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all time love therapy

  • Therapy - Mary J. Blige
    "Why would I spend the rest of my days unhappy Why would I spend the rest of this year alone When I can go therapy When I can go therapy When I can go therapy two times a day Why would I spend the rest"
  • Therapy - India Arie
    "OH Oooh oh ooOH OH, yeaah yeah yeaah Yeaaah hey. OH Oooh oh ooOH OH, yeaah yeah yeaah Oh oh oh oh oh oh (I-I-I-I need your Therapy) Oh oh oh oh oh oh (I-I-I-I need you to come and lay hands on me) Oh"
  • Therapy - All Time Low
    "My ship went down In a sea of sound When I woke up alone I had everything A hand full of moments I wished I could change and a tounge like a nightmare That cut like a blade In a city of fools I was carfull"
  • Therapy - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Therapy therapy Lost sight I think I'm getting out of my range Colors flash Now things are starting to get strange Start it up And you say you wanna get it on me, I need I need I need my Therapy Now just"
  • Therapy - Keaton Simons
    "Therapy All dolled up Never be store front Ah ah ah ah Chainsaw emotions stay captured By selfish intentions Influenced not by the strength of deception Running on eyesores Compounding rejection Feeling"
  • Therapy - Oblivion Dust
    "I am so bored of life I want neon lights fixed to my electric chair I am so bored of life that I feel sensational Can I become your friend? Got glowing bits of face And you are not as paranoid as"
  • Therapy - Finger Eleven
    "Wide awakened out of spinning Round the safest orbit You controlled the ordinary I was grateful for it Wide awake in the beginning Trembling after the fall Only half my world remembers While the other"
  • Therapy - Heltah Skeltah
    "Bring in the next patient (the patient is sleeping) Bring in his chart (the Doctor will see you now) How you doin, let's see what we have here My name is Dr. Killpatient and I'm your psychosssssigmathetamasochistic "
  • Groupie Therapy - The Pharcyde
    "(Bootie Brown) I was standing, one of the cast of many I would give anything to swing hand in hand with her But it was just a blur I couldn't blame her, why give up fortune and the fame for a nigga who"
  • My Therapy - Bane
    "This is my therapy You breath life into me My only sanity Within these walls is where I'm free Square peg, round hole Faces come and faces go There is so little cast in stone Regarding life, luck, loss,"
  • Close Therapy - Takida
    "All this seeking we try to be someone else I accept this now we could try to pretend But I don't want this, no I don't know if I can I wanna know who I am, who you are I wanna know if you care, if you"
  • Chemo Therapy - Pestilence
    "The process of life A future at distance Time does not run except for your own existence Stages set to pass with your fantasy Dreams to realize, visions to see Altering goals Aim to perflection Absorb"
  • Therapy - Kim Cesarion
    "The past is the past Could you be the future? You're striking a match You're making the darkness go Don't even ask You know what I'm here for Baby, you can do whatever Gotta take this slowly cause I'm"
  • Therapy - The Damned
    "therapy plug me in straight again who needs this voltage food who needs therapy who needs this filthy room at night who says give up without a fight who gets their answers out of books dirty men with their"
  • Therapy - Damned
    "Therapy plug me in straight again Who needs this voltage food? Who needs therapy? Who needs this filthy room at night Who says give up without a fight Who gets their answers out of books Dirty man with"
  • Therapy - Limp
    "My friends are therapy They know what I need I need some sympathy Once in a while My friends take care of me They know what I need I need a piece of mind that they help me find High on anxiety Tension's"
  • Therapy - T-Pain
    "(feat. Kanye West) Ahhh... Take a sip of this... eh, let's go (yay) I want you to feel this beat baby, come on girl let's go Listen, (what's up), this ain't the way I wanted it to end But I got to go Gotta"
  • Therapy - Kilgore
    "You put up a good front man Trashing everything you see I can see behind your eyes You're hurting inside just like me Your mind's a dark cloud Should you keep your feelings in Or cry out loud Clouds parted,"
  • Therapy - Switchblade Symphony
    "You don't know how to start Just look inside your heart You know I feel confused I don't know what to choose You better take a stand And find out who you are You better make a plan Cuz this has gone too"
  • Therapy - Swollen Members
    "I'ma pull out my knife or rifle I'm a polite psycho, its a full out cycle Of a trifle life, cops can suck my cock if they don't like us I hang around prospects strikers bikers Crueler then a dual bull"

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