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alone again-allysia reid

  • Keith reid - Gary Brooker
    "There was no more fear of flying Once the final word were spoke There was no more tears of crying It had all become a joke Though they took a vow of silence Still the rumours quickly spread There was no"
  • Alone Again (feat. P. Reign) - Alyssa Reid
    "Till now, I always got by on my own I never really cared until I met you And now it chills me to the bone, How do I get you alone? I sit back and reminisce, it hurts to think about it all We was"
  • Alone - Nick Lachey
    "I get this feeling that Im over my head, I guess I'm over my head again, And I keep thinking that I'll get through this mess, And I'll find happiness and then, I'll have everything I wanted, But what if"
  • Alone - Swing Out Sisters
    "You hide behind a smile So no one sees the tears you cry Just stop and think a while Are you just living out a lie The smile upon your face A smile that only lasts until you turn around And when you fall"
  • Alone - Ted Nugent
    "Did you know Could you see Don't you feel You should have told me I was there When you needed But you lied Now you're gone And I'm alone I get scared Feel the pain My hearts bleeding Ch: I can't believe"
  • Alone - SR-71
    "Alone again tonight And this empty time The sound in my head The sight it leaves me Leaves me blind I'll write a million words I'll sing until it hurts How far could this be Until it seems How long will"
  • Alone - Fame
    "Laying alone Hearing your voice from the pouring rain Missing your touch Will it never ever be the same again? Would I be through to you? Should I belong to you? I'm holding on It's all because of you Walking"
  • Alone - Ween
    "When the life inside no doubt has died. And you've turn your head away. You tried to pay, but at the end of the day, it 's you again, alone. Alone, confined. The mess in your mind. When you can't relate"
  • Alone - Avril Lavigne
    "Uh uh, oh oh oh uh uh, oh oh oh Hey man... tell me what were you thinking? what the hell were you saying? oh c'mon now, stop and think about it Hey now, maybe you should just listen, maybe you should"
  • Alone - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) My goin' has nothing to do with you I'm planning a trip all alone And all I want is a room with a view Where the sight of the sunset full blown Makes me ache with feeling alone. And I'll"
  • Alone - I Can
    "Alone Again TonightAnd This Empty TimeThe Sound in My HeadThe Sight It Leaves MeLeaves Me BlindI'll Write a Million WordsI'll Sing Until It HurtsHow Far Could This BeUntil It SeemsHow Long Will I Let This"
  • Alone - Blues Traveler
    "I said "I love you" She began to cry She said she needed a friend I said "I'll try" Soon we'd say nothing Somehow I never wondered why You see, she left me She left me I'm alone I'm alone I'm alone I'm"
  • Alone - Default
    "It's late again It didn't seem to be a problem I couldn't see You made that choice that made me want to set you free I see you alone How does it feel You lost me again Took the wrong road Afraid to be"
  • Alone - Jimmies Chicken Shack
    "yeah she left yeah she left me alone but it's all right 'cause i got my microphone now i'm off with my brothers put my head in the zone because she left me all alone that's right she left yeah she left"
  • Alone - Jimmie's Chicken Shack
    "yeah she left yeah she left me alone but it's all right 'cause i got my microphone now i'm off with my brothers put my head in the zone because she left me all alone that's right she left yeah she left"
  • Alone? - Nightingale
    "( Swano ) Thinking of the wood that guards the hillside It has changed in many ways The best friend that I ever had, I killed him And I'll always remember his face But I'm alone... I'm thinking of the"
  • Alone - Forgotten Tomb
    "Once again life is killing me This time I know there's no way back Left alone, abandoned Without any chance in tomorrow You're gone forever As I try to find a reason for this Endlessly wondering"
  • Alone - Pearl Jam
    "Ooh, yeah. Ooh, yeah. Mmm, Wide awake and he shakes in a panic. Never woke up alone ever before. Had his woman long as he can remember. Tries to forget but he can't, he can't. Out of bed and he dreams"
  • Alone - Christopher Blue
    "Alone, this room, this town I've never been before I'll never be here again Chasing down my dream Looking for something that must be The further I go, the farther I fall behind Yet I know how fortunate"
  • Alone - Kane
    "I've been questioning days I've been questioning nights Though my heart is awake Life is passing me by I prayed to the moon,the silent rain To lift me up,and then, heal me again I've been questioning times"

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