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anathema judgement

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anathema judgement

  • Anathema - Anathema
    "It gave us a purpose, sometimes It gave us a reason, and a rhyme Looking for meaning in song Such inner searching, so long So long But we laughed And we cried And we fought And we tried And we failed But"
  • Judgement - Anathema
    "The inequity of fate The pains of love and hate The heart-sick memories That brought you to your knees And the times when we were young When life seemed so long Day after day You burned it all away All"
  • Anathema - Himsa
    "Come close to the unfamiliar warmth Coy gesture To paralyze Beloved Covetous Stuns the brute with uninvited praise The troubled times The tear aways Disconnected But forever demanding Cataclysm The"
  • Anathema - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "You will never know what's behind my skull So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never know what's under my hair So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never"
  • Sleepless (Anathema) - Cradle of Filth
    "And I often sigh I often wonder why I'm still here and I still cry And I often cry I often spill a tear Over those not here But still they are so near Please ease my burden And I still remember A"
  • Judgement - L'
    "Standing still here for a moment breath held tightly in my body A world that's growing darker Not worth a longer stay All the wisdom that I earned Can't make a change to this state As I lay down my spirit's"
  • Judgement - Iron And Wine
    "Day walks out and there's no sound There's a candle burning by me now Light enough for to see the things beyond me Door is wide as a rise on me So the night comes in and starts to breath The only name"
  • Judgement - Truth Brutal
    "hated...time and time again force fed, suppress senseless fear of difference true self suppression, hollow dreams of misery blind wish to see indifference to be freedom, expressionless bouts of legislation true"
  • Judgement - Iron & Wine
    "Day walks out and there's no soundThere's a candle burning by me nowLight enough for to see the things beyond meDoor is wide as a rise on meSo the night comes in and starts to breathThe only name that"
  • Judgement - Made Of Hate
    "I am waiting in your shadow And I hope my turn will come soon I know your thoughts, what you feel I know you... Your heartbest is my clock And it's counting down your life, time You can run, disappear But"
  • Balsamic And Anathema - Cradle of Filth
    ""No human power can stop the will of heaven from being asserted." Worming through the mark Of Ezekiel and Mark Through the chapters of Honorius Gilles, as in a trance Screwed the pages up and danced Courting"
  • Anathema, czyli moje obsesje - Abraxas
    "Na spieczonej ziemi, u podnóża gór. Święte słowa budzą strach. Filozofia milczy, Pytam siebie sam Komu teraz bije dzwon? Zapętlone ciała, anatema drwi. Obsesyjnie szukam drzwi. Zakurzone skrypty chaos"
  • Default Judgement - Fear Factory
    "Discrimination Your intention to scar me Discrimination Your a suspect penalty I suffer! Spiteful resolution By your sentence we must fall Spiteful resolution Bitter thoughts destroy us all We suffer! Suffer! Your"
  • Judgement Day - Van Halen
    "Arr-heah! It's my life. Get off my ass, get outta my face Man, I don't see no problem Kickin' back, ain't kickin' you, no no! Anyway, if I make 'em, I'll solve 'em Whoa, oh, ohh. That's right. Yeah yeah-yeah."
  • Judgement Day - Saxon
    "I don't need your religion (**) It ain't nothin' to me I don't want nobody pushin' Need to be free You've got to hit hard I've seen those demons fall I'm savin' my soul for the final goal But that day"
  • Judgement Day - Venom
    "When dormant eyes burst open So we can see the way Destiny has spoken And there's hell to pay The sceptics light the candles For the eternal right Blinded faith's are broken Ghosts of father's die Souls"
  • No Judgement - Niall Horan
    "barefoot and a bottle of wine you can stay whit me tonight you don’t have to change when I am around you so go ahead and say what’s on your mind on your mind when you’re whit me no judgement you can get"
  • Useless Judgement - Agathocles
    "shouting for a change of tide but for what cause do you fight? you keep on walking in the same line next elections you'll vote the other one useless judgement, useless judgement only by judging what you"
  • Judgement Day - Bon Jovi
    "You take and you take without giving Like the ride is never going to end You think you know who's going to Heaven Well I know I'm going to see you again On Judgement Day Others, they walk the bad"
  • Judgement Day - GrimSkunk
    "People always ask me for advice To help them choose wrong from right They just want me to be nice I wish they'd get a life Make up their minds which path to take It's salvation that's at stake Don't count"

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