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  • Barbra Streisand Guilty (Duet with Barry Gibb)
    "Shadows falling, baby We stand alone Out on the street anybody you meet Got a heartache of their own (It oughta be illegal) Make it a crime to be lonely or sad (It oughta be illegal) You got a reason for"
  • Barbra Streisand Come Tomorrow (Duet With Barry Gibb)
    "BARBRA Are you ready for the day That we prayed for Already holding what is real You know the soul finds its own evolution And this is the only love i feel And i tell you... I'm keeping up the strength I've"
  • Barbra Streisand Above The Law (Duet With Barry Gibb)
    "This is me talking to you Tell me what your heart can do ? Tell me by surprise, whatever you see You'll never be alone with me I close or open the door Telling you that less is more You cannot disguise"
  • Bee Gees Man In The Middle (Maurice Gibb Tribute)
    "Bee Gees Man In The Middle You've got a plan that could never go wrong You took advantage and the damage done It all comes back to me baby It all comes back to me I played the fool and I went off the"
  • Andy Gibb Words And Music
    "(written by Andy Gibb) Words and music make a song for our hearts to sing along Like a choir within the air , there'll be music ev'rywhere A bitter tear across your cheek A smile from you is all I need We'll"
  • Andy Gibb Pure And Simple
    "Where ever you go What ever you do It's pure and simple I'll be there for you You've been sayin that i'm drivin u crazy And I haven't been around for u lately But i've had a few things on my mind When"
  • Andy Gibb Starlight
    "Starlight (written by Andy Gibb) Starlight , summer nights Don't leave me here alone to die Someone , somewhere cried Oh Starlight , oh in my eyes Too far away to see"
  • Andy Gibb One Love
    "(written by Barry/Andy Gibb) This time , I'm coming home I gotta say I'm sorry She was my one mistake The last one I'll ever make I broke you down I told you lies And in my way I made you love me And"
  • Andy Gibb In The End
    "(written by Andy Gibb) I've come home I've been away too long But you don't want me back again And I tried , in the end I can't say you made me very sad The point of love is not to lie Points denied"
  • Andy Gibb Flowing Rivers
    "(written by Andy Gibb) The stage is set another show must go on The spotlight's burning down into my face The drummer sits up high upon his rostrum Guitarists play each other face to face And when it's"
  • Andy Gibb Me (Without You)
    "(written by Andy Gibb) Without you , stood alone on the edge of time Out of sight,but forever mine, without you Sometime's there's no forgetting the night When you reach for the stars ,just to be where"
  • Andy Gibb Come Home For The Winter
    "(written by Andy Gibb) Well , I've come home for the winter I got tired of all the summers down in Denver , Denver I got tired of all the music Brought me down and then I'd lose it And I never really made"
  • Andy Gibb Dance To The Light Of The Morning
    "(written by Andy Gibb) I feel at home in the country And it makes me feel like I'm happy And my hands touch the sky And I feel more alive than I've ever known Oh yeah But you understand what I'm feeling And"
  • Andy Gibb Waiting For You
    "(written by Andy Gibb) Yesterday I was dreaming alone Always used to fight with myself When out of the blue came you And all of my senses flew out of an open door I'm needing you more and more And I'll"
  • Andy Gibb Melody
    "(written by Andy Gibb) You took me through the night Didn't think I'd last your ride And now I'm here alive And I'm heading for the floor You were part of all my dreams And you made them come to life And"
  • Andy Gibb I Go For You
    "(written by Andy Gibb) Oh babe , I got it crazy We both been broken in sorrow We need to try for tomorrow Where our feelings start and I lose my heart to you Oh lover , I've just discovered My life"
  • Andy Gibb Why
    "(written by Barry/Andy Gibb) There is a chance I could be losing you Gotta let my love surround you Can't go down without a fight And I won't hurt you girl, I promise you It's the pain , I'm living for"
  • Andy Gibb One More Look At The Night
    "(written by Andy Gibb) Touching a thousand dreams, feeling your memories I guess I've never been more on my own And the thought of you makes me cry 'cause you made me feel like sunshine There's a danger"
  • Andy Gibb Someone I Ain't
    "(written by Barry/Andy Gibb) It wasn't what you said It's knowin' what you mean You wanna spread your wings and fly where the moment takes you off Tryin' hard to be , someone you ain't It wasn't how you"
  • Andy Gibb Fool For A Night
    "(written by Andy Gibb) You don't want to come home cryin' Lose that magic in your smile Give it up before you start it Start to die Why be a fool for a night You'd be a fool to fall for a night Gotta"

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