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andre power biesiada
    "Tu się dzisiaj będzie działo Stare wino, młode ciało Tutaj tańce i balety Nocne życie i kobiety Tu się dzisiaj będzie działo Nocy będzie działo Tu będziemy aż do rana Bo impreza jest udana /2x Tu zatańczy"
  • Andre Nickatina Ayo - Andre Nickatina
    "OK.. got some for me? (Andre Nickatina) Yeah, yeah, listen to the story I'm about to tell Another tale about that yayo Little girl once innocent and sweet 14 introduced to the street Started from weed,"
  • Andre Nickatina Andre N Andre
    "Mac Dre-- Backwoods got me congested, ain't rested in 2 days I'm gettin paid been on niggas head like toupes I'm a thug 'cause wipe the blood out yo gaze Cutthoat nigga bitch I scam on 'em fo days In school"
  • Andre Nickatina Andre-N-Andre - Mac Dre
    "Mac Dre-- Backwoods got me congested, ain't rested in 2 days I'm gettin paid been on niggas head like toupes I'm a thug cuz wipe the blood out yo gaze Cutthroat nigga bitch I scam on 'em fo days In school"
  • Gorillaz Do Ya Thing (feat. James Murphy i Andre 3000)
    "I'm the light in the mall when the power is gone a shadow in a corner just playin' along! I'm gonna lay in my bed, I'm rolling aside but if a get a car I'm moment to ride because i know if I'll ever leaving"
  • Cliver Biesiada dance mix vol.1
    "Goł, goł, goł One, two, three, four, five Godzina piąta minut trzydzieści, Kiedy pobudka zagrała. Grupa rezerwy szła do cywila, Niejedna panna płakała. Grupa rezerwy szła do cywila, Niejedna panna płakała. Tu"
  • Andre Nickatina July The 4th - Andre Nickatina
    "How should I start? I'm so confused By now I'm sure you heard the news Cats I got workin' on the block, Got a plot for me to stop In my heart, I can't even say they wrong 'cause in the game all the playas"
  • Andre 3000 Voice Message From Andre 3000
    "Start ok? will'be day ok? in the romantic music moment ok? remandes in all this ok? ok! Start all the dependent of ok? ok!i love this loves! you? ok? singer with me! start ok? will'be day ok? in the romantic"
  • Bernhard Brink Wenn Andre Schlafen
    "Wir sehen uns an und wir wissen wir haben verloren. Die Nacht war so schn doch du sprst so wird's nie wieder sein. Das Morgenrot kndet das Ende der Nacht wenn im Hafen das Leben erwacht. Und wieder an"
  • Charles Trenet Pauvre Georges Andre
    "Quand Georges Andr revient de la chasse, Sa s?ur ane fait la grimace, Sa bonne maman quitte son canevas. Dans leur logement, plus rien ne va. Les petits enfants, dans leur litire, Ne savent plus dire leurs"
  • Shakespear's Sister The Trouble With Andre
    "Some people say he has a deathwish Trouble is he tends to agree Let's not ask too many questions It's nothing to do with you or me He remembers a time when even going home was sweet Now he can't feel"
  • Kaizers Orchestra Den Andre Er Meg
    "Det fins to typer folk Den eine er alle de andre og den andre er meg Jorda spinner rundt seg og tar alle med seg Men eg spinner bare rundt meg Om eg gr med hve hgt Gr med hve lgt Gr ingen med meg Alle"
  • Kelis Millionaire (ft Andre 3000)
    "Andre 3000: I said her from the city so her got to be witty witty. She said him from the country so him got to be funky funky. VRS1: Andre 3000: Mama I'm a millionaire but I feel like a bum. Mama I'm"
  • T.I. Sorry (ft. Andre 3000)
    "My cup runneth over with pinot grigio, hold up You bogus in the lambo if you ain't lifting the door up You bogus poppin' pills if you ain't pickin the ho up You bogus running out on your kids my nigga"
  • Jarzynki i Przyjaciele Ananas Andre (ft. Maciej Muraszko)
    "Ooo, ananas Andre Najlepiej w tańcu czuję się Ooo, ananas Andre W ciepłych krajach spotkasz mnie! Witajcie dzieciaki, to ja, wasz Andre W promieniach słońca po łodydze się pnę Na zewnątrz twardy a w środku"
  • Postgirobygget Den Andre Siden Av Gjerdet
    "Hva er det jeg driver med hva er det jeg gjr alt jeg vil savne er det jeg hadde fr Det er lett miste alt man har n ved savne det man tror man kan f og er det n bedre vre p den andre siden av gjerdet jeg"
  • Kansas Power
    "Sometimes a smile can deceive the one who has made you promise Suddenly you can't believe, the truth only leaves you cold Sometimes the answers you fear are there on the face in the mirror Something the"
  • Eternal Decision Power
    "The King was born in Bethlehem and raised a Nazarene. The Cornerstone begins His ministry in Galilee. Power from above. Power to rule with love. Prophet, teacher, savior. Gods begotten Son. He heals"
  • Tears For Fears Power
    "Last years rivals share their blood Sailor sworn to secrecy Ride the waves and stem the flood The tides of endless enmity Power now is all the rage Sons and daughters of the gun Hungry babies come of age"
  • Fields Of The Nephilim Power
    "Power... power feeds you long, loving hours I can give everlasting power Flower... the world opens you need simple flower A feeling, a feeling all so sour Drain me, now drain me from power Drain me, now"

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