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angel in a deep shadow

  • Shadow Of An Angel - Claude Kelly
    "You look identical to someone i know or am i just imagining that someone is you cause you walk just the same but your attitude's changed like someone's pretending they're you yeah and you disappeared even"
  • Shadow boxer - Angel City
    "Ask me questions, get no answers Give me nothing, take no chances Show me books with empty pages Wind your clocks and read your gauges Shadow boxer Shadow boxerTell me truths that have no meaning Live"
  • Shadow - Beady Belle
    "I can see your shadow every night From the lights of your window Reflecting on the pavement outside my door I know when you're crying I know when you smile I know when you're sleeping after a while"
  • Shadow - Manilla Road
    "Upon the slab Mortis of flesh Drink to the past Wake for the dead Too late the heroes The voices' sorrow Comes from the shadow Have I gone mad Lost in this dream The shadow casts A thousand screams Too"
  • Shadow - Maria Mena
    "I wish you'd see it in my face But I'm caught up in those long lost days And how can I even make you see When I don't even know me Following my footsteps home This time I'm walking all alone Trying hard"
  • Shadow - Burden Brothers
    "I don't want to tie you down I don't want to break your stride So if you got to go then go And I will be the shadow at your side You know I got to find out Just what you're made of So this is your song"
  • Shadow - Austin Mahone
    "You walk into the room So perfect but unaware Making you stop and stare Everytime I heard he broke your heart Can I just fix you girl? Show you a different world I take you anywhere I push you on a throne I"
  • Shadow - Faye Wong
    "You have a name I'm only a shadow Your heart has a shadow I'm only a name Can't clearly express its meaning This matter isn't an explanation Can't see the location clearly It's only a case of misjudgement"
  • Angel - Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • Shadow - Apoptygma Berzerk
    "Staring at the ceiling sorting out my thoughts Weighing every word I want to say Darkness fills the room, it's closing in on us The words all come out wrong again, I let you down If I could just trust"
  • Shadow - Marcel
    "Every morning when the sun comes up on the east side, I catch a buzz. Lying next to you, roll over, and kiss your cheek, Just because. And the paper comes, we pour a cup of joe, Hey baby, there's something"
  • Shadow - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    "Hey you, I'm watching your steps for a long time The sun stretches your shadows to me I know you have no power Without sight, without thoughts With feeling of cold fear Hey you, you've forgotten something"
  • Shadow - Ashlee Simpson
    "I was six years old When my parents went away I was stuck inside a broken life I couldn't wish away She was beautiful She had everything and more And my escape was hiding out and running for the door Somebody"
  • Shadow - Demi Lovato
    "I glanced upon the ground today,I noticed something It followed me along the way A figure of gray Impersonating every move I make For now we'll call it my shadow And it said will you replace it So you'll"
  • Shadow - Bumblefoot
    "I can hear the sound again Voices dancing in my head Smile wide - drowning slowly as the echoes rise Angels pounding at my door They want to take away my war I won't let them carve away the edges anymore No"
  • Shadow - Third Moon
    "Follow the brainsick widow in her last show She s the dark side, the bitch of my soul The hidden side, a force of destruction in my head She will rest only when I am dead Survive is my taste, she hopes"
  • Deep song - Babes In Toyland
    "Lonely grief is hounding meLike the lonely shadow hounding meIts always there just out of sightLike a fragling tree on a lightening nightLonely wind cries out my nameSad as haunted music in the rainIts"
  • Lying Deep - Shadow Project
    "Lying cold in his arms Lying on clammy ground Lying old, time passes by Lying in a dark paradise Lying deep, six feet down Lying deep, six feet down Come on, you want the thrill Come on, it's life to spill Come"
  • Angel - Saybia
    "It's not the world that's out of order It's me Guess I ran along my borders To see If a friendly face would drop by and rescue me But I lost my faith as I lost my breath It's not the street that's made"
  • Angel - PIG
    "Where, where is my angel, my angel Marlene? Why, why did we pain you my angel Marlene? Between the devil and the deep blue sea Lies a heart that's twisted in agony Between the carnal pleasure and The"

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