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and always be

  • Always Be - Jefferey Gaines
    "I know it's hard to count on anything Cuz no one knows just what tomorrow brings Still here we are, we've shared so many years We've come this far, there's nothing to fear You will see You and me Will"
  • Always Be - Jimmy Eat World
    "Could have been a night like any other One of us has to drive One of us gets to think I'll force a laugh to break the silence It's gonna get harder still Before it gets easy You can't keep safe what wants"
  • Always Be - Larue
    "if you cry, i will cry with you if you laugh, i will laugh with you if you need a time to talk, i'm there if you want to share your dreams, i'll care and even though i know, that we're far away i know"
  • Always Be - Kulcha
    "(Verse 1) Girl i've been waiting for so very long Just to say the words i do Just wanna let you know, I feel for you Come let's settle down my love All that i have i will give to you I'm gonna love you"
  • Always - Manic Street Preachers
    "Always, never on my mindAlways, always out of timeAlways, always letting someone downAlways, always wanting moreAlways, always stand-aloneAlways, always getting something wrongLonging for, it's been a"
  • Always - Leonard Cohen
    "(Oh friends, .. don't matter if you're a man or a woman. If you're in love with somebody, these are the words that you got to learn to say. Now listen carefully. Here it comes...) I'll be loving you"
  • Always - U2
    "Here today, gone tomorrow Crack the bone, get to the marrow To be a bee and the flower Before the sweetness turns to sour What we have we're gonna keep, always What we've lost we don't need, always What"
  • Always - Phil Collins
    "Dreams will all come true Being here with you And time will fly Caring each day more Than the day before Till spring rolls by And when the springtime has gone Will my love linger on 'Cause I'll be loving"
  • Always - Jack Russell
    "she sits by a window alone in the dark patiently waiting a flame in her heart she keeps to a promise made long ago when her love was young her whole life to go always forever with you always always forever"
  • Always - Patsy Cline
    "Written by Irving Berlin (As recorded by Patsy Cline, February 5, 1963) I'll be loving you, always With a love that's true, always When the things you plan Need a helping hand I will understand, always,"
  • Always - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Everything went wrong, And the whole day long I'd feel so blue. For the longest while I'd forget to smile, Then I met you. Now that my blue days have passed, Now that I've found you at last - I'll be"
  • Always - Velvet Belly
    "Tell me will I remember All the things that I forget Something to be proud of Something good yet something to regret And tell me will I remember To always keep it close What we feel for each other Each"
  • Always - Swing Out Sisters
    "(Swing Out Sister) Ever stop to think if you were living in the past too long Never miss the precious gifts That you've been given until they're gone All gone away Ever stop to think if you've been living"
  • Always - Randy Travis
    "Always (4:14) (Graham Russell/Guy Allison/Michael Sherwood) I can see hills touch the sky Heaven and earth, you and I Know we will always be Here in the silence we lie Shadows we cast you and I Speak for"
  • Always - Dope
    "Let's go back to the start Like it use to be Before you fell apart And you blamed it on me Back when you were my friend Do you remember back then All the plans that we made Can we get back to those days Those"
  • Always - Alathea
    "May joy come in the morning May the sparrow sing of it all day May peace float down like an autumn leaf And gather in piles for children to play May forgiveness be an open field May this be the land that"
  • Always - Joan Armatrading
    "You never say I love you You have to add Always And if I cry You wipe the tears away You say you'll be here darling Always But always is a long long time And time can change so much I want to stay with"
  • Always - Toni Braxton
    "I know that you feel like leavin' We can't seem to get along I know you are the only one for me My everything You are all that a girl could wish for I couldn't ask for more We don't need to argue about"
  • Always - The Beloved
    "Open your eyes I see your eyes are open Wear no disguise for me come into the open When its cold outside am I here in vain Hold on to the night there will be no shame Always I wanna be with you And make"
  • Always - Air Supply
    "I can see hills touch the sky Heaven and earth, you and I A world we will always be Here in the silence we lie Shadows we cast, you and I Speak for eternity (Chorus) Pressed between pages Flowers will"

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