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  • Something Good - Alt-J
    "Something good, Oh, something good, Oh, something good, Oh, something good tonight will make me forget about you for now. Get high, hit the floor before you go. Matador, estocada, you're my blood sport. But"
  • Goog For You - Toto
    "If you're dreaming, son don't you rise, I won't give up until you give in, I never get lost, so deep into eyes I could be good for you, But I know you must realize (Chorus:) I could be good for you,"
  • Something Worth Leaving Behind Alt. Vers. - Lee Ann Womack
    "(Brett Beavers/Tom Douglas) Hey Mona Lisa, who was Leonardo Was he Andy Warhol Were you Marilyn Monroe Hey Mozart, what kind of name is Amadeus It's kinda like Elvis You gotta die to be famous I may"
  • Something Bigger, Something Better - Amanda Blank
    "My ladies who got their own cash know how to swing their hips fast back and forth to the beat don't sleep girl show them how you work that ass my fellas who keep that s**t on lock and know how to keep"
  • Something Special - Flight Of The Conchords
    "J: Ooohhh....ooooh.... I just wanna, I just wanna B: Just wanna do something special for all the Ladies in the World J: Oh yes (J) B: Just wanna do somethin' special J: Ah (J) B: For all the Ladies in"
  • Try Something - Three 6 Mafia
    "(Project Pat) Jack one, smack one, run off wit ya sack son Anybody wit the loot, give it up or I'ma shoot Bow down M-town, niggaz like to ride clean Snort on some good , smoke on some good green Friday"
  • Something Good - Willie D
    "Verse 1: Microphone check 1, 2 Got my heat beneath the seat, it ain't nothing new Just picked up Dre, that's my cousin He got the E & J, so we buzzing But I forgot to mention that he had a freak with him Good"
  • 101 (Alt. Version) - Albert Hammond, Jr.
    "Though it took me be surprise One by one, I realized There was something I could do "I lost my way," that's what she said Back to the 101 If we don't know somewhere to go Back to the 101 I never said"
  • Don't Cry (Alt) - Guns N' Roses
    "If we could see tomorrow What of your plans No one can live in sorrow Ask all your friends Times that you took in stride They're back in demand I was the one who's washing Blood off your hands Don't you"
  • Something Fresh - Spooks
    "(Book-T) Yo Yo Niggaz aint fuckin with this originalist Spooks aint bangin like this but more real is this Uninventiveness amaze me, say to thee lyrically Buy from Book-T but my inferial rap sixth sense Speaking"
  • Cut something - Ludacris
    "(Ludacris talking) J.E. y'all (yeah), y'all know (uh huh) Yeah, yeah, check this out, we gon' let y'all in on a little southern lingo You know what I'm sayin, check it out (Cut somethin, cut somethin,"
  • Alt - Texta
    "Skero: Du bist alt wenn du immer noch in Schilling bezahlst/ enge Jeans findest du immer noch phnomenal/ an der Berliner Mauer hast du damals Bilder gemalt/ du forderst Free Mandela bis dir die Stimme"
  • You Got Something - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) You don't look like my baby And you don't feel quite the same You don't touch quite like my woman But you got something I can't explain The way you wear your clothes drives me crazy The way"
  • Say Something - Frankie J
    "I was coming out my front door. When I looked to my left and seen The flyest chick I swear I'd ever seen before. She must be something special. I'd never seen nobody like her ever. Everything about this"
  • Bring The Pain (Alt. Mix) - Method Man
    "Basically, can't fuck with me Verse One: I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain Let's go inside my astral plane records hey, so I can write monumental Methods, I'm not the King But niggaz"
  • Something To Believe In - Shawn Colvin
    "S. Colvin - J. Leventhal You will wander around And it won't be the same All the signs will be down And it's starting to rain out It's a lonely place That you've brought it to now You wanted to love You"
  • Something - Edward
    "I can see Something in your eyes Something like the stars and the wonder of the night skys I can see somthing in your face something so pure I need to embrace CH I can feel it in your touch something"
  • Something - The Move
    "Is there something that you've wanted More than anything Something you took for granted Never stop to think Suddenly it's there in your eyes Suddenly you can recognize That something That certain something Do"
  • Something - Stryper
    "Verse 1: I'm alive, but am I living? If I'm in fear of who I long to be Of myself, I'm unforgiving I'm grasping hope when I believe Chorus: We all need Something We all need Something more We all-we all-we"
  • Something - Melanie Garside
    "i saw that man again today not looking quite the same with long dark shadows and coarse black eyes and hands washed clean in the rain i saw him lose it once before she's twisted to the floor and the darkness"

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