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angel of wishes sanave a
  • 100th And May Wishes
    "-Verse 1- Look inside the mirror and tell me what you see Is it a lost or broken memory? And I cant try to find a reason why You find yourself in my arms tonight Ive tried and tried until I fell down The"
  • Lari White Wishes
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon) If wishes were horses I'd ride a fast one If wishes were wings I'd fly wild and free If wishes were trains I'd be on the last one If wishes came true You'd be loving me If wishes"
  • Ian Thomas Wishes
    "I wish I was lying under a noon sunI wish it was an island in the middle of nowhereI wish I had the money for the realizationBut I blew it in Vegas on the things you do thereSometimes wishes, sometimes"
  • Nathan Morris Wishes
    "Here I am On my own It gets hard sometimes When I'm travelling this empty world all alone And I get tired And oh, I get oh so weak And I need for someone to come rescue me To help me along To catch when"
  • Boyz II Men Wishes
    "Here I am on my own It gets hard sometimes when I'm traveling this empty world All alone I get tired And oh I get oh so weak And I need for someone to come and rescue me To help me along to catch when"
  • Human Nature Wishes
    "Sometimes I wish that I could turn back time I check myself 'cause I was way out of line I only hope that we can start all over again I must admit that I was more than wrong I used your heart like a stepping"
  • Book Of Love Champagne Wishes
    "I wonder what would happen if all your dreams came true I wonder if you'd like having cake and eating it too Champagne wishes and caviar dreams But you're too blind to notice the writing on the wall the"
  • Cyclefly Fallen Wishes
    "Take me away from here, this planet is all too weird. I've got to get out of here, release this fear, Forever in a day. Listen to Dr. Jones, they're coming to break your bones. He's coming to take you"
  • Rod Stewart Body Wishes
    "(Stewart, Cregan, Savigar, Le Mesurier) The night closes in on another day as the oldest game's gettin' underway on the minds of a million people body wishes So you climb on the carousel and take a chance the"
  • Dean Martin Three wishes
    "(Three wishes just three simple wishes) If I only had three wishes Here is just what I would do First I'd wish for days of gladness With a someone sweet and true For my second wish a dream house Cozy fireside"
  • Fame Factory Three Wishes
    "When you're low and feeling down Just call my name and I'll be around When you're life is too much for you Close your eyes and think of me Cause baby, you're not asking for much Just a little love and"
  • Forgotten Tales Three Wishes
    "The end of a dream has come now I know I am alone in this world My life was changed, let me tell you how I feel I've been caught in a swirl I was passing through the forest On that nice summer day Everything"
  • Andre Nickatina My Wishes
    "Picture a blind man that can't see Meaning the beauty he's supposed to see God it can't be I (?) like a snake, the venom I spit make me shake Look at the cakes I baked Weed in my brain got me baptized Unless"
  • This Providence Best Wishes
    "ords hit harder than expected i couldnt sleep cause my dreams were interrupted by the bittersweet fragrance of our childhood dreams filling my heart but its a world torn apart we thought we had what no"
  • Ignite Parting wishes
    "Who do you want to be? Is it that one at the front of the crowd Moving to a song they don't know Dancing for a camera they will never see Flash bulb lust I don't want a piece of that fame I don't want"
  • Atrox Nine Wishes
    "Deep down in a smiling bucket swimming clouds. If it was up to me this house would be almost seven hundred years old and more than thirteen kilometres tall. I would sit in a rocking chair, creaking along"
  • Out Of The Grey Wishes
    "We don't say much When we're around each other I wish you'd tell me How you feel We do so much Dancing around each other Won't you reach out And pull me in So many things I wish you'd say So much I would"
  • Beach House WISHES
    "The roses on the lawn Don't know which side you're on In a daze it will change Wishes on a wheel Wishes on a wheel The voices in the hall Will carry on their talking Carry weight you can't take Wishes"
  • Angel Angel
    "When I'm upside down You turn me right side up By the simple words you say When I'm south of you, Well your north of me And I know your here to stay well your fingers walk and your body talks to me sweetly"
  • Superchick Wishes
    "The saddest thing is you could be anything you could want We could've been everything, but now we're not Now it's not anything at all The hardest part was getting this close to you and giving up this dream"

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