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  • In The Begining - Amorphis
    "Amorphis Tales From The Thousand Lakes In The Begining (Lyrics: trad., Music: Holopainen, Laine) I have a good mind take into my head to start of singing began reciting We seldom get together and meet"
  • My Cantele - Amorphis
    "Amorphis Elegy My Cantele Truly they lie, they talk utter noncense Who say that music reckon that one kantele Was fashioned by a god Out of a great pike's shoulders >From a water-dogs's hooked bones: It"
  • Vulgar Necrolatry (cd Bonus Track) - Amorphis
    "Amorphis Karelian Isthmus Vulgar Necrolatry (cd Bonus Track) (lyrics: j. ahlroth) (music: t. koivusaari) Erosion of life i see It makes the passion burn in me Life it always withers away Death will eternally"
  • I of crimson blood - Amorphis
    "I am of crimson bloodnought shall hold memirror mine the dark of nightreflects me in waterAblaze are my eyesmy soul consumed by woemy braids weaved by the windan image in my mindLeave I must now with hasteme"
  • As embers dress the sky - Amorphis
    "As embers dress the skyThe shallow voice of the windCries between these ebony wingsThe shallow cries of the winSing a swansong for mankindShine on morning skyfireAblaze this final dayThe autumnal end,"
  • Born from fire - Amorphis
    "I have a mind, a good memoryHere's how my life beginsI wasn't born from a woman's thighsBut from fireI dwell on that dreamI don't want that to fadeI keep that dreamUntil the axe does all that workI was"
  • Dead winter days - Amorphis
    "Dead Winter DaysThere lies a beauty behind forbidden wooden doorsA beauty so rare and pure, it would make human eyes bleed and burn......She killed herself in the fall...I am the unmaker, I bring death"
  • Hallways of encanted ebony - Amorphis
    "Hallways Of Encanted EbonyKiss me coldly and drain this life from my lipsLet the cold blood flow on it's own...Kiss me coldly and fall away from the soulLong forgotten...From which of this oak shall I"
  • House of sleep - Amorphis
    "I will never sleep alone, never without youWhatever you say to me, I already knowIf I said something to you, you would take those words....There's so much power in those wordsYou don't know, you don't"
  • Moon and sun II - Amorphis
    "Go, look at the moonAnd inspect the sun!Now they are in the skyRight in their old placesHail, moon, for gleemingFair one for showing your faceDear sun for dawningAnd daylight for coming up!Dear moon, you're"
  • Night fall - Amorphis
    "As a rot to rape the spring sown seedA plague sprang forth of his tracksChurns ran red when cows milked bloodAnd famine cracked poor backsWho would hear a lament sadUnder the bright blue skyThat's sung"
  • Privilege of evil - Amorphis
    "Your fear, your flesh Cruel horror, your fate Cursed shroud, your void Dust to dust, you're feel harm In your eyes we shall fall Torture of death Punishes to life shame of chaos Awaking them its bound"
  • Shame flash - Amorphis
    "That's what my sister saysAnd during that dayCame spring and summerOh, when did you fly here?It was you I foundThe same flesh and blood(My flesh) It was you that I found(My blood) It was you that I metOne"
  • The melancholy spirit - Amorphis
    "The Melancholy SpiritIt was in this haunted place under a moonless cloak of ebonyI was drawn to the glow of a young spiritess weeping in the woodsThe blackest ravens and ice-veiled boughsHave spoken of"
  • The wilderness - Amorphis
    "The WildernessIt was when I realizedthat life has no meaningno purpose, no quarry...no answeres...And all the dreary nightthat had befallen acrossthe landI slipped into a reverya web of human handYou longed"
  • This old cabin - Amorphis
    "This Old Cabin...Blood on my hands...I walked in the shadows'neth an azure midnight skyI walked in the shadowsto abscond a life not my ownI walked in the nightthis life I hateDestroy this life, this life"
  • Grieve Stricken Heart - Amorphis
    "Your helping hand is killing me If you see me suffer its not your victory Sadistic forms of new way discipline Like I love myself I love to sin Bridge: And I want More And I want it Low Of course you"
  • Black Winter Day - Amorphis
    "This is how the lucky feel How the blessed man think Like a daybreak in spring The sun on a spring morning Like the flat brink of a cloud Like a dark night in autumn But how do I feel in my gloomy depths? This"
  • Against Widows - Amorphis
    "The Devil weds a widow Death another's leftovers Better to lie on a willows Rest on alder boughs Than upon a widow's bed On a used woman's pillow Sweeter the side of a fence Than a widow's flank Softer"
  • Tuonela - Amorphis
    ""Sorrow is my bread And tears I drink as wine Oblivion my happiness Ground under teeth of time For cold be the stone When frost devoured the land Consolation is no gift Of winter's icy hand Upon"

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