It never really calmed me down in the first place Now I say it again and again and again Apparently to waste your time and How is it that we seem to always"
  • All The Wrong Reasons - All-4-One
    "All-4-One All-4-One...Has Left The Building All The Wrong Reasons Got this information I don want to act upon Taking advantage of the situation would be wrong All the wrong reasons I give myself away Every"
  • All The Rings 'round Saturn - All About Eve
    "All About Eve Miscellaneous All The Rings 'round Saturn For all the rings 'round saturn I wouldn't change the pattern of my life And if every star above me Told me that they loved me Then their love i"
  • The End Of All Things - Wired All Wrong
    "Count your stars in the sky Cross my heart, hope to die In the beginning of what we knew What was true And the girl was dancing Floating through the air Romancing Floating away, floating away Yeah, yeah,"
  • All in all - The Bates
    "ALL IN ALL It was a nice time we spent together ALL IN ALL I hope it was the same to you ALL IN ALL I will not allow her nights of pleasure ALL IN ALL but now I changed my point of you Evry party has an"
  • All In All - The (International) Noise Conspiracy
    "I see the faces everywhere I wanna see them all, and I see the monikers written on the wall starts like an echo turns into a roar, the sound of silence never heard before we meet them everyday, the ones"
  • All In All - Toad The Wet Sprocket
    "Music by: todd nichols and toad Lyrics by: glen phillips All in all it's just as well Water moves, earth is still Time is slower still Half an hour is 30 days Nothing moves at all this way Hold on, I"
  • All the wine - The National
    "I'm put together beautifullyBig wet bottle in my fist, big wet rose in my teethI'm perfect piece of assLike every CalifornianSo tall I take over the street, with highbeams shining on my backA wingspan"
  • All The Things - The Byrds
    "(Roger McGuinn and Jacques Levy) See the sun how bright it is It never was before See the sun it shines right through My door but no ones's there I see warm smiles I never gave Reflecting in the air All"

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