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and live your lucky

  • Lucky - SR-71
    "I drown my girlfriend in her wishing well, I'm not afraid of afterlife hell. Cuz I live it everyday, I live it everyday. I lit a fire in my neighbors lawn, I dont know them, to me they were my pawns, Cuz"
  • Lucky - 311
    "I'm takin' to the bridge and there's a different country I'm bringing with me the people I know deep down are funky Oh yeah we dap we got the juice it's on tap Never take the time to rewind all the weak"
  • Lucky - Bon Jovi
    "She counts the days away and waits for valentines She says every girl in the past is just a waste of time You know, whoa She don't believe in miracles and make-believe If you were blind you still could"
  • Lucky - Eiffel 65
    "Music:lobina/randone, lyrics: lobina/gabutti Mixed by:angelica villella I've been lucky in my life I've been lucky I've been lucky in my life I know I've been lucky in my life I've been lucky and I thank"
  • Lucky - Melissa Etheridge
    "I wanna see how lucky lucky can be, yeah Ride with me I saw you through my blind intoxication My shock induced insane self-medication You looked at me and smiled Said get ready to get wild. sugar you"
  • Lucky - Laura Branigan
    "(Steve Bi) Maybe I'm a fool, one day we'll know Maybe I'm a fool, only time can show But now these lonely nights are killin' me I'm so far away from reality The pain grows stronger I can't hold on"
  • Lucky - Secondhand Jive
    "Well I gotta call you lucky Cause all I can think about Is what to do with all of your charms. Well I know you think it's not enough But I could never give it up Since I had the lovin' you show Well"
  • Lucky - Warren Brothers
    "Sure looks good in the picture books Makes me stop and take second looks Yeah, lots of white sand on big white beach Everything right within my reach I wanna go where the grass is green But I guess I'll"
  • Lucky - I Can
    "I Drowned My Girlfriend in Her Wishing WellI'm Not Afraid of Afterlife Hell'cause I Live It EverydayI Live It Every DayI Lit a Fire On My Neighbor's LawnI Didn't Know to Me They Were Were My Pawns'cause"
  • Lucky - SR 71
    "I drowned my girlfriend in her wishing wellI'm not afraid of afterlife hell'Cause I live it everydayI live it every dayI lit a fire on my neighbor's lawnI didn't know to me they were were my pawns'Cause"
  • Lucky - Abandoned Pools
    "It's not me Find someone who loves you And if not me Find someone who knows who you are They're just memories They can get so mean Little sacred things Floating out to sea I once knew a girl She once"
  • Lucky - Hoobastank
    "I knew how it felt to be another one in need of someone to show the way Until you saw a part of me that nobody else Could see and my life hasn't been the same... You make me feel lucky as I can be..."
  • Lucky - Fifteen
    "My beloved sister called me on the phone today She said I hate to be the one to tell you this My beloved sister called me on the phone today She said Lucky Dog shot himself in the head today My beloved"
  • Lucky - Sponge
    "This little penny is to dream on To make all your wishes come true Hip hip hooray I'm in my big black holiday No bulls died today To a very unappreciative earth and sky The land is recoiled Asking as if"
  • Lucky Guy - Del Amitri
    "Baby, hold it, just let me try For just one minute be this other guy Live his life With my home and my faithful wife And your pretty face to kiss some nights Ain't I a lucky guy, I get what I want"
  • Lucky Day - Meredith Brooks
    "Na na na na na na na na na na... I'm gonna spin some lies of my own Cause your truth has got me reelin' You always think of things that go wrong But it's only faith that you're stealing I tried to slip"
  • Lucky Stars - Mary Gauthier
    "You throw me that look again we both know what it means packing bags and tying up loose ends lettin' go of busted dreams Silence fills the room tonight You've never been this cold To leave me sliding"
  • Lucky day - Dos de picos
    "So many times I'd knockin on your door lamely I choose this best situation so many words you'd regret my poor listen my mind this my masturbation So many days the pride win don't lie I think I'm crazy"
  • Lucky Country - Midnight Oil
    "Speed, and this There's a feeling I get when I look to the sun Love, it's so tough Cause it raises your hopes and then it makes you run We're all looking for a shorter day We're all looking for an easy"
  • Lucky One - New People
    "So you're broke down Feeling woeful, all alone No one around To listen and to wipe I know it's hard to overcome the meaningless and keep it tight I know it's hard to wake up every morning with a smile So"

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