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  • Am I right - X-PERIENCE
    "Am i right am i wrong am i weak or strong cant you see i am burning alive hold me tight trough the night and i feel alright and i know i am right you came to me and i turned to you you spoke to"
  • I Am Right - Sonic Youth
    "You were always cunning like the game you played Cuz yr mind is kind as yr friends would say You got what you wanted but not what you needed No matter how hard you pleaded You're eighteen and you know"
  • I Am Right - Saccharine Trust
    "You were always cunning like the game you'd play As your mindless kindless friends would say You got what you wanted but not what you needed No matter how hard you pleaded Your eighteen and you know it"
  • Am I Right? - Erasure
    "Wanderin' through the back roads And the rain comes rushin' down To resolve your love For this man in his twenties Am I Right? Am I wrong? Or am I just dreaming? Climbing up the backstairs There's a"
  • Right Where I Am - Alabama
    "Alabama When It All Goes South Right Where I Am (Randy Owen/Teddy Gentry/Ronnie Rogers/Greg Fowler) Subways runnin' under the city Condos reachin' to the sky Each of this own, but I feel at home Standing"
  • Am I Not Right? - Tarkio
    "Welcome to my head pull up a chair Allow yourself some room Let down your hair I'll impose on you the history Of a wrong life Of a wrong life Lazy lacking speed applied the brakes Learned to take to"
  • Right Were I Am - Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi & Ryan Tedder
    "Utwór "Right Were I Am" Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi i Ryan Tedder stworzyli na okazję otwarcia Światowych Olimpiad Specjalnych w 2019 roku. Data premiery utworu nie jest jeszcze znana. Światowe Letnie Igrzyska"
  • Am I Right? Hmmm!!! - Fly To The Sky
    "You're never gonna get it~ make your wish come true~ I never heard that~ you're gonna get it~ Everytime you lose it~ Am I right? Hmmm!!! Yo, this song's dedicated to all those who didn't believe We'd succeed,"
  • I Am Wrong And I Am Right - No Fun At All
    "I hope you remember me When I say my lie was true I hope you remember me When I say my life was you that's true I thought I gave you love but gave you hate I thought I helped you but I closed an open"
  • Why Am I Always Right? - Nightmare Of You
    "You were sickened with the vowing of silence I was taken by your permanent high Two lovers; are you turned on? How romantic! "Now I need a guillotine to get you off my mind" You were swept up in the buzz"
  • Santana I Am Somebody - Santana (feat. Will-i-am)
    "Chorus Live your life and just be your self cause youre somebody special cause somebody loves ya Your life so just be your self cause your somebody special cause somebody loves ya Someone loves your life,"
  • Right - MAC MILLER
    "it’s been a whole without your face but I saw your picture on the wall the other day too much distance too mych space you need to come back hme and run along i am waiting for the light to change you aks"
  • I Am - Mary J. Blige
    "Hey no... noo oh Ain't nobody gonna treat you better Ain't nobody gonna touch you better Ain't nobody gonna love you better boy than I am Than I am When your out at night and your in the streets And you"
  • I Am - Savatage
    "I see a little man sitting and he's wondering If over his little plot he might be king And he finds his present world a little boring There's no land that is so small that it cannot divide So come, I'll"
  • I Am - Bill Anderson
    "(Carter Howard) I am a soldier I'm a slave of power Power so great that it can destroy God's world with one mighty blast I'm a machine, a computer an engine Programed to reap destruction wherever I go I'm"
  • I am - 3rd Wish
    "Intro: everything youll ever need intro chorus: i am, i am im everything youll ever need so understand if i am your man i can heal your broken heart and make it beat again 1st verse: i really like what"
  • I Am - Nelly Furtado
    "I think I've been here before Yeah I've been right here With you walking out the door And I won't fight it I think you already know Don't try to hide it You know this time I will go And I won't come back You"
  • I Am - Advent
    "I am a broken man My ways are like a fools Causing anguish, causing death Creating waves of consequence Alone and in despair, I wait for You I will wait for You here Pushing on, pushing through it all I"
  • I Am - Kj-52
    "I am the son of the most high I am the one who was crucified I am who died but is still alive I am say his name I am c'mon Tell me who is supreme and victorious, Tell me now Who's name is glorious,"
  • I Am ... - Vacant Stare
    "Wonder back to where you were at, you'll find me You f**king idiot what you got see Wasn't really me just a shadow of what I could've been And then multiply Into a ruthless, an over bad, another sad"

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