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and everybody says take it slow

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and everybody says take it slow

  • Everybody Says - Kevin Johansen
    "Everybody says to me dont be a stranger' Even some strangers say this phrase to me Everybody says good morning in the morning And when youre eating, everybody says bon apetit'. Everbody says good evening"
  • Everybody Says - Espen Lind
    "Everybody says You never loved me And everybody says It's for the best Everybody says You're no good for me Everybody says To let it rest Everybody says I should be happy And everybody says I should be"
  • Everybody Says They Want It - Savoy Brown
    "Simmonds/Peterson Mystifying Music ASCAP/Savoy Brown Music Everybody says they want it When they think you got it If you don't know you have it Everything is just fine It's a blanket situation This"
  • Everybody Says Don't - Barbra Streisand
    "Barbra Streisand Back To Broadway Everybody Says Don't Everybody says don't Everybody says don't Everybody says don't it isn't right Don't is isn't nice Everybody says don't Everybody says don't Everybody"
  • Everybody says dont - Barbra Streisand
    "Everybody says dont Everybody says dont Everybody says dont it isnt right Dont is isnt nice Everybody says dont Everybody says dont Everybody says dont walk on the grass Dont disturb the peace Dont skate"
  • Everybody - Mr. President
    "Intro = Riff 2x Ya ya ya coco jamboo Ya ya yeah 2x Put me up, put me down, Put my feet back on the ground Put me up, take / feel my heart and make me happy 2x Here we go gettin' smooth to the groove Watchin'"
  • Take It Slow - Muggy Mr.
    "I remember walking in the park And I remember singing along Laughing playing things we were saying But do you remember the song Why don't we take it slow Why don't we take it slow The face you put on"
  • Take It Slow - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "Do, do do do do do Take it slow On a fragment of melody Take it slow And you'll find your way back to me Take it slow Get out your music & dance with me Get out your music & dance with me Take it slow On"
  • Take It Slow - Bobby Brown
    "I can't wait for the moment to kiss your tender lips But you told me we should take it slow I'm so in love with you, don't know what to do And these really blow in my mind And I know you know you got me"
  • Take It Slow - Omarion
    "(Verse One:) I'm in my ride at the corner by the light Bout to pull up in front of your door So make sure that your body's lookin' right Let me know what I came out here for You could be wifey material Baby"
  • Take It Slow - Shawnna
    "(feat. Ludacris, Bobby Valentino) Play Da Song On The Radio Gotta Let My Baby Know When I Get It I'ma Take Control If It Get To Fast I'ma Take It Slow (Oh Oh) If It Get To Fast I'ma Take It Slow"
  • Take It Slow - Ying Yang Twins
    "(Chorus:) (Ooh) Shorty off the chain right there Baby I don't mean to stare I want you to Know you're the shit fo sho girl, You a dime from head to toe (Ooh) Ain't tryin' to win no game Only wanna"
  • Take It Slow - Technotronic
    "Oh - Oh - Oh - Oh - Oh - L-l-l-le-let the beast start talkin' I was the one for you, you were the one for me Either it wasn't true and our love simply wasn't meant to be Or did I misunderstand, did you"
  • Slow Down - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Hey, slow down, slow down find the rhythm in your step If you made mistakes don't waste time on regret Just keep straight pushing through all your problems If nothing else eventually time will solve"
  • Everybody - Britney Spears
    "(Everybody) (Everybody's looking for something) I'm ferocious, when I see you instantly So precocious, assuming that you're into me So fierce the way you pierce me with your energy My heart's on fire,"
  • Everybody - Stabilo (oryginalnie Stabilo Boss)
    "Doesnt anybody know, how to walk any more Doesnt anybody know what a radios for Doesnt anybody wear their hair down low Doesnt anybody know, doesnt anybody know Doesnt anybody hate it when a street light"
  • Everybody - Autovaughn
    "Take my arm I'll be your guide and we will build this kingdom to the sky And if we don't start now, we'll never leave this town Dreams they come and dreams they go If it's the dream you want than make"
  • Everybody - Vallee
    "Doesn't Anybody Know, How to Walk Anymore, Doesn't Anybody Know What a Radios For Doesn't Anybody Wear There Hair Down Low Doesn't Any Body Know, Doesnt Any Body KnowDoesnt Anybody Hate It When a Street"
  • Everybody - Reckless Kelly
    "I see you talking on a pay phone I see you walking through the parking lot alone I see you sitting on a park bench You're everywhere and it makes no sense But it's nothing new Everybody looks like you I"
  • Everybody - Stabilo Boss
    "Doesn't anybody know, how to walk anymore, Doesn't anybody know what a radio's for Doesn't anybody wear their hair down low Doesn't any body know, doesn't any body know Doesn't anybody hate it when a"

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